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Ground to the Planet to Release Stress

In this healing meditation for you and the planet, Miwa walks you through why it’s essential to ground to the planet when the world around you feels stressful and unstable. She also goes over how to heal your master cell—yes! That’s a thing you have!

Use this meditation whenever you feel overwhelmed about current events.

Let go of unproductive energy that is keeping you stuck in fear or anger. Being able to ground to the planet will help you heal your body in multiple ways.

Where are you getting your sense of grounding?

In times of uncertainty and chaos, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and lost. Many individuals tend to ground themselves to various external factors like the media, stock market, government, or healthcare community to anchor their stability. Where are you getting your sense of stability? The most potent and reliable source of grounding is Mother Earth.

Ground to the planet to stay conscious.

Release energy that would keep you from being conscious and amused no matter what is happening around you. Recharge yourself to thrive in challenging times.


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Watch more of Miwa’s live meditations here. They’re just as relevant today as they were during the pandemic.

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