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Live Q&A: Valentine’s Day. The Morning After.

Valentine’s Day and modern romance.

Join Three Brodsky and Fenix Grace in their discussion on Instagram Live about Valentine’s Day and modern romance.

How does Valentine’s Day and modern romance feel to you? Does this holiday leave you feeling more lonely and isolated—or can it spark a renewed sense of how you relate to the world romantically?

Romance isn’t just for lovers, y’know.

Deconstructing high expectations, loneliness, and modern romance.

Expectations of what love should be and what holidays should look like often leave us feeling disappointed. Finding or building a community is the answer to feeling lonely.

Put just as much energy into your friendships as you do the pursuit of a partner!

Valentine’s Day and modern romance.

Dating successfully takes putting yourself out there in a vulnerable way. When was the last time you went to an in-person event?! What are your dating goals? Perhaps it’s time to give yourself a break from the heavy weight of looking for THE ONE and start dating for different reasons—like fun.

What is romance?

How are you engaging your senses to find what is romantic to you and your body? How can you bring more romance into your everyday life?

Enjoy our discussion on the topic!


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