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Let’s explore how the world validates us. We are validated when we are recognized and accepted. Simply saying, “Hello,” is a way to validate someone. However, we can be validated by circumstances as well as by people. The events of the world validate us when they reflect back to us—or highlight—our value. Events demonstrate our value by favorably situating our capabilities and talents as they are applied to specific situations. In this way, events themselves can provide us with new levels of recognition and acceptance both internally and externally. For example, the game of baseball becomes a validating event for the player who hits a home run; after all, it is within the context of the game that the player’s talent is highlighted. Without the particular circumstance or event of baseball, the player’s unique abilities may go unnoticed, or un-validated.

Consider that the world is continually validating each of us through our human and situational experiences. Given that consideration, let’s look at a peculiar phenomenon: namely, that some of us have talents for handling crises or for calming chaos. The events that validate our strengths can be wild and wooly, to put it mildly.

For instance, I was clearing a house at which several healers had lived in succession. This home was located along an ambulance route to the local hospital, and had seen its share of drama and chaos. I was employed to shift the whirlwind of tragedy and instability that characterized the experiences of those who would live in this space.

I discovered that one aspect of these repeated and chaotic occurrences involved the healers’ desires for recognition and acceptance that were being fulfilled by the provision of healing opportunities. Just as a baseball player shines when placed in the domain of playing baseball, a healer shines when placed in an ungrounded setting. Unfortunately, creating the game of baseball in order to show one’s aplomb is quite distinct from unwittingly contributing to the creation of a catastrophe in order to demonstrate a particular skill set.

Because I knew that this particular place would continue to house healers, I began expanding the beliefs around healing that were being held in the physical space. Not only can healing occur during crises, but also it can occur as each of us allows ourselves to live our dreams. I set the space in the house to validate its occupants to the extent that they create for themselves the life they desire.

When we notice recurring patterns in our lives, it is useful to consider that there are aspects to the pattern that validate us. Once we become aware of what we need to have validated, we can begin to validate those attributes ourselves, thereby reducing the pull to have them validated externally. In this way, if we want to change a pattern of experience, we can shift within ourselves what we require to feel recognized and accepted in the world, and the universe will respond to our internal shift accordingly.

Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

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