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What is a psychic school? Some of our best FAQ’s answered

Curious about our psychic school, who started it, and who’s running this place?

The Boulder Psychic institute is a spiritual sanctuary and clairvoyance school that doesn’t take itself too seriously — all while delivering some serious psychic knowhow. Created by (and for) magical humans like you, the BPI is where heady conceptual ideas are made concrete, visual, and practical. Or in other words, we take the meta-ness out of mindfulness.

You’ll hear us referred to as the BPI, the Beep, or Those Magical Weirdos You’ve Heard About.

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Below are some of our favorite FAQ’s.

I don’t know if I’m psychic or not. I actually feel sort of silly for thinking I might be? I’m probably not, right? So…can I still take a class?

Oh, you beautiful, psychic being. Of course you’re psychic, and of course you can (and should!) take a class.Believe it or not, every single one of us is born psychic — yes, even if you have Aphantasia! But just like anything, it’s a skill that needs to be practiced. 

Psychicness is all a learnable way of life. Just like anyone can learn to play the xylophone or perfectly shave a poodle, you can learn to tap into and strengthen your psychic and healing abilities.

The coursework here gets you feeling grounded in your body, in touch with your spirituality, and more empowered than ever before. Not to brag, but most of our students say something along the lines of, “You completely changed my life. Why didn’t I learn this way earlier?!” Start your psychic journey with Self Healing 101. (The first week is free!)

What’s it like to be a student at the BPI? Psychic school is sorta new to me…

Simply stated, it’s an adventure. Rather than staying on the fluffy surface of spirituality, you’ll be deeply digging into the transformative work that radically changes your way of being. 

This psychic school is a learning institute of healing and clairvoyance, and the curriculum we cover is the real deal. You’ll be exploring your inner world through hands-on practica, tested teachings, and engaging with like-minded weirdos who want more for themselves — one guided step at a time. 

It’s also worth noting we never take ourselves too seriously. Just ask our founder, Miwa, for today’s sex joke.

Who started the BPI?

Miwa Mack—our OG mystic! She’s the director of our psychic school and makes the magic happen with the rest of the BPI crew.

Miwa founded the Boulder Psychic Institute in 2003 to build a community of other spiritual people to hang out with, and teach them to practice clairvoyance and healing on their own.

As an ex-engineer, everything taught at the Beep stems from her years of systematic psychic observations that informs our methodology for course creation.

Her favorite thing is dark chocolate, but her second favorite thing is being a lifelong student of how energy affects every experience we have.

From being able to handle your sh#t (when the sh#t hits the fan) to feeling more sure of yourself in every situation, the tools she teaches will tune you into who you are, where you are, and where you’re heading.

psychic school

Wanna know more about Miwa and how we roll as a psychic school?!

Click on some of our many resources below to get to know us more. We have interviews, guided meditations, live discussions with Q&A, and our youtube channel has hours and hours of fun, inspirational content.


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