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Avatar Program

The virtual monthly intensives for diehard psychics who wanna know (and do) all things spiritual

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Buckle up, Buttercup!

This is where the rubber meets the road...

And real results ripple throughout your life. 

Designed for humans who get lusty for learning, these monthly topics dig delightfully deep into specialized areas of study — and all the nuanced riches they hold. 

Unlike any of our other programs, the Avatar course load is flexible. With an á la carte curriculum, you can focus on the subjects you really care about.

Care about them all? Take every month of classes for a year, and don’t miss a single second of the Astral party.

Money & Manifesting
Get clear on what you want more of — and then actually get it in this lifetime.


Consciously create, maintain, and end any relationship (and not just the romantic ones).


Advanced Reading Skills
Beef up your clairvoyant toolkit for powerful — and powerfully clean — readings.


Your Own Birth
Rewrite your energetic code from conception and define your new normal.


Traversing the Astral Plane Part I
Tune up your astral body so lucid dreaming becomes a no-brainer.


Traversing the Astral Plane Part II
Explore all realms of the astral plane from a place of total agency.


Pick your poison passion.

90% of our students take the entire year, so don’t worry if you can’t pick just one.

Choose the monthly topics that set your soul alight.

Choose the monthly topics that set your soul alight.

Advanced Chakras
Get into the nitty gritties of all 12 chakras and learn more than you’ll ever need to know.


Tap into your body’s built-in magic elixir to heal pain & trauma (plus increase sexual pleasure!)


Your Unique Male & Female Balance
Help your spirit & body become BFFs by pinpointing (and practicing) your perfect energetic blend.


Advanced Healing Techniques
Become a superhero healer and master new modalities like Power Ring and Cellular Healings (to name a few).


Etheric Bodies
Unlock the wisdom and must-know nuances within your etheric bodies, so all parts of you live harmoniously.


Spiritual Anatomy
Create the big-picture roadmap of where each spiritual structure lives in your physical body, and how they interact. 


Enrollment Info

You’ll get the registration info towards the end of your Enlightenment graduation!

Explore whatever’s on your mind during a 1:1 with one of our expert staff lightworkers who offer encouraging guidance, clarity, and support.

1:1 Monthly Support 
Mentor Calls

⸺ $3000 or $300/month via Autopay ⸺

Take 90 minutes each week to virtually gather, soundly ground, and process new info together as you continue mastering concrete tools for the real world.

Weekly Phone 

Get personalized meditations that are co-created with your coach. You’ll be digging into solving any sticky problems in your life, with 1:1 private support, every step of the way.

1:1 Monthly 
Coaching Calls

Commune with like-minded spiritualists, ask questions about class, and find community among magical creatures like you.

Top Secret
Facebook Group

Pssst! Hop into the program the first Monday of any month.

After you complete each monthly intensive, graduate from the Avatar Program with a sense of deep confidence humming through your body, bones, & soul.

Super Comprehensive Curriculum

Attend as many hands-on practica sessions as you’d like. This is where theoretical study becomes real life action, and showing up is critical for your growth.

8 Practica 
Each & Every Month

$3000 or $300/month via Autopay

Monday Evening

Tuesday Evening Practica

Saturday Morning Practica

6pm – 7:30pm MT weekly,
exclusively via phone.

6pm – 7:45pm MT weekly, exclusively via phone.

11am – 12:45pm MT weekly, exclusively via phone.

Program Schedule

⸺ $3000 or $300/MONTH VIA AUTOPAY ⸺

You’ll get the registration info towards the end of your Enlightenment graduation!

$3000 or $300/month via Autopay

Pssst! Hop into program the first Monday of any month.


“I can really feel all the skills and tools we learn impacting my life day to day; it's like my whole body has been getting big upgrades!”

Coming into Avatar, I was afraid I was some type of "phony" and that my deficiency in skills would quickly be noticed by my peers. In some ways I felt like a little fish moving into a big pond that I wasn't qualified to be in. However, once I got into the flow of the program I realized that while Avatar may be a bigger pond, this new pond wasn't really too intimidating. It's really just been a larger space for me to really expand my psychic havingness and watch myself grow by leaps and bounds! It's been an awesome experience. I'd say everything in Avatar just feels a lot more connected. We're putting all of these puzzle pieces together and everything just flows together really nicely. This also allows the readings and healings to both feel more intuitive and reach new levels of depth that are fascinating to explore! 

— Eshan Singh

“I give you money, you give me profound, mind-blowing but incredibly practical teachings and techniques...”

I loved the focus on tuning in to your own truth, the basic tools and of course the reading practica and the community. For specifics, reading the energy of money, astral and dream time practices and setting mockups were great. Also the advanced chakra reading materials and the teachings around agreements and contracts related to relationships - oh yeah! Working with our healing masters and the golden suns are also awesome! 

— Carrie Christopher

“My favorite part is knowing that this community exists.”

I don't have to be perfect at it to be an important part of it, and there is an understanding amongst us that we are all growing and learning. My anxiety can tend to dominate this script. I do however find myself enjoying more the time and space to be in meditation. I find that I am not getting stronger or more adjusted to society; I am getting clearer about how I do and do not fit into it all. I can see the energy of some situations better for myself and I can make some choices about them that are simple and profound at times. I am giving myself more permission to have my own space energetically. I have a lot going on that I feel powerless over in my life and the lessons learned at BPI are helping me gain a perspective about that. I love the opportunity to connect with peers in a way that is structured, safe, and open. 

— S.L.W.


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