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Love letters from the Universe. (And also us.)

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“Am I single or in a relationship with the person I’m seeing?? It seems to fluctuate hourly.” Start creating your own options for what you want the relationship to be versus sifting through what you think are your only options.

Love & Relationships

Dear Love Psychic: What is the Status of my Relationship?

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Have you ever been in a situation where you were being told that you need to change the way you’re approaching your own problem? This would be invalidating, and it would most likely make you feel like the way you are, and the way you cope with your life is wrong.

Dear Love Psychic: How Do I Support a Partner Who is Struggling?

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Love & Relationships

You’ll get what you need exactly when you need it. Sometimes your intention has to travel all the way through Middle Earth—but it will come to you one way or another. 

Designing Your Life, Student Life

Lessons in Nature: Trying Too Hard to be Psychic

Clear blue pool of water

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Join Director, Miwa Mack, for a healing meditation where you learn about (and heal) the 4th chakra. Create the vibration of pure love within yourself.

Healing Meditation: Don’t Fall In Love. Be Love.

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Love & Relationships, The Meditation Vault

If we acknowledged love as a unique and sacred entity that is infinite and treated the other parts of a relationship as something chosen off of an a-la-carte menu—we might be able to custom-build something new and beautiful with another human.

Love & Relationships

Are Your Love Associations Tanking Your Dating Life?

neon sign in the shape of a heart reading "love 24 hrs"

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forest road with sunlight

Join Director, Miwa Mack, for a healing meditation where you’ll energetically release from 2020, set your intention for 2021 so you can achieve your goals!

Healing Meditation: Manifesting in 2021

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Designing Your Life, The Meditation Vault

Join Director, Miwa Mack, for a healing meditation where you realign with your purpose and get in touch with your sense of inner-peace.

Designing Your Life, The Meditation Vault

Healing Meditation: Realign with Purpose and be at Peace

pink roses

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Boulder Psychic Institute Social Distancing Plan. Phone with headphones on the table in a heart shape. Rose image on the phone screen. Pink background.

Social distancing doesn’t mean disconnecting from one another. Here’s what we’re offering to make sure you can stay spiritually connected!

COVID-19 Social Distancing Plan

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Student Life

It’s Daylight Saving Time! Everything else in the world is running like clockwork, and that makes it seem like we should be able to just spring into action alongside everything else. However, is this an unrealistic ask for our bodies?

Emotions & Self-Care

Daylight Saving Time: A Reminder To Take Care of Yourself

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What stories are you telling yourself? Have you been operating as if one single story is your full story? Has that story helped you make the best of your situation lately, or are you feeling stuck in it?

Your Story

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Designing Your Life, Emotions & Self-Care

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