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As COVID restrictions change, take time to define the “new normal” for yourself. Director, Miwa Mack, leads a meditation to guide you to allow your life to be in perfect alignment with you.

Designing Your Life, The Meditation Vault

Self-Healing Meditation Post Covid-19

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Have you ever felt paralyzed by self-doubt? Held back by the thoughts in your head?  I totally have. However, what if self-doubt just comes up to ask questions that help us get to know ourselves more deeply?

Self-Doubt or Self-Encouragement?

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Designing Your Life, Emotions & Self-Care

Why would anyone move across the country upwards of [insert preposterous, slightly incriminating number of times here] in the name of love…? Well, lots of reasons. Here’s what I’ve learned about love through many sojourns with the most unlikely of traveling companions: a tree.

Love & Relationships

That’s Amore: The Story of a Girl & Her Tree

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What is it that brings you that childlike sense of joy and wonder? What’s that deep thing that’s your “Heck yeah!”? What would happen if you gave yourself more of that?

The Wisdom of Nurturing Your Inner Child

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Designing Your Life, Emotions & Self-Care

In ‘The Game of LIFE,’ did you ever notice that, although you might have a few different choices here and there, every player’s objective is pretty much the same? That’s all fine and good. But is that really a good analogy for real life?

Designing Your Life

The Game of Real Life

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