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Live Q&A: Are you Lucky or is it Karma?

Take charge of your karma and life path.

Join Three Brodsky and Miwa Mack in their discussion on Instagram Live about good karma vs. bad karma and how to change your fate.

Have you ever wondered if you have good or bad karma? Or why some people seem to be luckier than others?

In this illuminating discussion, Miwa and Three dispel the common myths we tend to carry around about karma. They clarify what luck really is and how you can cultivate more of it for yourself!

You create luck.

Luck doesn’t come from somebody out there giving it to you- it’s a vibration that you cultivate within yourself.

We are so conditioned to think that we are not responsible for our lives – that some God out there in the sky or destiny or fate is running the show.

The truth is you are the creator of your life, and God or Supreme Being, as we like to call them at BPI, is holding loving, agenda-less space for you!

There’s value in hard times.

Sometimes life is rough, and those tough times can teach you a lot.

Even life circumstances that are intense and challenging can be transmuted into experience that gives you wisdom and luck.

If you learn to turn within and take responsibility for yourself and your life, you can own what you have come to learn here as a soul, including the challenging lessons that give you hard-won wisdom.

By taking a step back and looking at your life circumstances from a spiritual bird’s eye view, even multi-lifetime perspective, you can start to understand why you are having the experiences you are having and what that all means for your soul’s journey of growth.

Enjoy our discussion on the topic!


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