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When Two or More Are Gathered

I’ve been reading formally, BPI style, for about 15 years. As I grow and evolve, of course, my reading changes and refines. In helping us strengthen our psychic skills, programs like BPI’s help us more clearly see and own our personal journeys– our unique gifts and challenges—and more easefully navigate them. This process really never ends.

Although I now read in varying settings and often as a single reader, I still love to participate in reading lines, which is the set-up used to help students hone their skills in the supportive context of a group endeavor.

As we sync up and read a single “readee” at the same time, we strengthen our trust in our unique vision and vocabulary, our own style of reading, and we see how it overlaps with and differs from that of other readers.  We begin to recognize how, while we are seeing and describing the same thing, each of us naturally sees it differently.

I might liken it to a prism: One unified beam enters the prism, and is then refracted into an array of colors.  With psychic reading, I think of it in terms of what we call “pictures.” These are impressions or thought-forms we have in our minds and fields that influence how we see the world and respond. These pictures are in our psyche and bodies from personal experience, karmic and ancestral inheritance, programming we received in our upbringing from parents, society, etc.

We are all vibrational beings, and all these pictures have vibrations, so even after years of work on ourselves,  readers will still have pictures in our psychic space; and as we encounter other people, our own pictures will light up in sympathetic or antagonistic vibration to “pictures” in their spaces.

Thus it is that in a reading line, each reader will commonly have a different combination of “matching pictures” light up most prominently in the encounter with the readee, and this influences what and how they see, and why and how it differs from how a neighboring reader in the line would see or interpret what the readee is presenting.

It reminds me –in a good way—of the proverbial blind men and the elephant! All have a part of the picture, and a legitimate one.  It is all valid information. Some images or words might prove more effective than others for the readee. This is one of the blessings of a reading line. More bang for the buck!

There are advantages to a single reader reading, which might yield a coherency and momentum that multiple reader readings don’t always match.  But multiple reader readings can enhance the experience in other ways.  Not only do multiple readers bring different emphases and pictures into the equation, but if a readee is in resistance, blindness or denial about something, having multiple readers name it similarly, makes a stronger, less refutable impression, and helps the readee receive the gift of an at-first off-putting medicine.

After years of sitting in reading lines, my most recent reading for BPI, performed in tandem with another reader, demonstrated this to me more clearly than ever and so poignantly. We got to watch each other tease out tendrils of the main stem, so to speak, that each of us alone might not have.  We got to watch some of our own pictures release, and we got to watch a very intense and anxious readee soften and calm and almost grow before our eyes.

Evolving is not always comfortable, but the rewards continue to come, sometimes when you least expect, and it is a rich blessing to share them with others in this way.

Composed by Michou Landon, a psychic, yoga instructor, and writer.

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