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Channeling vs. Mediumship: What kind of mystic are you?

Get real conscious about being psychic.

Did you know that a medium and a channeler are not actually the same thing? A lot of people use channeling and mediumship interchangeably, but they are two distinct psychic gifts and are actually quite different!

In this clarifying chat, Miwa Mack and Three Brodsky dive into more detail about these psychic gifts, how to spot a trustworthy psychic, and why there is so much confusion around the difference between channeling and mediumship.

Mediumship and channeling are not the same!

While both practices connect you with the spiritual realm, channeling happens when someone leaves their body and runs the energy of someone or something else through their energetic channels. This could be God, a healing entity, or even deceased Uncle Bob!

Mediumship, on the other hand, is where the psychic is in their body, running their own energy through their channels, and communicating directly with spirits, often loved ones who have passed on, to relay messages and provide closure.

The big difference here is whether the psychic is running someone else’s energy or running their own energy through their body.

Spoiler alert: we all have BOTH of these abilities.

I know, you might be like wait what? I am a medium and I can channel? The truth is we are ALL psychic. Both of these are abilities are innate to all human beings. Just by virtue of being a soul who has manifested a human body, you are able to both channel and be a medium, and you can develop these abilities!

Here at BPI, we teach both channeling and mediumship. Mediumship training happens in the first few years of training where you are taught how to get into your body and be yourself as much as possible in your body. You are also opening up your third eye, so you can really start to mediate between the worlds.

Once you’ve learned how to be in your body and be fairly grounded, then you are eligible to cultivate your out of body awareness and study channeling other entities in our five year Trance Medium program. (Basically like a spiritual PhD 😉).

Both mediumship and channeling are fascinating spiritual abilities that bring you more awareness and consciousness on your self development path!

Enjoy our discussion on the topic!


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