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Allowing Change

One of my clients lives in a beautiful, Boulder estate at the base of the foothills. Her property adjoins land that is owned by the city and, hence, will never be developed. Thus, her house is surrounded by breathtaking mountain scenery and wildlife. She has spent the last twenty years on this property married, divorced, raising two children, as well as creating a beautiful home and home life. Since her divorce, she has budgeted to maintain the homestead; finances have been a constant concern.

For the majority of the past two decades, she has assumed this estate to be her family’s legacy, and her station to be that of securing it for future generations. In that mindset, it has seemed irrelevant to her that her marriage is dissolved, her children are now living near their respective colleges, and her dog and iguana have crossed the rainbow bridge. She has been tied to the belief that it is her obligation to hold onto her house for the benefit of others, regardless of her needs or situation. This charge has left her feeling overwhelmed and overburdened.

The struggle in her life has been an indication that a change is in order. She has fulfilled the part of her original intention that involves providing a comforting and stable home for her family while her children were growing up. Many of the other aspects of that original intention—including that of creating a family legacy—made sense twenty years ago in the context of a marriage, young children, and financial stability. Now, those plans do not suit anyone’s needs.

Presently, my client is a single woman with grown children who is faced with the challenge of creating a comforting and stable home for herself. She had feared that to release any aspect of her original intention would be to admit failure. However, once she recognized that much of her original plan was outmoded, she began to see the world with new eyes. Instead of sacrificing herself to maintain the house, she could let go of her attachment to the original intention, and allow the wealth of the house to care for her.

Since she has seen her choices more clearly, she has decided to sell her house; and has been giddy ever since. By cashing in on the care with which she has cultivated both her house and its grounds, her financial concerns will be alleviated and her time rewarded. Her willingness to open up her options illustrates the freedom that springs forth when we allow ourselves permission to change.

This planet gives us ample opportunities for transformation and movement. It is a wonderful place to learn how to respond to challenges and struggle with grace. Often our answers sit squarely in front of us, but we remain unable to see them until we shift the paradigm through which we view the world. Perhaps the possibilities that seem to be outside of your universe are the solutions that you have been seeking.

Try on a new perspective, and see what happens!

Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

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