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Healing & Manifesting 102

The 4-week virtual course for expanding your spiritual knowhow.

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You can be a manifesting magnet

No, really. If you’re here, it means Self Healing 101 vibed with you, and you’re starting to feel a teensy bit better — even if you don’t totally get why just yet.

If you’re ready to keep the adventure going & dive into a deeper understanding of healing, this course adds even more magic to your spiritual toolbox. 

And It Starts With Expanding Your Healing Capabilities.

During our 4 weeks together, you’ll unlock 
the magic of making your dreams a reality.

Be More Accepting

Begin releasing unconscious judgements towards yourself (and others), by using them as a mirror to identify what’s your truth — versus someone else’s agenda.

Heal Physically & Spiritually

Balance your chakras and endocrine system so you can experience your body’s unique wellness vibrations. (Your body will run like a well-oiled machine.)

Uplevel Your Relationships

Start to remove energetic cords and unhealthy attachments to clear the way for open and honest interactions.. Relationships full of ease, laughter, and lovin’ start here.

Share the Gift of Healing

Learn to give healings to yourself and others, plus practice establishing healthy healer boundaries between you and others so you can turn your empathy into your superpower.

Get What You Want

Try your hand at directly asking the Universe for what you want, and practice receiving with grace, abundance, and gratitude. Over time, you’ll become a manifesting magnet, drawing in all the good things you deserve. 

Let Go of Thought Loops

Begin to ditch the nagging & self-deprecating thoughts that run on replay, keep you stuck, and breed uncertainty. Let’s get you some inner peace.

Enrollment Info

You’ll get the registration link in your email the 3rd week of your Self Healing 101 course!

⸺ $125 for all 4 weeks ⸺

Take 2 hours each week to virtually gather, soundly ground, and start learning the building blocks of a spiritual practice. 

4 Weekly Phone Classes

Jump into our invitation-only Facebook community for forever-free support & friendship from incredible people like you.

Forever Access to Our Community

Explore whatever’s on your mind during a 1:1 with one of our expert staff lightworkers who offer encouraging guidance, clarity, and support.

Private 30-Minute Mentor Call

50% Discount for 
Energy Awareness 103

Get on the fast track for spiritual development by pairing 102 and 103 together, and taking $50 straight off the top. (It’ll be $200 for both.)

Course Schedule

You’ll get the registration link in your email the 3rd week of your Self Healing 101 course!

We’ll meet via phone every week.

We’ll meet via phone every week.

6PM – 8PM MT

Thursday Evening CLASSes*
6PM – 8PM MT

January 12th – February 2nd

February 7th – February 28th
April 4th – April 25th
June 6th – June 27th
August 8th – August 29th
October 3rd – October 24th
November 28th – December 19th

*In February, all 102 courses will be offered on Tuesdays so that students can take 103 concurrently (the fast track) on subsequent Thursdays.

We’ll meet via phone every week.

You’ll get the registration link in your email the 3rd week of your Self Healing 101 course!

We’ll meet via phone every week.


“I love that we get to practice with other students.”

It’s amazing information and adds a stronger sense of community in my experience. :) Continues to get better every week, with life skills we all need.

— Anonymous

“Just in taking that first class I felt my self esteem sky rocket as I reclaimed my psychic abilities. ”

Over the years I had stopped practicing entirely and my abilities as a psychic seemed to fade away. I felt so much fear around giving a reading these past years that I not only forgot but was too afraid to try. Having someone break it down step by step and bring it back to basics is exactly what I’ve been needing.

— Sarita Lidke 

“These tools really are amazing.”

No matter what’s happening I can use them to gain leverage and level up no matter what I’m faced with. Thanks again!

— Austin

“I really enjoyed this class.”

I feel like the tools Miwa taught were something I’ve been waiting to learn for a long time. 

— Anonymous


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