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US Elections—Heal your sense of autonomy and belonging

What is the energy behind politics?

What do autonomy and belonging have to do with our relationship with politics? A lot!

Ever wonder what is driving the divide between the left and the right on an energetic level? Often, people are playing out what was never resolved in their adolescence! Whether between two nations or two people—old patterns are emerging and trying to heal within the politicians on a global stage.

There is an overarching rift that affects not only the politicians but anyone getting all worked up by politics. This rift is caused by our disharmony between our sense of belonging and our sense of autonomy.

Can you belong and have autonomy at the same time?

We’ve been programmed to believe that we can only have one or the other—you can either belong or be free. BUT, that’s not true! You can have both vibrations existing harmoniously in your body. Tune into this meditation to get a healing on your ability to be yourself and be part of the group at the same time.

Get a healing from the Ascended Masters.

Work with the Ascended Masters to help you feel a sense of belonging without losing your autonomy. Belonging starts with your relationship with your body—are you IN your body? When you are not present and in your body, the feelings of isolation start to creep in.

You’ll also get a healing on your sense of autonomy and your own uniqueness. Learn how important it is to validate yourself exactly as you are.

The fourth chakra and your sense of autonomy.

Your fourth chakra is what holds the information about your sense of self.

Ensuring this chakra is healed and not holding on to false beliefs is key to your sense of autonomy. Let the Ascended Masters clear out any debris you may have in there keeping you from your true sense of yourself.


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