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We can characterize the psychic journey as a process of separating the truth from the lie. When a psychic says that what I am experiencing is not based in my truth, what does s/he mean? After all, if I’m experiencing it, then it seems that it holds some truth for me.

Seeing clairvoyantly involves looking at spiritual energy— which moves, shifts, swells, falls, creates, and destroys. The dynamism of the spiritual world cannot be overstated. In spirit, beings appear and disappear, tides come in and go out, spaces exist and vanish. Spiritual energy can contain past experiences, wounds, folk wisdom, parental teachings, social norms, religious views, customs, traditions—everything. Hence, it can seem like a swirling kaleidoscope of lights, sounds, sensations, and experiences!

In this realm of spirit generally, what is true is what is true right now; truth lives in the moment, and we access it through presence. Many people consider awareness of this spiritual movement and influence to be the end of their journey, but actually it is the beginning.

In addition to the ever-present movement of spiritual energy, there is another truth: you exist and you have choice. As an expression of spirit, you are full of swirls and flows and experiences. To the extent that you access your will, you can shape and mold your spiritual expression and your lived experiences. As we embrace the power of choice, we realize that, while the ebbs and flows of spiritual information surround us, we can choose our relationship to them.

Not everything that has ever happened will facilitate our ability to create a life that works for us. We must decide where to place our attention, which information is helpful, and what we want in our lives. As we clarify our aims and extend our wills, we shape ourselves (i.e., we grow spiritually).

Most of us embody varying degrees of clarity and express varying degrees of choice. Clairvoyantly, a person who expresses some personal will shows his/her essence and intentions, as well as a mixture of other energies. Because experience tends to reflect and highlight the spiritual energies that a person runs, his/her experiences may not be based in his/her truth (i.e., essence and intentions). So a person who has random spiritual energies moving through his/her space may truly be experiencing things that do not resonate with the person’s spiritual essence. It is not uncommon to hear someone say that s/he feels as though s/he is living someone else’s life. This is an instance in which the predominant fuel in the person’s decision-making arises from the flotsam and jetsam of spiritual influence, rather than from the clarity of the person’s spiritual essence and will.

Separating the truth from the lie, then, involves a process of getting to know oneself spiritually, clearing out the spiritual information that is no longer useful, and making conscious choices about how to relate to the general flow of spiritual energy throughout our surroundings.

Here’s to the power and promise of conscious choice to establish the truth!

Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

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