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Enlightenment Program

The year-long virtual program for upleveling your entire life.

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Unlock everything you're capable of.

Get the most comprehensive spiritual education on the planet — complete with the concrete guidance you need to directly implement the transformational tools we cover.

If you’ve been wanting to ditch the dusty old patterns that rule you, learn to trust yourself fully, and completely turn your life around in just twelve months, let’s make moves. 

The very best part? Our open-minded community of heart-centered, hilarious humans are here to hold space for your growing — and maybe even give some psychic high-fives along the way. 

During this year-long program,
you’ll see transformations that stick.

Become Your Own Expert

Stop looking externally for the answers of how to live your life, and turn up the volume on the inner wisdom that’s always there to light your way.

Manage Your Mental Health

Learn how to respect & care for your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies for less stress, anxiety, and depression — and more joy, creativity, and freedom

Unleash Your Potential

Find relief as an empath by protecting yourself from personal attacks & outside judgment. Let’s heal past trauma & release the unhealthy patterns that are holding you back.

Open Up Aaaaall Communication

Find Your Ride or Die Community

Become a part of our BPI treehouse that’s bursting with humans who are able to not only truly see you for who you are — but also accept & love you, wholly.

Create Your Own Story

Step out from behind blame and shame, and experience the pure power of creating your own story. It’s about living your life free from limiting beliefs, expectations & attachments. 

Communicate with anyone — including ancestors, spirit guides, and angels — in healthy and helpful ways.

During this year-long program, you’ll see transformations that stick.

Our students’ favorite class topics include (but aren’t limited to):

Tell the difference between healing vs. fixing and neutralize memories from your past — plus work through fear, control, and pain.

Healing Tools & Techniques

Discover your life’s purpose, learn to sleep better, and magically manage your to-do list.

Life Improvement

Resolve all kinds of conflict, sort through parental & family baggage, and redefine what love actually means. 

Conscious Relationships

Awaken your Kundalini (safely), harmonize your etheric bodies, and heal your creative rings to amplify your manifestation prowess.

Psychic Anatomy

Work with healing entities, meet the keeper of your Akashic Records, and clear out your karma (from all those things you did in your 20s).

All Things Beings

Practice in the safe psychic lab that turns spiritual theory into real life action. It’s okay to mess up, stumble, & experiment with what’s possible. The practice is the magic. 

Practical Practica

Enrollment Info

You’ll get the registration link in your email the 3rd week of your Energy Awareness 103 course!

Explore whatever’s on your mind during a 1:1 with one of our expert staff lightworkers who offer encouraging guidance, clarity, and support.

1:1 Monthly Support 
Mentor Calls

⸺ $3000 or $300/month via Autopay ⸺

Take 90 minutes each week to virtually gather, soundly ground, and process new info together as you continue mastering concrete tools for the real world. 

Weekly Phone 

Choose 2+ hands-on practica sessions a month from our bomb-ass roster of 8-ish virtual meetup times. This is where theoretical study becomes real life wisdom. 


Commune with like-minded spiritualists, ask questions about class, and find community among magical creatures like you.

Top Secret
Facebook Group

Pssst! Hop into the program the first Monday of any month.

After 12 months of classes, and a minimum of 24 practica sessions, graduate from the Enlightenment Program with a sense of deep confidence humming through your body, bones, & soul. 

Super Comprehensive Curriculum

Get personalized, guided meditations that are co-created with your coach. You’ll be digging into solving any sticky problems in your life, with 1:1 private support, every step of the way. 


$3000 or $300/month via Autopay

Monday Evening

Tuesday Evening Practica

Saturday Morning Practica

6pm – 7:30pm MT weekly,
exclusively via phone.

6pm – 7:45pm MT weekly, exclusively via phone. 

11am – 12:45pm MT weekly, exclusively via phone. 

Program Schedule

⸺ $3000 or $300/month via Autopay ⸺

You’ll get the registration link in your email the 3rd & 4th week of your Energy Awareness 103 course!

$3000 or $300/month via Autopay

Pssst! Hop into the program the first Monday of any month.


“I took a chance after the free Healing 101 they offered and was immediately hooked. It was worth the investment!”

I learned new techniques on how to ground and heal myself, learned the truth about certain spiritual beliefs, and so much more that allows me to look at life much differently and I feel more empowered about my life. I liked our Saturday reading practice because we got to release matching energy with our classmates and those who would sign up for readings. Also, the free mentor and coaching calls we have with our teachers to help us navigate through the heavy parts of our growth. If you are truly looking to learn how to heal yourself, develop a healthy spiritual practice, and take better care of their inner life then Boulder Psychic Institute is a good place to start. 

— Keara

“My biggest fear was that the practices wouldn't work for me and I wouldn't be psychic.”

Instead, the instructors taught me how to relax, enjoy myself, and really trust what I was seeing. For a while I kept thinking it was just my imagination but I've had so many experiences in the Enlightenment program where 'my imagination' was fully validated as true psychic sight. My favorite part has been getting to offer weekly readings and healings to people in the beautiful safe container provided by BPI. I've grown and healed myself just as much from those readings as from class and I made amazing connections with the other psychics I was working with.

— Cindy Pincus

“It turns out it was easier than I thought it would be. I love all of it!”

I was worried that I wouldn't see anything or know what to say. The regular monday night classes are my favorite, the Erasure classes, learning from my coach and mentor as well as the reading and healing practica. The moment I enrolled in Self Healing 102 and Class 103, I knew I wanted to participate in the Enlightenment Program. When you wake up with your Soul feeling so alive from having read another classmate, the answer is pretty obvious that you need Enlightenment.

— Marilyn C. 

“The Enlightenment Program is like shedding an old skin that doesn’t serve me or anyone around me anymore.”

All this process brought out the brave warrior inside myself even more lol! Discovering that spiritual growth is becoming spontaneous, fun, playful and imaginative like a child again, while also being committed and disciplined and that both parts can co-exist! I’ll carry all the wisdom and growth this experience is granting me with me forever. Thank you!

— Milena

“Getting in touch with my spiritual side is a priceless gift of awareness in an otherwise under-enlightened world.”

I was very surprised how companionable the program is not only from the perspective of working with fellow enlightenment students, but also working with people I am reading on. There is a really cool community of on-line peeps that get together regularly. They share best practices in spirituality. It is not religious in the traditional sense. You can tap into your own abilities and get going on your own path of awareness. You learn what you are ready to hear and get to release old patterns that don't serve you any more. 

— Jennifer A. Richards

“My only regret is that I didn't sign up sooner.”

Joining the Enlightenment Program at BPI was the best decision I ever made. My only regret is that I didn't sign up sooner.

— Marilyn C.


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