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Have you ever wondered if you have good or bad karma? Join Three and Miwa in this discussion about how to take charge of your fate.

Designing Your Life, The Meditation Vault

Live Q&A: Are you Lucky or is it Karma?

Bad karma

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Valentine's Day and modern romance

How does Valentine’s day and modern romance feel to you? Does this holiday leave you feeling more lonely and isolated, or can it spark a renewed sense of how you relate to the world romantically?

Live Q&A: Valentine’s Day. The Morning After.

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Love & Relationships, The Meditation Vault

Join Three Brodsky and Fenix Grace in their discussion on Instagram Live of what Body Magic is and how to cultivate a harmonious, healthy relationship with your body.

The Meditation Vault

Live Q&A: Body Magic

Body magic

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the afterlife

Join Miwa and Three in their most recent Instagram Live session, where they delve into the subject of the afterlife.

Their discussion explores the journey of the soul and the process it undergoes to transition to the other side.

Live Q&A: All About the Afterlife

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The Meditation Vault, Uncategorized

Watch Miwa and Three’s Instagram Live as they discuss the interplay between sex and spirituality.

The Meditation Vault

Live Q&A: Sex and Spirituality

sex and spirituality

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A deep dive into the Who’s Who of entities! Learn the difference between beings with free will and those without.

Live Q&A: Beings Without Bodies

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The Meditation Vault

Join Miwa and Three on Instagram as they explore the fascinating life and work of Miwa’s father-in-law, John Mack. A tenured psychiatry professor at Harvard, Mack brought credibility to the claims of experiencers, bridging the gap between academia and the extraordinary.

The Meditation Vault

Review of Netflix Show Encounters with Miwa’s Father-in-law


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psychic kids

Psychic kids are not a fluke—everyone is born psychic! The key isn’t to teach your kids specific tools per se, but to ensure that you are using your energy awareness to maintain your own vibration. When your vibe is good, your kids will match you.

Live Q&A: Spiritual Parenting

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The Meditation Vault

Ever wonder what is driving the divide between the left and the right on an energetic level? Work with the Ascended Masters to help you heal your sense of belonging and autonomy.

Emotions & Self-Care, The Meditation Vault

US Elections—Heal your sense of autonomy and belonging

autonomy and belonging

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clair senses

Everyone possesses all six clair senses—it’s just a matter of how well you can develop each one. Learn how to get in touch with your clair senses and sharpen your psychic abilities.

Live Q&A: The Six Modes of Intuitive Sensing

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