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The BPI Basics

Okay, so what exactly is the Boulder Psychic Institute?

The Boulder Psychic institute is a spiritual sanctuary and clairvoyance school that doesn’t take itself too seriously — all while delivering some serious psychic knowhow. Created by (and for) magical humans like you, the BPI is where heady conceptual ideas are made concrete, visual, and practical. Or in other words, we take the meta-ness out of mindfulness.

You’ll hear us referred to as the BPI, the Beep, or Those Magical Weirdos You’ve Heard About.

Let’s just start with what psychics are not. We’re not fortune tellers, crystal ball gazers (though no shade), or tarot readers who will tell you your future. Instead, we are spiritual beings who teach you to tap into the world beyond your five senses.

To be psychic is to go within. To be a willing renegade of spiritual study, who dives deep into their inner world. To explore, heal, and work with all parts of yourself — with compassion, kindness, and heaps of humor.

These skills mean you can manage your energy within yourself, and even the energy of the rooms you’re in. You’ll begin standing and walking in your power — without ever powering over.

Just like anything, it’s a practice that gets more powerful with time. Give us a try. We’re only a cult if cults love candy. (We LOVE candy.)

Why are your programs, readings, and healings so affordable compared to other schools? How is there a $10 reading? What’s the catch?

We’re here to demystify the mystic and help our communities, which means making the psychic stuff accessible both through what we teach, and how much we charge for it. These $10 readings are legit. (And our Founder, Miwa, has refused to raise the rates since she opened the school in 2003.)

Is the BPI a church? How come?

Technically speaking, we’re also a non-denominational, not-for-profit seminary school for our parent organization, the Church of Divine Light. This means we’re exceptional at all the psychic stuff, and supporting our communities. (And obviously, we love people of all faiths, beliefs, and philosophies.)

When will the BPI building be back open up to the public?

We’ll reopen when it’s super safe for our staffers, students, and clients — and not a single second before.

Readings & Healings

Are readings or healings over the phone as effective as in-person?

Yes! Yes! One trillion times yes! Since spirit (and energies) don’t operate in any specific time or place, we can see you just as clearly over the phone as we can in-person. We even know what you did last summer — but we won’t peer into your past unless you invite us. 😉

What is the difference between a reading and a healing?

Oh, great question! At their roots, a healing helps you feel better by replacing negative energies that limit you, with positive energies that heal, nourish, and restore. On the other hand, a reading helps you understand yourself better by getting answers to specific questions or sticky situations you’re facing right now. 

Total honesty? Sometimes they feel really great. Sometimes, they don’t. Think of it this way — healings work by clearing out the gunk you’ve been hanging onto for maybe lifetimes.

This means all those limiting energies have to surface before they can be released, and it might make you feel kinda weird at first — but then considerably better later. Don’t panic if you feel a little crummy in the middle of, (or right after), a healing. It’s a surefire sign it’s working. 

When I get a reading, will the psychic tell me which lotto numbers to buy and the first and last name of who I’ll marry (plus their current mailing address)?

Not really, since your future is created by the decisions you make today. You’re a complete being with free will, and we can’t know for sure which choices you’ll make when your reading ends. Instead of telling you what to do or what will happen, we give you the information you need to feel more confident in making those decisions for yourself. 

Do you offer tarot readings, astrology readings, and palm readings?

We don’t currently dabble in divination, tarot, astrology, or palm readings. Since clairvoyance is all about tuning into what’s happening now (like, right now), we don’t need the other modalities. Instead, we look directly at you and your energy to find the answers you’re after.

I’m looking to connect with a loved one who’s crossed over. What kind of session is right for me? Am I guaranteed to connect with them?

A Tippy-Top Tier Expert Reading or Laser-Focused Trance Medium Healing are best for breaking the ice with the other side, but keep in mind that we can’t guarantee your loved one will be in the mood to talk. Sometimes spirits send us straight to voicemail and we’ll need to dial a different number. 

ACK! There’s a ghost in my house! Can you help?

Abso-friggin’-lutely. Take a look-see at our Home and Business Healings, and we’ll come pull a Ghostbusters. Even if you’re not experiencing poltergeist-y stuff, house healings can help with your kiddo’s nightmares, lessen insomnia, or lighten up those inexplicable blah feelings that have you dragging your feet and crying in bed. We’re here to help cleanse those energies and reclaim your safe space. 

Listen, my business feels weeeeeeeeird, and I feel blocked from making more money. What should I do?

For starters, pat yourself on the back for recognizing the weirdness, and then book yourself a Business Healing. We clear the communication between you, your clients, and employees — plus any stickiness around cashflow. Get ready to ditch the distractions, create with ease, and roll around on a bed full of hundred dollar bills. (That last bit is optional.)

