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If you find yourself giving emotional support, even when you don’t want to, here are some key elements to establishing a defined healing space for yourself.

Tips For Healers

Creating A Healing Container, Part Three

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Healers witness a lot of suffering and hold space for people’s problems which can be draining over time. Here are five steps to prevent healer burnout.

Being A Healthy Healer, Part Two

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Tips For Healers

Are you taking inventory around why you help people and how you’re going about it? It may be time to examine some sobering questions around you why.

Tips For Healers

Becoming A Healer, Part One

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Have you ever been in a situation where you were being told that you need to change the way you’re approaching your own problem? This would be invalidating, and it would most likely make you feel like the way you are, and the way you cope with your life is wrong.

Dear Love Psychic: How Do I Support a Partner Who is Struggling?

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Love & Relationships

That IS the question, indeed. As a healer, should you heal your beloved? The short answer: probably not. Here’s why.

Love & Relationships, Tips For Healers

To Heal or Not To Heal Your Beloved

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woman by window feeling sad

Taking on energy that isn’t yours can cause all sorts of emotional confusion – including the Winter Blues.

Busting Away the Winter Blues – Are You a Psychic Sponge?

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Emotions & Self-Care, Tips For Healers

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