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Living in the Past

I was hired to assist in the sale of a grand, colonial-style home in rural Vermont. During the house healing, I saw several images from an earlier era, including the image of a woman churning butter. As it turns out, while my clients had lived in this house, they had cared for cows and, indeed, had made their own butter. In Vermont, they had chosen to live a rustic, farming lifestyle. Although, they loved the idea of having a small farm, they were not enamored with the actuality of it. They knew that they wanted and needed to let go of their vision of increased self-sufficiency, and, yet, their house would not sell. An aspect of their lifestyle in Vermont remained compelling to them.

This couple had successfully re-created a scene from a past life for which they had been nostalgic. It was a life from a simpler time that had been quite satisfying. We can use our past life experiences to provide us with information about our present life situations. However, often what worked for us in one context does not continue to work for us once our context has shifted. Hence, a living strategy that was enjoyable in a past life may not serve us in this life. In other words, although my clients were once again churning butter, that lifestyle did not provide the same level of satisfaction in this lifetime as it had before.

In order to sell their home, this couple had to release their attachment to that former lifestyle. They had associated their rustic lifestyle with the satisfaction that they had felt in that past life.  When they began yearning for satisfaction in this life, they re-connected with that former lifestyle in an attempt to regain the satisfaction. However, it was not the lifestyle that they desired, but rather the ability to create a satisfying way of life in their current context. They could not sell their house until they recognized that their happiness in this lifetime would not arise from revisiting the past, but would develop as they engage with themselves in the context of this life’s journey. They were being asked to grow in a new direction.

The gift of the awareness of that past life is the remembrance of the satisfaction that life offers. Each of us continually explores our unfolding dreams and desires. We are forever changing, and what suits us is forever changing as well. Part of the simplicity of ‘now’ is releasing our attachment to what no longer is (as well as what has not yet occurred). In this story, since the sale of their Vermont house, my clients have happily chosen to live in an elegant home in the southwest that better supports who they are now.

If you find yourself drawn to something that you think that you should enjoy, but do not actually enjoy, consider the possibility that what you desire is the recovery of a lost aspect of yourself.

Create the life that now best suits you!

Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

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