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Mental Health Disorders- A Psychic Perspective

Looking at mental health through a spiritual lens.

Ever wondered what it would be like to look at mental health disorders but from a spiritual perspective? Join Miwa and Three for a fresh new perspective on mental health through a psychic and spiritual lens!

Whether you’re seeking new ways to nurture your mental state or you are simply curious about merging a spiritual practice with your mental health routine—this discussion is designed to inspire, inform, and uplift.

All health is as above, so below.

It’s pretty rare these days, even in the holistic health worlds, for people to validate the world of spirit when it comes to health. But, in order to truly be holistic in our approach to health, you want to consider the “above dimension” or aka the world of spirit and energy.

Even when it comes to mental health, there can be so much that is going on spiritually that is having a direct result on someone’s mental health. For instance, entities without bodies can be involved in all kinds of mental health disorders!

A lot of people who struggle with mental health are very psychic.

For example, generally, someone who is schizophrenic is someone who is so psychically sensitive and so tuned in to the other side, and they haven’t been educated on how to be in their body. They are super psychic!

The difference between a grounded psychic and someone who is labeled with schizophrenia can often be that the schizophrenic is trying to PROVE to everyone else out there in the world that the energy that they are hearing, seeing, or sensing is real.

This need to prove it to everyone else around them can often lead them to feeling pretty misunderstood because not everyone acknowledges or is able to validate the world of spirit or energy. A grounded psychic understands that not everyone is going to be able to validate what they are tuning into, and not everyone has to in order for it to be valid and real.

Enjoy our discussion on the topic!


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