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Holiday Traveling With Ease

During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, air travel rates seem to skyrocket. And if you’ve ever been in the airport during one of these times, you know just how crazy the traveling experience can get. People are everywhere. Swarming. Talking. Coughing. Walking sooo slllooooowwwwlllyyyy.  It’s all so crazy that it makes it almost too easy to lose yourself in the chaos.

On top of that, this is the time of year where more people travel out of obligation than out of excitement — which just makes the whole airport energy feel stressful, rushed, and serious.  Not fun. Not what the holidays were ever meant to be about.

So, what’s a girl (or dude) to do to keep from getting swept up in the airport ickyness while traveling this holiday season?  Well, my favorite tool is imagination. I imagine that the energy of my personal space (or aura) bubble is filled with the energy of one of my favorite travel destinations.  This year, I’m going to fill my space with the grounded, magical energy of a redwood forest. It’s an energy that inspires my paintings, fuels my dream-adventures, and makes me feel at home.

Setting my own space at an energy of my choice helps me un-match from the chaos of traveling and helps me tune into my ‘vacation’ vibe before I even step inside the airport.

Blog written with love by the Boulder Psychic Institute.

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