Dear Love Psychic: Can My Love Save Him?

Dear Love Psychic:

I met a Dude at a concert back at the beginning of September. He was cute, but I didn't realize how young he was until we started texting. He lives 7 hours away from me, so our relationship's development has been mainly through text and several phone calls. We have yet to see each other again. He was so persistent and dogged in his pursuit of me and said all the things I've ever wanted to hear, so I finally got worn down and gave in, totally opened my heart to him, and fell in love hard.

Then he needed help with money for a car (so he said), and after great deliberation and a talk about paying me back, I decided to take a risk and help him—to choose love. Then he ghosted me, I realized he conned me, and I totally freaked out. Then I came to and realized his presence in my life was a gift because even if it was all lies, it opened my heart, and I was able to experience my own love and share it. I know that my love is mine, and nobody can take it from me.

I also realized that I still love this Dude and want to help him have an awakening and get on a better path in life. I started reaching out to him, and we ended up reconnecting. He said he would pay me back, and we were making plans to meet halfway for a day hike soon. I have this nagging feeling that he accidentally caught feelings for me, but maybe that is wishful thinking on my part. I think he is most likely beyond my help because when I started going deep and talking about love and how I felt when he ghosted me, he went dark again. 

I definitely don't want to date this Dude, but I care about him, have love for him, and feel that he has potential. If he could know what true love is and open his heart, he could get on a better path in life and do great things. I also wish he would send my money back to me. So that's where I'm at - it's been a wild ride!

Thanks for listening.

Dear Love Warrior: 

I say "warrior" because you headed straight into love with no fear and total bravery—and I respect that. Finding love is the whole damn point of all of this (picture me gesturing to everything in the cosmos). You, Dear Lady, are a lover. For sure. 

What I will say is that in addition to diving headfirst into love (which always gets my stamp of approval btw), you ALSO headed straight into a relationship with no map or compass. Thaaaaattttssss a lil different. 

Love is its own thing—relationships are a different thing. One does not necessarily equal the other. 

Unconditional love is a beautiful and powerful vibration that is within each of us. To love someone (including yourself) is to see and accept them exactly as they are. Love gives people space to be who they are and allows people to do what is best for themselves. When you are in this vibe, all kinds of cool shit happens within and around you. 

But here's the catch—we don't GIVE love away. Nobody owns love or has the power to take it away. (I do think when we're vibing high on love, other people can temporarily match our vibe, but that's different from one person giving it out like a precious gift all wrapped up in their own intentions). We HOLD our view of someone through the lens of love. That's it—no more, no less. 

A Relationship is a project between two entities (in this case, people). Relationships exist within parameters and need agreements, boundaries, and maintenance to keep the project working and thriving. 

Granted, the parameters can be loosey-goosey or super stitched up. People can have flexible dynamics and see each other when it's fun and easy. OR people can agree to try and spend the rest of their lives together and have contracts and boundaries around all sorts of things. #marriage

It's up to each of us to consciously create the framework of our relationships. This takes practice. There's a lot of misconceptions around love and relationships and what each should grant us. Unconditional love equals freedom. Relationships (done well) often equal safety—so no wonder the two don't always play well together. 

The good news is that you already know that you can leave a relationship and that there is a learning experience in the whole deal for you. Leaving a relationship doesn't mean you've failed or given up on love itself (or the other person, for that matter). It means that you're protecting the life you want to create. 

I'm also seeing you holding a devilish fascination with the idea that love is so powerful it can literally change and fix anything. It's like you're staring into this orb of light you've found, and you're wondering what you can do with it to OTHERS. Yes, love can facilitate healing and do amazing things to YOU, the experiencer—but it's not a tool to use to get a desired outcome (like to try and save or fix someone).

Can you love Dude and not have a relationship with him until the two of you negotiate relationship parameters that you both like and agree to consciously? (Note that I say "the two of you"—he gets to help co-create this relationship too).

Your cosmic dance with Dude: You and Dude have so much karma together I can't count that high. You have A LOT of outdated agreements going on from past lives you've shared. You were always female, he's always male, and he's always younger than you. Over and over again, you two are playing out the dynamic of you trying to save or redeem him. Breaking karma and clearing old agreements with someone on a soul level does not necessarily mean you never speak to them again. It means you start over as you both are today—without the energy of some other lifetime interfering with your dynamic.

