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Lack or Plenty– What Will You Choose?

Lack or Plenty— What Will You Choose?

Abundance is our natural state. It expresses itself by creating plenty of whatever our energy is focused upon. So the question becomes, “What type of abundance do you have?”

Are you experiencing an abundance of plenty, or an abundance of lack? Like attracts like. Whatever you focus on is drawn into your experience. Look around you. If you are experiencing lack of money, lack of time, lack of happiness, then it’s time to think about learning new ways, new techniques; shifting your abundance to a state of plenty.

One of the Universal Laws is that life is a flow of giving and receiving. There is a rhythm, an ebb and flow to everything. When you give positively of your time, your energy, your knowledge or your money, it will come back to you multiplied. If you are in a state of lack, you are coming from a space of restriction and inhibiting the flow. The universe always mirrors back to you whatever you do, so become conscious of what you are thinking and feeling and doing.

Give what you want to receive. If you want love, give love. If you want more time in your life, then give your time to an organization whose mission is in alignment with your passion. If you want to receive more money, then give money to others.

Give in joy, give freely, and give from a space of abundance and joy. One way of doing this is to tithe. Tithing is not always religious in nature. Think about giving to an organization that adds to your spiritual growth in some way. It could be that a charity doing important work in your community calls out to you. Or it could be to some organization that offers help to those in need worldwide. Whatever, wherever, you are drawn, that is the important piece; give there. Tithe in the spirit of freedom and gratitude without an expectation of receiving anything in return from that particular organization.

It doesn’t matter the amount of your gift; it is the intent that matters. You will receive back the same energy in which you sent your tithe. So be clear of intent when you write out your check. Be happy, be grateful. Be in a state of appreciation.

And keep the flow going. When you set up a regular schedule of giving, you are in a constant flow, and there is no stagnation. When you give only large amounts now and then, you will be in stagnation during periods where you are not giving. That returns you to a state of lack. So give from an abundant heart and keep the energy clear and free of negativity or thoughts of lack.

Tithing regularly, from a space of gratefulness and plenty, brings you into a state of prosperity. That feeling of ease; a knowingness deep within that through the act of giving to others, YOU are adding light to the planet. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

Written by Della Temple, a BPI graduate who writes, teaches, and heals.

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