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We are multi-faceted, multi-dimensional beings. As we increase our awareness, we notice aspects of ourselves that previously have been hidden from us (for whatever reasons). One advantage of operating from a limited awareness is that it makes it easy for us to embrace a simple narrative about ourselves and our lives. However, once we begin to increase our awareness, we quickly learn that simple narratives are simply too simple.

Years ago, I was dining with a group of close friends. I remarked to one of them, “You seem angry.” Seething, my friend yelled, “I’m not angry!” The rest of us recoiled. In retrospect, though, he had responded honestly. He believed his words, while his tone, disposition, and intensity belied him. He did not realize that he was angry, although it was plain to everyone else. Awareness in itself does not change the facts on the ground. He may have been angry regardless of his recognition of it. However, if he had known that he was angry, he would have had more options regarding how to address it. For instance, he could have laughed at the irony of being angry while out to dinner with friends.

Awareness gives us the space to see multiple possibilities within a single scenario. This ability, though, is a double-edged sword. In the example above, my friend would have benefitted from seeing his choices. However, recognizing the nuanced aspects of ourselves and our environments means that we can simultaneously see the beauty and the horror, the love and the pain, and the inspiration and despondency. Because awareness offers breadth, we can feel crazy and/or overwhelmed as we become more conscious. This is one reason why some people choose to stick with a narrower, simpler narrative. Eventually, though, as we confront the bounds of remaining limited, many of us choose the fresh air of opening up, increasing awareness, becoming conscious, and embarking on a spiritual journey.

One common narrative that we share culturally holds that by growing spiritually we discover peace, love, and joy. It is true! And, we find turmoil, hate, and despair, as well. The beauty of increasing awareness is that we know more of what is in us and before us, as it appears in its many facets. The more we recognize what we are dealing with internally and externally, the more choices we have about what we wish to do with it. For instance, we may decide to align with love, and release hate. This possibility, though, only presents itself through awareness. (We cannot make conscious choices about that which remains unconscious.)

The gift, then, that awareness offers is the gift to choose among the many options that exist. Once we see the delight and disgust in the same event, we have a choice regarding how to respond to the event. We are no longer driven by our unconscious reactions, or condemned to express our first twinge. We can embrace either delight or disgust— with equal enthusiasm. Likewise, once we see the love and the hate within ourselves, we are free to relate to others through either emotion. Given the choice, most of us prefer delight and love! However, we do not honestly embrace these dispositions until we encounter the choice that emerges as we open to our wholeness. Becoming more conscious provides a pathway to recognize oneself and others more fully, which brings with it the ability to navigate situations consciously. With awareness we create space to interact from a plethora of choices!

Increase your awareness and take stock of your options!

Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

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