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Live Q&A: Spiritual Parenting

How to raise psychic kids.

Watch Miwa Mack and Three Brodsky in their latest Instagram live as they explore how to raise psychic kids. If you’re curious about how to bring a spiritual practice into your daily interactions with your children and pass on psychic tools, watch this video!

Learn how to maintain your space and awareness even on hard days. (Fostering the light within your child sounds easy enough until you’re an actual parent. Amiright?!)

Psychic kids need you to manage your own energy—not theirs.

Psychic kids are not a fluke—everyone is born psychic! The key isn’t to teach your kids specific tools per se but to ensure that you are using your energy awareness to maintain your own vibration. When your vibe is solid, your kids will match you.

So often, children are told that what they see with their “energy eyes” is pretend. When you can listen to and validate their experience of seeing energy around them, they’ll continue to develop their clairvoyance naturally.


P.S. Miwa is blurry in the first minute of this video, but then she comes back into focus, and you can hear her again. Thanks for your patience!

Thank you to everyone who asked great questions during our Instagram Live. Enjoy! 🔮


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