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Making a House a Home

House healers commonly are compared to Ghost Busters. And, healing houses can seem like unloading ectoplasm guns to neutralize the hideous creatures who taunt us. However, although there is some basis for comparison, house healings are not as dramatic as the events that occur in the 80’s Hollywood blockbuster.

Instead, much of healing— whether it involves people, animals, relationships, or houses—involves having the right energy in the right place at the right time. All energy patterns have their time and place. However, when they are out of sorts, we experience them as being problematic.

For instance, consider the following situation. A woman and her son escape an abusive relationship, only to settle into an apartment with inhospitable spirits. It would be easy to dismiss this situation as being ironic. Note, though, how commonly these sorts of occurrences happen. Why does the world play out in this way?

The challenges in our lives encourage us to grow personally and spiritually. (We do not consider the many things we accomplish easily to be challenging.) Saying “No” to poor treatment is a growth step worth celebrating! However, once we say “No” to something, we are tested on other fronts. And, once we release something from our physical space, it often turns up in our living space.

So, when this courageous mother ended an abusive dynamic in her life, she noticed it in her new home. This is her opportunity to stand firm in her commitment to harmonious resolutions. As the healers called in to banish the unwelcome spirits, we recognize that these spirits— though monstrous in one regard— simply play a role to enable each of us to say “No” to unwelcome provocation. They present us with a chance to stand firm in the spiritual truth we know with every fiber of our beings: at the end of the day, there is only love.

In order to have this love expressed in our lives, though, we must put things in order. My spiritual essence belongs in my body, while your spiritual essence belongs in your body. Our homes are most supportive when they house the present-time intentions and vibrations of the people who live there. And the mischievous ghosts we met the other day are better suited to a new occupation in another dimension. Healing benefits everyone!

While house healings do not involve the epic battles that make classic movies great, they can render results that allow us to breathe easier! House healings bring the home into alignment with its inhabitants so that those who live there do not need to wrangle with the old patterning that got embedded in the structure long ago. House healings let us feel at home in our homes.

Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

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