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Unleashing Creative Collaboration: A Guide to Sacral Chakra Healing

Sacral Chakra and Emotional Intelligence

The second chakra (aka the sacral chakra) is located about an inch below the belly button; it processes our emotional and relational information, as well as inspires creative collaboration. People with well-formed second chakras are said to possess emotional intelligence (EQ). 

The second chakra categorizes experiences through association. If experiences elicit similar emotional qualities, they are joined together. For instance, a childhood outing to a carnival may be energetically stuck to an adult excursion to explore a new city. Although these events happened at different times and places and seem very different from the outside, they may feel the same emotionally to the individual and thus be linked. 

sacral chakra
sacral chakra

Harnessing the Power of the Sacral Chakra for Emotional & Relational Wellness

Some call the second chakra a radar because it can sense the emotional tone of environments and interactions; it houses our clairsentience. However, it may be more accurate to think of the second chakra as the location and mechanism for exchanging emotional information. The role of the second chakra is relational and communicative. It enables communication regarding tone, sense, feeling and sentiment between the outside world and the individual. 

The second chakra allows us to interpret safe and scary spaces, as well as happy and sad interactions. In this way, it is strongly associated with the inner child. When a situation “does not feel right” or meeting a person causes the hairs on the back of our necks to rise, we are receiving information through our second chakras. Second chakra feedback can guide us through decisions about what and who to be around.

Because it allows us to sense and respond to our environments, the second chakra also helps us to empathize with other individuals. Through emotional awareness, we can recognize and appreciate the emotional quality of the experiences of others. Because people with attenuated, clear second chakras are empathic, hurting others literally hurts them. Hence, those with healthy second chakras create harmony and joy.

The Link between the Sacral Chakra and Creativity

The ability to sense, process, and communicate emotions—which is the trademark of the second chakra—is linked to creative vitality and collaboration. Emotional creativity appears in the desire to build relationships, including families, communities, teams, friendships, and romantic liaisons. The second chakra drives the desire to build a family and produce children—as well as to create careers, including building businesses and other cooperative endeavors. When sexuality is motivated by a desire to deepen emotional bonds and strengthen relationships, it derives from the second chakra.

Those who can bear children have an extra dose of this creativity—often called “female creative energy”—that enables their bodies to form and gestate fetal bodies. This extra dose of creativity can be utilized for all endeavors but may come with additional perfectionism. 

sacral chakra

Healthy versus Unhealthy Sacral Chakra

A healthy second chakra will be grounded, providing useful, accurate information. It will facilitate one’s ability to do the following:

  • Process and integrate emotional experiences
  • Notice how experiences are both similar and different in tone
  • Communicate clear boundaries and relational agreements
  • Track emotional responses in present time
  • Engage in meaningful endeavors in the world
  • Balance self-care with collaborative enterprises

On the other hand, an unhealthy second chakra—which is usually either overwhelmed or shut down—builds up associations that become heavy and dark. If this happens, one can feel buried under the weight of unprocessed emotional experience. This unprocessed emotional energy will form a filter that prevents the person from gathering accurate and full information about the environment. If the second chakra is not performing, people become either over- or under-giving (aka, martyrs or victims). People in this situation often rely solely on the mental body to make decisions—which, again, does not provide full information. Eventually, one must feel the pain to free the pain.

Sacral Chakra: The Key to Nurturing Emotional Intelligence and Creative Bonds

People who are interested in exploring and developing the second chakra include therapists—like marriage and family counselors—tantric coaches, child bearers, team builders, empaths, relationship managers, group-dynamic specialists, and people who facilitate cooperation.

An enterprise-level example of honoring the second chakra’s contribution to creative collaboration—outside of family—is Meow Wolf, an art exhibition that requires artists to work toward a common goal while supporting each artist’s individual gifts and expression.

The second chakra allows us to bring forth joy and creativity both individually and collectively. Feel the feels, welcome the day, and see what happens! 


Blog written by Heidi Szycher, Animal Communications Instructor at the Boulder Psychic Institute.

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