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Springtime Growth

As we enter the springtime, not only do the flowers and trees blossom, so do our lives! While new growth can be fun and exciting, it also can be a lot to manage. How do we gracefully navigate the expanding demands on our attention as our lives open?

Many people become overwhelmed during this annual cycle of new growth. Some people try to contain all of the unfolding events— in their minds, bodies, or energetic spaces. However, our minds, bodies, and spirits move most easily when they are unencumbered. So, other people throw caution (and growth) to the wind, allowing areas of their lives to unravel. Is there a middle ground between holding tight to everything and discarding it? (Yes!)

We can maintain the clarity of our minds, bodies, and beings, while handling multi-faceted lives! One strategy is to create spaces outside of ourselves— held in grace by spirit— to safeguard the many aspects of our lives. At a physical level, we construct homes to care for our bodies and our belongings. These homes remain intact as we tend to our lives. While we are away, our homes await our return. They protect and hold a space for us regardless of our focuses at particular times. In other words, our homes remain grounded whether our attentions are on them or elsewhere.

Likewise, we can create energetic spaces— visualized as bubbles or roses— that provide safe havens for the aspects of life we value. For instance, we can create career spaces, money spaces, romantic spaces, friendship spaces, health spaces, etc. Once we set our intentions, we allow divinity to hold them. All of the demands that arise as our lives expand can be safe guarded in the appropriate spaces. At a body level, then, we are free to address each space in time. In this way, we need not become bogged down or overwhelmed by the new growth we encounter each spring. Instead, we can co-create with spirit to house that growth while we tend to the details in the physical world one-by-one, integrating our dreams and building our lives in divine timing.

Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

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