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Love letters from the Universe. (And also us.)

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Ask your Anxiety experts Miwa Mack and Three Brodsky if anxiety and birth process are related. It’s live and interactive here

Emotions & Self-Care, The Meditation Vault

Experts Q&A Live: Anxiety from Birth and Experts Guide to Coping with Anxiety

Miwa and Three

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crowded airport

It’s common for people to be in awe of a spirit guide—remember that they’re beings just like the rest of us. They’re all varying in their own levels of consciousness and awareness. We recommend that YOU find your expert being—not the other way around. 

How to Find a Spirit Guide

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Designing Your Life, Tips For Healers

Healing your internal wounds triggered by current events gives you space to move out of resistance and into positive change. AND when you’re putting out a peaceful high vibe, people around you will start to match your energetic signature—creating a ripple effect.

Designing Your Life, Emotions & Self-Care

Heal Yourself, Heal The World

Hand reaching for light in the trees

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“I definitely don’t want to date this Dude, but I care about him, have love for him, and feel that he has potential. If he could know what true love is and open his heart, he could get on a better path in life and do great things.”

Dear Love Psychic: Can My Love Save Him?

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Love & Relationships

There are numerous benefits of doing readings, healings, or classes over the phone. Often people think that there will be a “more powerful connection” if we’re in the same room with you. This isn’t how it works—we see into you.

Student Life

Psychic Reading In Person vs. Over the Phone

Rotary phone

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If you find yourself giving emotional support, even when you don’t want to, here are some key elements to establishing a defined healing space for yourself.

Creating A Healing Container, Part Three

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Tips For Healers

Healers witness a lot of suffering and hold space for people’s problems which can be draining over time. Here are five steps to prevent healer burnout.

Tips For Healers

Being A Healthy Healer, Part Two

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Are you taking inventory around why you help people and how you’re going about it? It may be time to examine some sobering questions around you why.

Becoming A Healer, Part One

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Tips For Healers

An open letter to the families of those lost on March 22, 2021 during the tragedy at King Soopers in Boulder, Colorado. We offer a number of different services at our school year-round, so we want you to know that whenever (if ever) you’d like to receive some support from your community, we’re here for you.

Emotions & Self-Care

Boulder Strong

yellow sunflowers in clear glass vase

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“As best as I can tell, I am entirely blocked from communicating with him. It has been 11 days. I’m devastated. Past physiological and emotional symptoms of abandonment are making me anxious and ill.”

Dear Love Psychic: I Got Ghosted. Now What?

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Love & Relationships

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