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We’re so much more than meets the (third) eye.

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Get a peek at who we are, what we do, and how we can guide you best.

You’re a human being who wants support being human.

We’re the Boulder Psychic Institute, or The Beep if you dig nicknames.

Since 2003, we’ve been a metaphysical sanctuary for folks just like you — humans who want answers, guidance, and spiritual mending for themselves as we all bop along the cosmic highway.

Whether you’re curious about spirituality — or curiously spiritual — our ever-evolving courses, readings, and healings are here to deepen your sense of self, give you some peace, and magnify your magic.

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In our treehouse, we teach what we value & we value what we teach.

Here’s how we do it.

Own Your Space

Your vibe matters (and so does ours), which is why we’re all solely responsible for our whole selves. Yep, all of our feelz. All of our thoughts. All of our lives. When our energy doesn’t spill out over others, we’re in control of how we show up & contribute.


Claim Your Role

Around here, we step fully into our lives, as they are now, while developing the self-trust we each need to make confident choices moving forward. (Spoiler alert: These grounded decisions may lead to an increased sense of peace.)


Say Hey To Yourself!

All communication starts with the way we talk to ourselves. We treat our bodies with a level of respect, kindness & a sense of humor that changes our relationships with everyone. Literally everyone. (Yes, even the tech support chat dude.)


We Do Our Own Things, Together

We’re all total weirdos, and that’s definitely worth celebrating. Show up exactly as you are, and we’ll welcome you into our light-soaked haven of support & compassion. We have boatloads of tissues. And also fuzzy blankets. 🖤


Wave hey to our founder,
Miwa Mack!

The OG Beep Mystic

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Miwa founded the Boulder Psychic Institute in 2003 to build a community of other spiritual people to hang out with, and teach them to practice clairvoyance and healing on their own.

As an ex-engineer, everything taught at the Beep stems from her years of systematic psychic observations that informs our methodology for course creation.

Her favorite thing is dark chocolate, but her second favorite thing is being a lifelong student of how energy affects every experience we have.

From being able to handle your sh#t (when the sh#t hits the fan) to feeling more sure of yourself in every situation, the tools she teaches will tune you into who you are, where you are, and where you’re heading.

The word “psychic” can feel weirdly spooky.

The only spooky thing about us is our love of Halloween candy.  

Psychic people are crazy and scattered, waving their hands over crystal balls and spewing new-agey gibberish through smoke from a fog machine.


reveal truth

Our psychics at the Beep are pretty normal, and show up in society as successful, whole humans with careers, families, and — y’know — lives.


Back to myth

Psychics know everything, and can predict the future over their morning cup of coffee, all easy breezy. (They’re also perfect superhumans who never have problems, right?)


reveal truth

We’re not omniscient gods who predict the future. (There's no such thing as fate, and BTW you’re the holder of your own destiny.) We aren’t perfect superheroes, but we help you be your own hero.


Back to myth

Things get super weird here, and cult stuff happens in the basement on Saturdays. Dogmatic religions with like, sacrifices, anyone?


reveal truth

We’re just a collective of kind humans, passionate about guiding people to their own truth. Not our founder’s truth. Not your psychic’s truth. Yours.


Back to myth

“There are not enough words or capacity at the current moment to express the level of satisfaction felt with the BPI’s teachings.”

They are master presenters of their art, which is often a missed step from master to teacher. They’re able to express these deep esoteric practices with ease, direct guidance, beautiful imagery, and a great amount of patience. This will change my life and the lives of the others on the call undoubtedly. This feels like the beginning of a Golden Path and she is giving me Golden Nuggets to open and further guide the way. Thank you Miwa and the Boulder Psychic Institute.

— Anonymous

“I’ve never seen or experienced an organization ran so smoothly and efficient *consistently* ...EVER!!!”

Everything is always on time. The instructors are brilliant, they always show up, always prepared, always in a good mood, and they don’t rush us through questions at the end of class (no matter how  All of my emails are answered so timely, even questions in the online groups. No issues with making pay arrangements or if I need to reschedule autopay dates. So from the bottom of my heart or perhaps deep within my 4th Chakra, thank you so much for being great in all capacities.

— Colette Mosely

“I want to thank you for continuing to be such a bright light and even excited about what’s going on in the world right now and this global pandemic.”

You really helped remind me of my larger capabilities as a healer during this time when there is so much darkness, global depression, stagnation, anger, etc. Whenever my depression pops up and says “this is a shitty time in history to be alive” I think of you and the excitement you have to do some serious damage . Or rather, make a big impact and affect history positively. Of course I chose to be here during this time so why not get in alignment with it right?!

— Lila

Choose your thoughts. 
Choose your emotions. 
Choose your life.

If you’ve ever wondered about what else is possible, you’re in the right place to play. This is a low-stakes, welcoming homebase for folks who are finding their way. 

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