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How to Find a Spirit Guide

Use Discernment To Find The Spirit Guide That Is Best For You.

Is it a Spirit Guide or a Random Entity?

Everyone has spirit beings who are interested in working with them. Here’s how to find your being and get the best out of the relationship.

First, Find Your Why

What do you want to get out of the relationship? What kind of guidance are you interested in? Do you want a healing being to help you with your own healing projects or a being to help you in specific areas of your life? Parenting, finances, physical body, creativity—the sky (or the astral plane) is the limit! 

Second, Remember That You’re An Equal Player In This Relationship

It’s common for people to be in awe of a spirit guide—remember that they’re beings just like the rest of us. They’re all varying in their own levels of consciousness and awareness. We recommend that YOU find your expert being—not the other way around. 

Think of the spirit world like you would a big, crowded airport with literally every type of person coming and going. Lovely little old ladies, suitcases stuffed with gifts on one side of the spectrum to (if I’m being dramatic) terrorists on the other. It’s everyone from everywhere!

If some guy in cargo shorts came up to you at the airport and said, “I know all the secrets of life, what’s best for you, oh and also, will you carry my suitcase?” You wouldn’t go for any of that, right?!

It’s the same with beings. Don’t just accept any ol’ being as your guide. Find one that you can grow and develop together, who will enrich your life. 

The How-To

One. Ask the Supreme Being (the energy that you consider the highest power of the universe; some call it God) to act as your own personal broker and bring you a spirit guide.

Two. Interview the being to see if you two are a match. Ask them why they want to work with you and what they specialize in. Have them show you a few of their past lives to get a sense of what kind of human experiences they’ve had. Can you see or sense them easily?

    Three. See how well you both communicate with each other. Do you feel better or worse after interacting with the being? Can you understand what they’re telling or showing you? Are they giving you advice that feels in alignment with your values? It’s ok to say “NEXT!” if it doesn’t feel right. 

      If it is a match that works for you, yippee! Head on up to first class and go on all sorts of adventures together. 


        Blog written by Three Brodsky, staff member and student mentor for the BPI

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