P.S. If you wanna learn how to do this, come take a class at the BPI.

Do you want to continue to go along with the unspoken agreements that are playing out in your relationship with Dude?

Here are the agreements that are currently at play:

  • You'll support him financially.
  • It's ok for him to ignore you.
  • It's your job to try to fix him (does he want this btw?)
  • You agree to a long-distance, mostly non-physical, relationship.

How do these agreements vibe with what you want for your life? Do you want to create a relationship or have it create you? Love isn't the engine that shapes a healthy relationship—mutually agreed-upon standards and maintenance fuel a healthy relationship.

Now that you have more awareness around how much of your energy is being funneled into wanting to fix Dude—perhaps Dear Love Warrior, you're being a wee bit judgemental? Does he deserve the dignity to make the changes he wants to make in his life himself? I know your intentions are loving, but you're also unconsciously sending him the message that he's not good enough for you as he is right now. (which is totally fair considering how he treated you, but do you want to be with someone you view as broken and in need of being fixed? Is that fair for anyone?)

In terms of a next step for you, I see you building a wall of chocolate around yourself. Yipee! You will experience a lot more healing and love when you can focus on your relationship with yourself. What kind of agreements do you need to make with others in order to maintain your own luscious relationship space? And, can you keep those agreements sacred?

I hope this helps, and take care 🙂


Blog written by Three Brodsky (aka King Three). Three is the BPI Love & Relationship Psychic. She has a unique perspective as a psychic and as someone who’s married with two kids, a member of the Queer community, and polyamorous. Finding new ways to create space for more love, community, and connection is her passion. 

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Rotary phone

"Is a psychic reading just as good over the phone as in person?!"

...We get this question a lot.

Our answer is an enthusiastic YES! And maybe even better.

The Boulder Psychic Institute is a clairvoyant school, which means we're learning and practicing using our sixth chakra (or third eye) to "see" energy. 

When we're looking at you as psychics, we're looking at your energy and how it's affecting you. We're seeing into the questions or issues you bring to us in order to illuminate what's going on at the core. Clairvoyance literally means to see with clarity. 

Often people think that there will be a "more powerful connection" if we're in the same room with you because we will feel into you psychically. This isn't how it works—we see into you.

There are numerous benefits of doing readings, healings, or classes over the phone.

Psychics can get into a clairvoyant space easier and see clearer when we shut down our other senses. There's the old saying, "When you shut down one sense, another opens." In addition to closing our eyes over the phone, we're also free of all the social distractions of an in-person (or video) encounter. Over the phone, there's no smiling, eye contact, shaking hands, body odor, body language, and no need to worry about appearances. This all contributes to the reader feeling more at ease and better able to sink into a deep clairvoyant state—which means a better reading for you!

We can help more people. "No time, no space" is a phrase we use to describe energy at the Beep. It means we can tap into the energy of anyone anywhere, dead or alive, tall or short, old or young, and in any location! We even give remote sessions where the reading/healing is performed on a spirit-to-spirit level (which means you don't even have to be on the call whatsoever).

By offering classes over the phone, anyone can take our courses and experience the Beep no matter where you live. And not to brag, BUT we're kind of a big deal, and we are pretty proud of our curriculum and instructors, so naturally, we want to be accessible to as many people as possible.

You're being seen purely as a soul. Meeting over the phone means that we don't see your body and aren't affected by your physical appearance—which cuts down on unconscious bias. We're looking right at YOU, not your age, height, weight, ethnicity, gender, orientation, or fashion choices. (Thank goodness, because who even owns hard pants these days)?!

For our students, friendships formed in our community are interesting and intimate because of the connection that happens when we're experiencing each other on a purely spiritual level. It's pretty cool to be able to see and be seen by someone when all you really know about them is the sound of their voice and their soul vibe (but still—we don't even know if our classmates have cool hair or not). 

So the great news is that all you need is a phone to get a profound reading, healing, or spiritual education.

Hope to "see" you soon.

