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Live Q&A: Body Magic

The art of listening to your body’s needs for optimal health.

Body magic requires you to be in “Loving Reality” with yourself.

Join Three Brodsky and Fenix Grace in their discussion on Instagram Live of what Body Magic is and how to cultivate a harmonious, healthy relationship with your body.

Being in what we call loving reality with your body means being present and listening to your body’s needs without fear or judgment.

Do you want your body to be perfect and punish it when it can’t live up to that expectation?

Your body magic is unique to you and you alone.

Our bodies often become a repository for the energies we absorb from our surroundings, be it from personal interactions or environmental factors. This can lead to a muddling of our own energy, confusion regarding our feelings, and a sense of being ‘off.’

Are you running your own energy in your body, or are you absorbing other energy that isn’t yours? Foreign energy in your body will interfere with your ability to be in touch with your unique “user manual” of what is best for you.

Body magic is a way of life.

Engaging with body magic is akin to learning a new language – the language of self-love and understanding. It requires patience, practice, and persistence. Each day offers a fresh opportunity to deepen this magical relationship with your body. Remember, body magic isn’t a lofty goal to be achieved; it’s a way of living, a perspective shift that elevates your everyday experiences.

Listening to your body.

When was the last time you truly listened to the myriad of messages your body is transmitting every single second? Listening to your body is an art that requires tuning into subtle cues and signals that often escape our attention. We are taught to prioritize the demands of the mind while the body’s whispers go unheard, sometimes until they escalate into shouts of pain or discomfort.

Enjoy our discussion on the topic!


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