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Self Healing 101

The 4-week virtual course for building your spiritual toolbox.

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Feeling a little lost?

Congrats! You’re a human.

At some point, every being in existence gets buried in the weeds when it comes to knowing who they are and what they want. Like, there’s a reason the Midlife Crisis is a cliché — wandering off-center is inevitable.

But it’s also temporary.

If you’re spinning your wheels (or running on fumes), this simple & potent course gives you the answers you’ve been looking for.

During our 4 weeks together, you’ll explore ancient wisdom for the modern world.

Meditate Mindfully

Learn how to meditate in a safe space, with our step-by-step visualization techniques that keep you present in the moment. It’s about practice over perfection. 

Release Attachments

Begin releasing attachments to things, beliefs, and people in order to transform codependent relationships into supportive ones — where everyone has the space to be wholly who they are. 

Tune Into Your Inner Voice

Learn how to meditate in a safe space, with our step-by-step visualization techniques that keep you present in the moment. It’s about practice over perfection. 

Reduce Anxiety Loops

Even when the world is exceptionally chaotic, start learning how to feel calm, centered & focused on the daily. Quieting your mind is totally doable. We’ll show you how. 

(Re)connect to the Divine

Whether you’re new to spirituality, or you’re best buds with the Supreme Being*, receive nourishment & validation from your healing guides.  

Gain Emotional Superpowers

No matter where you’re at, who’s around, and what you’re doing, start learning how to protect yourself so you can choose how you feel — with your sense of self intact.

*Sounds like a cult thing. Isn’t a cult thing. Scout’s honor. 

Enrollment Info

Your first week is always free, because we’re Those People who always want to overdeliver. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

Learn about your past lives, discover the colors of your aura (and what that means), and reconnect with your purest sense of self. Grab more info.

Free Soul Essence Reading

⸺ $150 for all 4 weeks ⸺

Take 2 hours each week to virtually gather, soundly ground, and start learning the building blocks of a spiritual practice. 

4 Weekly Phone Classes

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Forever Access to Our Community

Explore whatever’s on your mind during a 1:1 with one of our expert staff lightworkers who offer encouraging guidance, clarity, and support.

Private 30-Minute Mentor Call

6PM – 8PM MT

We’ll meet via phone each week.
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“I really cannot believe the difference this has made!”

I really want to thank you for all that you have taught me in the Self Healing 101 class. Using the protection rose has been uber helpful for me!!! I am a nurse and it is spilling over into my practice, enabling me to be fully present to minister to my patients! It is life changing and I am really excited to make this a part of my daily practice. You are such a source of light and love and I am so very grateful for you and your immense talents!

— Shannon Donnelly

“Until yesterday, I had such a hard time quieting my mind. The 101 class is SO incredible.”

When Miwa had us kick all the extra swimmers out of our pool I really started crying. I’ve always been so easily distracted and meditation felt impossible. Being able to exist in silence inside my own head was absolutely life changing. It was such a shock and almost overwhelming to have this thing that I’ve always wanted and never been able to grasp, or even realized was possible, until now.

— Taylor Wing

“I’ve often cried out to just make it stop, turn off the thoughts. But never been able to...until now.”

I used to have the tendency to stay in my head, obsessive thoughts, overanalyzing everything. The quiet mind meditation was absolutely life changing! Those few moments in the absolute peace and serenity, floating in the pool in the center of my head space, were one of the most profound things I’ve ever experienced, and now I have the tools to quiet the mind whenever I need to. Each week I am so amazed at the info provided, the things we learn, but most of all, my own abilities. Forever grateful. Thank you!

— Aimee Ferguson

“Very approachable energetic space and guided meditations.”

I appreciate the level to which we explore the tools in each session, and then have access to recordings/visual aids to help maintain that work on our own. I especially like how at the start of each session, we take time to reinforce the past week's information/tool. The progression feels gradual and appropriate. 

— Anonymous


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