How Painting Walls is Like Healing

With healing – especially emotional or spiritual healing – people often expect to be able to make one BIG life shift and then, they assume, the healing is over. Wash your hands, you’re done. That’s not really how it goes, though.

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Dump Your Slump: Meditation as a Tool to Heal Your Life

Say you’ve been experiencing a slump in your life. You know things could be better! In fact, they have been better. You’ve heard of meditation and even have a little experience with it, but why sit down and do nothing when everything seems to be caving in on you? I’m glad you asked.

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Man with his hand on his chin wondering: "What happened to my healing?"

The After-Healing Challenge

There’s a funny spiritual phenomenon that can happen after an energy healing that can leave people wondering… Did the healing work? Did I do something wrong?

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Handlettering "You are amazing." on notebook paper.

From Blame to Validation

Struggle with self-validation? Immediately go into self-blame whenever little things go awry? This blog is for you.

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Lock on a jail cell. Black & White.

Past Life Perspective – Present Time Healing

How an unhappy past life can lead to a fresh start, gratitude, and even healing.

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Woman holding her hands in a heart-shape over her stomach

Bust Away the Winter Blues with Awareness and Self-Care Blog Series: Body Blues – Diet & Gut Health

Did you know that candida, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and parasites can not only cause chronic fatigue, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, but also mood disorders including seasonal depression?

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How are you feeling?

An Emotional Detox

What started as a liver detox turned into an emotional revelation…

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Clean and Clear

Practice presence in order to gain freedom!

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Healing on a Changing Planet

Transformative healing can be exciting! Often what is thrilling becomes fun when we embrace the ride.

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What about Anger?

Anger gets a bad rap. However, feeling anger is crucial to leading a joyful life!

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