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MysticMag interview with Miwa Mack

Interview with Miwa Mack highlights

Miwa answered several questions for MysticMag about the school, the astral plane, and how to find your magic.

interview with Miwa Mack

The cosmic highway

What can you tell us about ‘The cosmic highway’ and how to navigate this successfully?

The cosmic highway is a playful term I use to describe the astral plane or the spiritual realm. It is where the soul goes when the body is asleep at night — the dream plane. It is also where the soul goes after the body dies.

A person who can navigate the cosmic highway is spiritually able to be fully conscious of what they are doing on the astral plane. They can visit the various levels of the astral plane, create their desired cosmic adventures, and even interact with ascended masters, angels, and entities on the other side.

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The concept of magnifying one’s magic is intriguing. Could you explain what it means to magnify one’s magic and how your institute helps individuals tap into their inner power and unleash their full potential?

When it comes to the concept of magic, people often have two common perspectives: either they view it as something impossible or merely an illusion or trickery.

However, I propose a third definition of magic: being fully present and giving yourself full permission to be yourself.

Spiritual Doubt

In a world where spirituality and metaphysics can be met with skepticism or doubt, how do you address skeptics and help individuals who may be hesitant to explore their spiritual side?

Unlike traditional marketing strategies that focus on targeting pain points, pursuing clients aggressively, and closing sales, my approach at the Boulder Psychic Institute is to let people come to me. There is less karma in attracting students versus convincing them to work with me. As long as I’m a role model for healthy energy hygiene and illuminating my energy from within, the right students will find me at just the right time in their lives.

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