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There’s more than one way to celebrate Groundhog Day. What will you do with yours?

Designing Your Life, Love & Relationships

Groundhog Day

Ground hog looking around

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Antilope grazing

When we visit a new culture, we encounter beliefs and interactions that are foreign to us. The same is true as we get to know the nonhuman cultures of the world (including those found in our backyards). There’s a tendency to either overly-anthropomorphize nonhuman animals or to consider them to be overly-other. It’s tricky to find the right balance between similarities and differences (as it is with human cultures as well).

Animal Communication

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Love & Relationships, Student Life

Learn about the creatures with whom we share this planet! See fun facts about animals, and consider how we benefit from their unique expressions of life!

Student Life

Why Become an Animal Communicator?

cat rubbing leg

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