...We get this question a lot.

Our answer is an enthusiastic YES! And maybe even better.

The Boulder Psychic Institute is a clairvoyant school, which means we're learning and practicing using our sixth chakra (or third eye) to "see" energy. 

When we're looking at you as psychics, we're looking at your energy and how it's affecting you. We're seeing into the questions or issues you bring to us in order to illuminate what's going on at the core. Clairvoyance literally means to see with clarity. 

Often people think that there will be a "more powerful connection" if we're in the same room with you because we will feel into you psychically. This isn't how it works—we see into you.

There are numerous benefits of doing readings, healings, or classes over the phone.

Psychics can get into a clairvoyant space easier and see clearer when we shut down our other senses. There's the old saying, "When you shut down one sense, another opens." In addition to closing our eyes over the phone, we're also free of all the social distractions of an in-person (or video) encounter. Over the phone, there's no smiling, eye contact, shaking hands, body odor, body language, and no need to worry about appearances. This all contributes to the reader feeling more at ease and better able to sink into a deep clairvoyant state—which means a better reading for you!

We can help more people. "No time, no space" is a phrase we use to describe energy at the Beep. It means we can tap into the energy of anyone anywhere, dead or alive, tall or short, old or young, and in any location! We even give remote sessions where the reading/healing is performed on a spirit-to-spirit level (which means you don't even have to be on the call whatsoever).

By offering classes over the phone, anyone can take our courses and experience the Beep no matter where you live. And not to brag, BUT we're kind of a big deal, and we are pretty proud of our curriculum and instructors, so naturally, we want to be accessible to as many people as possible.

You're being seen purely as a soul. Meeting over the phone means that we don't see your body and aren't affected by your physical appearance—which cuts down on unconscious bias. We're looking right at YOU, not your age, height, weight, ethnicity, gender, orientation, or fashion choices. (Thank goodness, because who even owns hard pants these days)?!

For our students, friendships formed in our community are interesting and intimate because of the connection that happens when we're experiencing each other on a purely spiritual level. It's pretty cool to be able to see and be seen by someone when all you really know about them is the sound of their voice and their soul vibe (but still—we don't even know if our classmates have cool hair or not). 

So the great news is that all you need is a phone to get a profound reading, healing, or spiritual education.

Hope to "see" you soon.


Blog post written by Three Brodsky (aka King Three)—a student and staff member at the BPI.

Creating A Healing Container, Part Three

Because I'm still recovering from my savior complex, I kinda always have to be on the lookout for when I'm sliding back into old patterns. I want people in my life, and I want our interactions to be mostly positive, fun, and uplifting. It's up to me to set the terms of my relationships and not let myself get burned out because I'm being a compulsive healer again. (Y'know, when you are always helping people, even at the expense of your own well-being).

Since I've been exploring this topic, I now do my best to create a defined healing container in my psychic work and my interactions outside of work. 

Healing containers can be an actual physical space, or they can be a temporary mindset that you consciously step in and out of. If you find yourself giving emotional support, even when you don't want to, here are some key elements to establishing a defined healing space for yourself. 

Protect your physical space. If you're operating out of an actual office or room, make sure you take steps to set that space apart from the rest of the house or workplace. At the BPI, we have methods to ensure a space feels grounded and contained so outside energy isn't crowding in. This way, if you don't have a separate office to work in, you can still make it separate energetically. We recommend setting an intention for a room/space and cleaning it out energetically regularly. How do you maintain the sanctity of your healing space?

Be aware of your non-physical space. Healing containers can often be a mode or mindset vs. an actual room. A conversation, a shared meal, or an outing with a friend can sometimes slip into an impromptu healing session. The key in these types of situations is to consciously decide that you are, or are not, going to engage in helping someone by listening or offering support. If you are going to engage, then make a note of that in your mind— "I am now in healing/helping mode." This way, you are conscious of what you are doing—meaning you can also be mindful of when you want to step out of healing/helping mode.

Clearly define a beginning and an end to the type of support you are offering. If you have decided that you would like to help someone out, create a time limit for the support. The healing/helping work needs a clear beginning and end. 

