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What sort of living environment feels like home to you?

Recently, I was called to a house in which two musicians, a healing arts practitioner, and an artist were living together communally. While each of their bedrooms held the unique and personal energy of that individual, the shared living spaces revealed the agreements that the inhabitants undertook by choosing to live in that house.

In particular, the difference between the upstairs and the downstairs was dramatic. The sitting room upstairs held a formal energy of societal values and family judgment; it maintained a vibration of “what will the neighbors think?” Meanwhile, the downstairs was relaxed and creative, but with the feel of a romper room. It had plenty of permission to be yourself, but not to be yourself as an adult. One unwritten energetic rule of the house was that self-expression should be nurtured in children, but that, by adulthood, people should express themselves exclusively in ways that the society condones, ways that will be impressive to others.

Obviously, the people who lived in this house did not share the view held in the energy of the house consciously. They strongly believe that adults benefit from practicing and honoring their paths of creative self-expression. Why then are these creatives living in a house that does not support their values?

Family issues run deep. Our homes can provide us with an opportunity to heal our childhood wounds. After all, we are attracted to homes whose energy is familiar to us. This house reflected the values and attitudes in which these free spirits were raised.

By moving into this house together, these four roommates entered into an agreement to support each other as they each develop a life that is personally meaningful. Part of that development involves separating from the more traditional ideas of their respective families. While they had begun that separation long ago, this house provides them with the chance to work with the energy of their family of origin, to develop some neutrality toward it, and to release it from their personal space as well as their living space. In that way, they are in the process of creating a living environment in which they are nurtured. By receiving a house healing, they accelerate that process by seeing their situation consciously, and by re-setting the energy of the house in a way that reflects their present-time intentions.

It may be worthwhile to reflect on the extent to which you may be grappling with issues that revolve around your family of origin by having chosen the particular living space in which you reside. Part of knowing yourself is recognizing the energies around you that are not your own. Does your current living situation embody specific qualities of your childhood home life? If so, and if you are ready to release that vibration, know that a little neutrality and a little amusement about any situation go a long way toward healing it.

Allow your home to support your growth!

Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

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