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Healing Houses for Healers

We are all healers with our own unique talents, insights and specialties. So, why do people who do not identify themselves as healers find those who do identify as healers to be strange or “out-there”? Recently, I have worked with several healers, helping them to clear their homes and offices.

One may suppose that healers, by definition, would live in houses that radiate divine love, making their living space a sanctuary. (And some healers do maintain an energetically clean living environment.) However, the characteristic that seems most common to those who practice healing arts is that of being engaged with the process of life, which entails the ability to release and create anew. Most healers are like the mythical phoenix, continually burning through those aspects of their lives that no longer serve them as they rise from the ashes each day more radiant. The gift that these healers provide is that of purification and renewal.

As healers release fear, shame, pain et cetera from any of their personal spaces, these energies can accumulate in their homes and offices. Likewise, the energies that the healers enable their clients to release can build up as well. The challenge, then, for healing arts practitioners becomes one of keeping each space clean, not only one’s personal space and one’s relationship to the world, but also the home and office spaces as well.

Hence, the first difference between a self-identified healer’s house and someone else’s house is the rapidity of release and transformation occurring in the space, as well as, perhaps, the presence of clients who are engaged in a process of release and renewal as well. However, there is a related, less obvious, difference that I would like to mention.

Spaces that are the same size physically may or may not be the same size energetically. For instance, a space set at control is much smaller than a space set at permission. Transformation involves releasing those energies that are constricting one’s space in order to make room for a more expansive vibration. Healers have a lot of space, and people with a lot of space not only have plenty of space for light, but plenty of space period. They are able to create an environment in which people can release– and they tend to have plenty of space in that environment to store all that is being released. It is this abundance of space that most distinguishes healers, and can result in them having a reputation as strange, unusual, or eccentric. After all, someone with less space could not even imagine doing some of the things that someone with abundant space does regularly.

So, if you notice that your home or office space is filling up with fear and pain, take heart. It is most likely that you are releasing those energies in order to make space for you to live your dreams. And, you may want to consider creating that same expansive vibration in your home.

Renew and open your space today!

Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

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