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Boulder Strong

Open letter to the families of those lost on March 22, 2021 during the tragedy at King Soopers:

It’s been roughly 3 months since the shooting at King Soopers on table Mesa in Boulder, CO. 

Just as part of the Boulder community, our lives are changed. We see signs reminding us of our strength on our neighbor’s lawn #BoulderStrong, there are armed security guards at our grocery stores, and our heart tugs with sadness when we see the fence art on the street near the King Soopers shopping center. These community changes, though, are temporary. They are small, surface-level shifts in the landscape of our community that will—one day—go away. We recognize that the sadness we feel as a community member is nothing in comparison to the grief experienced by those who lost a loved one that day.

So to the families of Denny Stong, Neven Stanisic, Rikki Olds, Tralona Bartkowiak, Suzanne Fountain, Teri Leiker, Officer Eric Talley, Kevin Mahoney, Lynn Murray, and Jody Waters:

There is nothing we can do to bring your child, parent, or spouse back into the physical with you. We can’t call them back home. But we do see your grief. Societally, people like to say “time heals all wounds” but at Boulder Psychic Institute, we know from experience that grief can be just as fresh on day 2,431 as it was on day 1. You will love this person your whole life, and you will miss them that long too.

That’s why we wanted to write this letter to you as a standing offer. If you lost someone in your immediate family during the events on March 22, 2021 at the King Soopers grocery store on Table Mesa Road in Boulder, CO, we want you to still feel supported in your grief and your healing no matter when that is.

We offer a number of different services at our school year-round, so we want you to know that whenever (if ever) you’d like to receive some support from your community, we’re here for you.

We have: 

  • Trance Medium Healings — can help you process your grief and/or help your loved one in their transition fully into the spirit realm
  • Psychic Readings — a space where you can ask open-ended questions about whatever is weighing on you: grief-related or not
  • A Home or Business Healing — where your physical location can get an energetic update

Just email us at and let us know who you are and what service above you’d like to receive, and we’ll make it happen pro-bono.

You are our community—even if we’ve never met—and communities care about each person who makes us who we are. We care about you. Even if you don’t want to talk about this for another 7 months, for another 5 years, this is open indefinitely.

In the meantime, of course, we’ll keep reminding ourselves of the strength of our community and keep tipping our hats to every grocery store guard. We’ll be keeping you and your loved one in our thoughts and allowing our community’s sadness to inform the way we, collectively, move forward. Stronger and together.

In grief,

Boulder Psychic Institute

Emotions & Self-Care


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