My dog looks like he really needs to say something to me. How do I listen?

OMG, dogs are such Chatty Kathys, and there are two ways to listen.

For starters, our Pet Readings & Healings work as a translator for all the juicy gossip your pet wants to tell you. (And on a more serious note, they can also let you know if they’re sick or hurting.) 

If self-study is more your style and you want to unlock ongoing communication with your fur baby, take a look at our Animal Communication Trainings. You won’t be able to get them to shut up.

I’m ready for my reading or healing. What do you have available TOMORROW?

Availability totally depends on which psychic you want to connect with. Take a spin through our list of professional psychic staffers, and reach out to the one who’s right for you. They can fill you in on their availability, rates, and working style. 

Courses & Programs

I don’t know if I’m psychic or not. I actually feel sort of silly for thinking I might be? I’m probably not, right? So...can I still take a class?

Oh, you beautiful, psychic being. Of course you’re psychic, and of course you can (and should!) take a class. Believe it or not, every single one of us is born psychic — yes, even if you have Aphantasia! But just like anything, it’s a skill that needs to be practiced. 

Psychicness is all a learnable way of life. Just like anyone can learn to play the xylophone or perfectly shave a poodle, you can learn to tap into and strengthen your psychic and healing abilities.

The coursework here gets you feeling grounded in your body, in touch with your spirituality, and more empowered than ever before. Not to brag, but most of our students say something along the lines of, “You completely changed my life. Why didn’t I learn this way earlier?!” Start your psychic journey with Self Healing 101. (The first week is free!)

What’s it like to be a student at the Beep?

Simply stated, it’s an adventure. Rather than staying on the fluffy surface of spirituality, you’ll be deeply digging into the transformative work that radically changes your way of being. 

This is a learning institute of healing and clairvoyance, and the curriculum we cover is the real deal. You’ll be exploring your inner world through hands-on practica, tested teachings, and engaging with like-minded weirdos who want more for themselves — one guided step at a time. 

It’s also worth noting we never take ourselves too seriously. Just ask our founder, Miwa, for today’s sex joke.

I don’t have a ton of time, and I’m worried about having homework. Will it fit into my life?

Here at the Beep, we know you have a busy life with a lot of moving parts. That’s why our courses are carefully designed to be undemanding on your schedule — while powerful enough to facilitate noticeable changes in your life.

All you have to do is attend one or two classes (or practica) a week and the amount of homework you do outside of class is totally up to you. There isn’t a right or wrong answer around how much time you invest since spirituality is never a one-size-fits-all sort of thing. And as with all skills, the more you practice, the more improvement you’ll see. 💖

So, when will I be enlightened? When do I finish spirituality and win at all the things forever?

Students see shifts after their first (free!) week of Self Healing 101, but enlightenment and spirituality are an ongoing journey with no finite end point. You’ll definitely hit important milestones in your spiritual abilities, but there’s no TA-DAAAAA! moment when you can suddenly levitate.

Our students are dedicated to working through their own personal growth because the work is incredibly fulfilling — not because they’re trying to finish as fast as possible. 

What’s the best way to become a student?

Decide to! Yup, it’s really that easy. Then, sign up for Self Healing 101. It’s the foundational skillset of everything we teach here at the Beep, and the starting point for nearly all of our students. Most people even see shifts in their lives right after the first week of class. (And did we mention the first week is free?)

I’ve already taken spiritually themed classes at other schools. Do I need to start at Self Healing 101, or can I skip ahead?

Even if you’ve studied different intuitive modalities, go ahead and still jump into Self Healing 101. It gives you all the essential tools and psychic lingo we use here with our students, and all your coursework afterwards is built on this foundation of shared language. This beginner class can be applied to all levels of spiritual development, so it keeps you fresh, growing, and continuing on your path towards becoming a spiritual powerhouse.

The only exception: If you’ve taken psychic classes using methods similar to the Berkeley Psychic Institute, get in touch and let’s talk about a good place for you to start. 

If I don’t want to be a professional psychic, can I still take classes?

Of course! Actually, most of our students don’t pursue a professional path. The work you’ll do at the Beep is about growing as a person, tapping into your spiritual nature, and then helping it explode into its full magic.

Regardless of whether you decide to use your psychic skillet professionally, you’ll learn (and heal) an enormous amount. The focus is always on personal growth and self-guidance — not becoming a for-profit pro as fast as possible. (And if you do decide to take the professional route, we’ve totally got your back.)

I have a question about a specific course! Where do I get that answered?

We LOVE curious people. (It shows you’re listening.) There’s more in-depth info on each course’s page, or get in touch to talk details you don’t see listed. 


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