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A Ghost Story of a Different Sort

As a house healer, people ask to hear stories about the spirits I encounter. Below is just such a story. However, this story illustrates the humanity of spirit.

I visited a house in which one of the roommates had passed over unexpectedly. Because the death was sudden, no one had had the opportunity to say good-bye. Consequently, the roommate who had passed wanted to tie up loose ends before completing his transition. In particular, it was important to him that the surviving roommates know how deeply he cared for them– he was truly grateful to have been their friend.

In the meantime, the surviving roommates were processing their shock and grief. As they attempted to accept their friend’s crossing, they were in the paradoxical situation of being confronted with him at an energy level. Although they cared for their friend, his continued presence was unnerving to them. Emotionally, it was difficult for them to mourn their friend while his spirit remained in the house. From a practical perspective, they were having a hard time renting out his room before he had completely left it.

The house healing provided a great opportunity for everyone to find closure in this situation. They were all given an opportunity to say their good-byes. The recently departed roommate was able to express his gratitude to the surviving roommates. And the surviving roommates got a chance to communicate those things that had been left unfinished. Completing the closure process allowed the roommate who had passed to complete this part of his transition, leaving the house. It also allowed the surviving roommates the space that they needed to mourn his passing and begin handling the practical details of their own transition.

Most importantly, the presence of their friend in the house as spirit validated the reality of spirit, at the same time in which it opened the door for the very human process of saying good-bye.

The end of one’s physical expression is not the end of love.

Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

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