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Psychic Reading In Person vs. Over the Phone

Psychic Reading In Person vs. Over the Phone

“Is a psychic reading just as good over the phone as a psychic reading in person?!”

…We get this question a lot. Our answer is an enthusiastic YES! In fact, if you’re deciding between a psychic reading In person vs. over the phone—phone is better!

The Boulder Psychic Institute is a clairvoyant school, which means we’re learning and practicing using our sixth chakra (or third eye) to “see” energy. 

When we’re looking at you as psychics, we’re looking at your energy and how it’s affecting you. We’re seeing into the questions or issues you bring to us in order to illuminate what’s going on at the core. Clairvoyance literally means to see with clarity. 

Often people think that there will be a “more powerful connection” if we’re in the same room with you because we will feel into you psychically. This isn’t how it works—we see into you.

There are numerous benefits of doing readings, healings, or classes over the phone.

During a psychic reading in person, the senses can overwhelm the reading

Psychics can get into a clairvoyant space easier and see clearer when we shut down our other senses. There’s the old saying, “When you shut down one sense, another opens.” In addition to closing our eyes over the phone, we’re also free of all the social distractions of an in-person (or video) encounter. Over the phone, there’s no smiling, eye contact, shaking hands, body odor, body language, and no need to worry about appearances. This all contributes to the reader feeling more at ease and better able to sink into a deep clairvoyant state—which means a better reading for you!

We can help more people. 

“No time, no space” is a phrase we use to describe energy at the Beep. It means we can tap into the energy of anyone anywhere, dead or alive, tall or short, old or young, and in any location! We even give remote sessions where the reading/healing is performed on a spirit-to-spirit level (which means you don’t even have to be on the call whatsoever).

By offering classes over the phone, anyone can take our courses and experience the Beep no matter where you live. And not to brag, BUT we’re kind of a big deal, and we are pretty proud of our curriculum and instructors, so naturally, we want to be accessible to as many people as possible.

You’re being seen purely as a soul. 

Meeting over the phone means that we don’t see your body and aren’t affected by your physical appearance—which cuts down on unconscious bias. We’re looking right at YOU, not your age, height, weight, ethnicity, gender, orientation, or fashion choices. (Thank goodness, because who even owns hard pants these days)?!

For our students, friendships formed in our community are interesting and intimate because of the connection that happens when we’re experiencing each other on a purely spiritual level. It’s pretty cool to be able to see and be seen by someone when all you really know about them is the sound of their voice and their soul vibe (but still—we don’t even know if our classmates have cool hair or not). 

So the great news is that all you need is a phone to get a profound reading, healing, or spiritual education.

Hope to “see” you soon.


Blog post written by Three Brodsky (aka King Three)—a student and staff member at the BPI.

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