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Healing and balancing chakras

Unlocking Self-Awareness: A Journey Through Healing and Balancing Chakras

healing and balancing chakras
healing and balancing chakras

The Personal Quest for Self-Awareness

Self-awareness includes both self-discovery and self-creation. Through self-awareness we encounter our uniqueness; both our past experiences and our future quests are distinct from those of others. While the process of excavating and cultivating the self is enriching and rewarding, it is deeply personal as well. We can explain our insights to others, listen and learn from others’ stories, and grow through relationships, but the specific journey of self-awareness is—and will remain—ours alone; because we, each individually, are the only ones who understand our distinctive peculiarities, we may feel lonely in our solo pursuits of the self-awareness that guides authentic embodiment and expression. 

Navigating Life’s Challenges with the Chakra System

Our respective roads have never been travelled, mapped, or envisioned; they are special to each of us. They necessarily sport bumps, turns, and blocks. As we forge ahead, we will meet challenges. Sometimes, others will help us, and, once in a while, we must help ourselves. When it seems that only we can understand and appreciate the singular pickle in which we find ourselves, it is useful to know the chakra system in order to make the needed adjustments that will allow us to venture forth.

The Role of Others in Healing and Balancing Chakras

Others can assist us by strengthening and balancing our distinctive chakra system, clearing blocks, removing outdated information, providing an overall assessment, and supporting our energy flow. This help can prove invaluable!

Rebuilding and Reshaping Your Life with Chakra Adjustments

However, inevitably, we will need to make some adjustments on our own. When our lives break down, our identities shift, our relationships change, and we must rebuild our lives, identities, and communities, we can expedite the process by reconstructing the affected chakras ourselves. We can reset our chakras by changing our actions and intentions, adjusting our chakras manually, or consciously applying some combination of both of these strategies.

Self-Development through Chakra Work: A Shortcut to Growth

Working with the chakras in these ways can provide us with a shortcut through a growth process. If, for instance, we are experiencing the loss of a friendship, we know that emotional and relational information is located in the second chakra, joint endeavors will be in the energy of the third chakra, and the genuine care, concern, and compassion for the friend is in the fourth chakra. This knowledge allows us the capacity to locate some of the places within ourselves that are shifting, and to hold them in love, allowing the needed changes to occur more easily. Likewise, we could look in these spaces to understand the basis for the disharmony in the friendship, and/or incorporate new qualities into the chakras in order to set a specific direction for their development.

Shaping Your Resilience and Authenticity with the Power of Chakras

By working with the chakras directly through new choices and intentions or contemplative visualization, we gain insight into who we are, as well as shape the way in which we grow. Knowing the chakras provides us with valuable and powerful keys to both self-knowledge and self-development. While we cannot control the events we encounter, we can learn effective strategies to care for ourselves, build our resilience, and set our exclusive course as we uncover and shape our personal self-awareness. Here is to being fully, authentically, and beautifully ourselves!


Blog written by Heidi SzycherAnimal Communications Instructor at the Boulder Psychic Institute.

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