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Busting Away the Winter Blues – Are You a Psychic Sponge?

What causes winter blues or depression on a psychic level? There can be many influences at play, but today I’ll speak to one of the most common reasons people experience stuck emotions or negative thoughts.

When chronic and severe depression haunted me as a young pre-teen, I was asked what was upsetting me, and I could never find the answer. The truth was, I didn’t know exactly what was upsetting me, I just didn’t feel good. The heavy emotions I experienced always lingered like a fog, and my thoughts were harsh and upsetting.

It wasn’t until I began to develop my psychic abilities at a much later age, that I discovered I was quite the psychic sponge! I could easily pick up on the thoughts and emotions of other people. I eventually learned that someone like me can easily absorb other people’s energy. I could be standing next to a stranger, absorb their energy into my body, and then process it all day, all week, all month, or all year long!

One of the first psychic tools that I learned is called a psychic gauge. It’s a psychic tool that you can ask a question and receive an answer, kind of like an intuitive pendulum or Magic 8-Ball. I used this psychic tool to determine whether the thoughts or emotions I was experiencing were actually mine or if they belonged to someone else. Almost every day, I got into the habit of asking, “Is this mine”? As in, is this my thought or someone else’s thought? Is this my emotion or someone else’s emotion? What I discovered was that most of the time it wasn’t my thought or emotion, it was something I had picked up around me.

At first this was frustrating, because I didn’t like that I would unconsciously absorb energies from other people. I felt that my healing abilities were out of control and that I had no boundaries with them. For example, I attended a business workshop one day and sat in the front row. The whole room was filled with amazing women. The speaker finally began to talk to the group, and within 15 minutes, I suddenly felt this strong wave of grief come over me, and I began crying. It was completely spontaneous, and also embarrassing. There was nothing that the speaker was saying that triggered this response, so I began looking around the room. No one else was crying. What was going on with me?

From there, I used my psychic gauge. Is this grief mine? And the answer was “No.” Knowing that I must have picked up the grief from someone else, I began to clear the energy out of my body during the workshop. After a couple of minutes, I felt instant relief. The grief that fell upon me so suddenly, completely vanished as if it had never been there in the first place. I was happy to feel relief.

What happened next blew my mind! The speaker in the front of the room began to tear up and tell a heartbreaking story about her father dying when she was young. At that point, I knew exactly who I had absorbed the grief from! I was amazed that I had unconsciously started to process a complete stranger’s grief! What else was I processing that wasn’t mine?

When it comes to healing stuck emotions like chronic or seasonal depression, consider asking the question, “Is this mine”? “Who am I healing”?

Not every thought you experience or emotion you experience belongs to you. Like I mentioned before, at first I felt a victim to my own healing abilities, but through lots of awareness and practice, I finally learned how to own my space and have healthy healing boundaries. What used to feel like my biggest weakness is now my biggest strength. To be such a strong healer is empowering – when you own it!

Instead of thinking of yourself as someone who struggles with depression, you might consider validating what an amazing healer you are. And from this day forward, you might even ask yourself, “Is this mine”?

Michelle Corazao

Emotions & Self-Care, Tips For Healers

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