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How do you see yourself? How do you talk about your life? Consciously reframing your personal story will change the whole vibe for the rest of your life. 

Designing Your Life, Emotions & Self-Care

Reframe Your Personal History to Rewire Your Future

Reframe your personal history

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karma and relationships

The link between love, karma, and relationships is more involved than you might think! Watch Miwa Mack and Three Brodsky discuss using your 3rd, 4th, and 5th chakras to create and use love as an advanced spiritual practice.

Live Q&A: Love and Relationships

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The Meditation Vault

Validation is your go-to tool to get unstuck from any situation. When you’re in a painful or confusing situation, learning to validate yourself and acknowledge where you’re at is the first step toward finding a solution.

Designing Your Life, Emotions & Self-Care, Tips For Healers

How To Get Unstuck

validate yourself

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How to find your life purpose

Does the idea of having a life purpose feel intimidating or confusing? You might be overthinking it! Listen to our latest Instagram Live to learn more about finding and living your life purpose.

Live Q&A: Life Purpose

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Designing Your Life, The Meditation Vault

Develop your intuition and feel confident choosing what is right for your body amidst all the online marketing promoting the latest diet, supplement, cleanse, or spiritual practice.

The Meditation Vault

Live Q&A: Wellness Industry Overload?

Wellness industry overload

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Holiday self-care

Family can drive us crazy, especially during the holidays. But it doesn’t have to be that way! It is possible to spend time with family without BECOMING your family. Listen in to learn how. 😉

Live Q&A: Holidays, Family…Sanity?!

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Designing Your Life, The Meditation Vault

So you’re spiritual but you also like to party…

Live interview with Miwa Mack and Three Brodsky about what happens, energetically speakin, when we imbibe a little (or a lot).

The Meditation Vault

Live Q&A: Alcohol, Drugs, & Entities

how drugs and alcohol affect you spiritually

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Miwa and Three

Ask your Anxiety experts Miwa Mack and Three Brodsky if anxiety and birth process are related. It’s live and interactive here

Experts Q&A Live: Anxiety from Birth and Experts Guide to Coping with Anxiety

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Emotions & Self-Care, The Meditation Vault

It’s common for people to be in awe of a spirit guide—remember that they’re beings just like the rest of us. They’re all varying in their own levels of consciousness and awareness. We recommend that YOU find your expert being—not the other way around. 

Designing Your Life, Tips For Healers

How to Find a Spirit Guide

crowded airport

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Hand reaching for light in the trees

Healing your internal wounds triggered by current events gives you space to move out of resistance and into positive change. AND when you’re putting out a peaceful high vibe, people around you will start to match your energetic signature—creating a ripple effect.

Heal Yourself, Heal The World

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Designing Your Life, Emotions & Self-Care

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