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Waiting to Heal: Steps for Navigating the Healing Process

Managing the gap of time between when you begin healing work and when you actually feel better can sometimes be a long and difficult journey. 

When you can observe that space as an opportunity to examine your personal renewal as something beautiful and interesting, the path between suffering and new growth becomes more manageable and meaningful. 

Waiting for change, waiting for the shift in perspective, waiting to feel unstuck after healing work can come with bouts of anxiety and continued sadness. These noisy and exhausting emotions can cause one to frantically keep healing, keep digging deeper for the source of the problem, keep DOING THINGS to make the feelings of loss or invalidation stop.

So before you head straight into your next deep dive of a healing session, consider taking a pause and validating the space you’re in. 

Some healing projects are big. There can be layers upon layers that need to be cleared, which takes time and attention. Be patient with yourself and settle into a pace that feels manageable. 

Healing can be disorienting. This may feel like part of you has died at the same time that you’re giving way to a newer self—which is a lot to contend with for a human psyche. A re-acclimation to your new inner surroundings may be in order.

We heal at our own individual pace. Perhaps you haven’t moved forward yet because you’re still experiencing something beneficial out of the situation despite it being painful. Maybe the observations you’re making during this time of suffering will be of great value to you later—incredible inspiration, creativity, and deep spiritual awareness have been born from suffering.

Take a break from the healing project you’re focused on. Our energetic bodies can have a lot of similarities to our physical bodies. You can’t run 20 miles every day—you need to mix up your workouts and give your body rest and nourishment. Put your healing project on hold when you’re feeling overwhelmed and focus on a different area in your life for a bit.

Be mindful of your relationship with time. When you’re hurting, a day can feel like a week—it’s important to check in with the calendar and realize that it’s only been x amount of time since you first began the healing journey. Try not to be in the past or the future. Today is your job.

Give yourself progress reports along the way. List out what you have accomplished because of your healing journey. Has your spiritual practice deepened? Have you had more good days recently than bad days? Have you learned more about yourself from the healers you’re working with? Have you increased your self-care during this time? List out these milestones and give yourself credit!

Replenish often, both energetically and physically. Start focusing on how you would feel if you were healed. What does that new person feel like, what does their life look like, what attributes would you use to describe them? Accept yourself where you’re at today and start designing the future you’d like. Treat your physical body with loving care and do everything you can to nourish it. Your body needs time to adjust to itself now that a major energy block has been cleared out.

With care,

Blog written by Three Brodsky (aka King Three), a Boulder Psychic Institute student and staff member. Three handles social planning, marketing, student support and is the BPI Love & Relationship Psychic.

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