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How Painting Walls is Like Healing

When we paint walls, it’s normally because we’re ready for a change. We’re ready for something new; something fresh!  We’re letting go of the old. Healing is the same way. But with healing – especially emotional or spiritual healing – people often expect to be able to make one BIG life shift and then, they assume, the healing is over. Wash your hands, you’re done. That’s not really how it goes, though. 

That assumption is like taking a paint roller to your wall to fill it with as much newness as possible! And then walking away. Paint rollers can’t get into all the little nooks and crannies of the walls. They can’t fully cover the space in the corners. They can’t gracefully get the area around the baseboards or by the ceiling. And, God forbid, you have some sort of weird section of wall between the door frame that’s like two inches wide; a paint roller ain’t gettin’ at that.

Now, don’t get me wrong. A big change (and a big paint roller) can get you most of the way there. Maybe even 90% of the way there! But the healing (and the painting) doesn’t stop with the one swoosh of change. It requires detail work. A smaller brush. 

Once you make that big change in your life, you may start to notice other, little ways that old pattern, belief, or heartbreak is affecting you. That’s ok. That’s like focusing on the corners of the room. Or that part near the baseboards. That doesn’t mean you didn’t heal the majority of your heartache previously – painting the corners doesn’t undo the paint you just rollered onto the walls. It’s just different.

And keep in mind! Paint also takes time to dry. It may take time for your new pattern or way of life to settle in, and that’s ok too. That’s normal. Paint may also require more than one coat! Later, you may have to make another big life shift.  You may have to zoom into the details again later. Again, it doesn’t mean you didn’t heal before. You did. You’re just making that beautiful newness as permanent as possible.

So what do you do next? See if you can find some kindness for yourself and your healing process. You’re doing great work – whether it’s shifting big stuff or tweaking small stuff. You’re healing. And the newness you’re creating in your life is already beautiful — even if it’s not perfect or finished yet.

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