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Dear Love Psychic: Karma and Romance

How does karma work in a relationship?

Dear Love Psychic: Is karma created with every romantic relationship?

Dear Free Bird: When I look at you psychically, it looks like you’re essentially asking, “Am I getting an energetic “stain” on me if I end a relationship and the other person is hurt by me leaving?!” 

Kinda, but it’s not like a tree is going to fall on your head if you break someone’s heart. It means that that person is out there trying to get together with you in this lifetime or the next. 

If someone is pining over you after an unclear or abrupt breakup, you could experience the impact of this in a few different ways. Physically, you could end up dealing with a lot of annoying texts, calls, emails…etc. Energetically, you could experience unwanted thoughts about that person and or you might keep processing unpleasant parts of your relationship over and over again in your mind. Some of these feelings (like guilt or shame) could impact how you approach new relationships. (BTW, the BPI can teach you how to clear old karma with others. Our readers and healers can help you with this as well).

Unfortunately, using the ol’ block function on your phone isn’t always enough to make a clean separation from another person. 

Steps for avoiding karma in relationships:

  1. Know your relationship needs and wants. I say this frequently, but you gotta know what you want in order to build the relationships that are best for you.
  1. Clearly communicate your relationship agreements. Agreements are ways you’ve consciously decided how you want to relate to another person—that you actually say out loud. “I’m not into heavy drinking, I love backrubs, I like to cook, but I don’t like seafood”…..that kinda thing. Agreements are different from expectations—expectations come from a place of lack within you and are more controlling in nature. 
  1. Make a compassionate and honest separation if you need to end the relationship. This will avoid feelings of the relationship being incomplete by all parties involved. 

I can see that you’re enjoying feeling free and would like to date and experience relationships with a sense of freedom without big heavy commitments. Go for it! You’ll have more freedom and easier transitions between relationships when you can be totally transparent about where you’re at with your intentions. So communicate, out loud, even if it’s clumsy or imperfect.

With that said, I can see that you’re carrying energy in your space that is having you feel guilty about not always knowing exactly what you want or for changing your mind. In a perfect world, we would all know our own intentions at all times and be able to communicate them perfectly…..but sometimes we don’t, and that’s life. Feeling guilty doesn’t help you know yourself any better. Meditation does tho! 

In terms of how you date, I see you in a good place when you’re able to express your dexterity, high energetic vibe, and unique personal style openly and freely. (You showed me an image of a breakdancer which was fun to watch).

Next Step—Get Curios:

  1. Try and think of yourself as a scientist as you navigate relationships. Can you start to identify your personal relationship agreements? What do you want to be doing and feeling with another person? 
  2. Experiment with new ways of forming and ending relationships.
  3. Just be sure and put safety goggles on and observe the results! 

P.S. It’s ok to end a relationship even if nothing is wrong—a relationship is not a failure if it’s for a short period of time. 


Blog written by Three Brodsky (aka King Three). Three is the BPI Love & Relationship Psychic. She has a unique perspective as a psychic and as someone who’s married with two kids, a member of the Queer community, and polyamorous. Finding new ways to create space for more love, community, and connection is her passion. 

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