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A Life of Joy

Joy is not in things; it is in us ~ Richard Wagner

A life of joy – isn’t that what we all strive for? But joy isn’t something you buy or own; it’s a force – a feeling – generated deep inside and radiating out into the world. It’s not always expressed as outward bliss and ecstasy, but rather as the quiet inner tranquility and peace that comes from living a life on purpose.

Just saying the words “life purpose” may bring some emotions to the surface. These emotions are attached to the shoulds of life, as in “I should know what my purpose is. Life is short, and unless I seriously think about why I am alive, I will have wasted my time here on earth.” On the other hand, you may be thinking, “My family tells me that I should become a doctor, a lawyer, or at least a productive member of society. But all I want to do is have fun and play.”

Somewhere along the line, you may have been taught that life is serious business, full of angst and inner strife. I think by now you realize that these expectations are other peoples’ thoughts and feelings about who you should be and what you should do. Of course, your family and friends have your best interests at heart, but they do not know your true purpose; they are just projecting to you their hopes and fears. You have tools now to recognize this energy for what it is. You do not need to accept the expectations of others. You can tune into, and draw strength from, your inner wisdom.

Life purpose can be many things – it can be your occupation or your vocation. It can be your home life or your community life. Your life purpose may be something so familiar that you fail to recognize it.

Written by Della Temple, a BPI graduate who writes, teaches, and heals. She is the author of:

  • Tame Your Inner Critic: Find Peace & Contentment to Live Your Life on Purpose
  • Walking in Grace with Grief: Meditations for Healing After Loss

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