This can look like saying out loud to a family member, who may be unconsciously dumping a problem on you, "I'd love to listen and offer support around your breakup—can we agree on talking for an hour then switching gears?" or "I can take you out for coffee tomorrow and be a sounding board for your work situation then."

Decide the size of the container. Maybe you only have a few moments to offer support to someone, and that's ok! You can offer a prayer or some good vibes to a person you know you can't do anything more for. If you pass an accident or a homeless person, send them some healing energy. I love asking for happy vibes from my peers at the BPI if I'm having a lame day—it's easy and takes seconds on their part. 

Get consent. I mentioned this in a previous article, but it's worth noting that consent goes both ways. Have you asked a person IF they would like your help, AND have you consented to giving support? Do you have people in your life who start processing drama with you with little or no awareness that they're doing it? Unfortunately (or fortunately), setting a boundary is up to you when that is happening.

My husband and I have a system of asking if we can talk about a difficult situation before actually launching into it. Doing this makes the person with the drama conscious that they are A. requesting support and B. aware of how often they're asking for it. This method allows the receiver to consent to being a listening ear or opting out by saying, "I'm not available for this right now—we talked about your deal at breakfast, and I'd like dinner to be relaxing for everyone."

Decide who comes into your healing space and who doesn't. If people are getting into your healing space all willy nilly, then it's time to step back from being a healer or helper of any type until you can define some boundaries. No more losing an entire Saturday because you somehow got looped into helping a friend who's in crisis mode again. (You could be in a karmic loop with someone and are playing out old patterns from seven lifetimes ago… but that's another blog post altogether). 

When I don't make agreements around emotional support with friends and family, I end up avoiding some relationships altogether instead of owning up to my part in changing a dynamic. Having consciousness around when I'm in healing mode, and when I'm not, helps me keep my relationships energetically clean and clear. The support I offer is more genuine and effective; if I'm helping or healing someone—it's cuz I mean it.

To conclude my little Three-for-three mini-series I'll leave you with the main takeaways:

  1. Know why you're healing people—is it actually because you need to heal yourself through healing them?

  1. Be aware of when you're healing people. Are you conscious of how often you're in this role?

  1. Make sure the help you're offering is consensual. Are you consenting to being the supporter in a dynamic, and have you asked the person if they would like your help.

  1. Create a container for your healing work—consciously step into that space and have a clear beginning and end to what you are offering. 

  1. Be a healthy healer and be sure to take the time to replenish yourself often. 



Blog post written by Three Brodsky (aka King Three) a student and staff member at the BPI. 

Being A Healthy Healer, Part Two

Ok, so you’ve decided to become a healer (possibly even a professional one), and you’ve read my last post about making sure you’re coming to healing work from a healthy place (thank you). Great! You’re ready to save the world! YAY US!!!

Annnnnnd, you’ve also probably figured out that ongoing healing work can have some pretty challenging moments. Healers witness a lot of suffering and hold space for people’s problems which can be draining over time.

Not to mention the suffering we put upon ourselves by way of having sky-high internal standards. There are times that if I have a healing session that is anything less than a Lazareth-standing-up-and-walking type event, I can immediately start to doubt myself. 

Whatever your practice, it’s essential to make sure you have methods in place to be a healthy healer. Do not create a deficit within yourself in order to do your healing work. Healer burnout is real and can hopefully, with the right precautions, be avoided.

At the BPI we have a few principles we teach to keep you in the ring long-term. These principles apply to anyone who likes to be a “Helper Being” out there in the world—not just the professional healers. 

Consent. Have you asked the person if they would actually like your help? This is big. I wasn’t exactly doing this before the BPI because shouldn’t we all help anyone we can? Isn’t this what we’re supposed to do if we’re a “good” person? After some classes, I became more conscious of how jumping in to help people was actually me treading on their personal learning process. I was too busy being a savior to recognize that I was invading other people’s agency.

Transference. Is your energy getting all soupy and commingled with their energy? If you find yourself dwelling on that person hours or days later—you probably need to find ways to separate your energy from theirs. Healings are like a hug—they gotta end at some point, or it gets weird, y’know? 

At the BPI we have specific ways to clear transference. What methods do you have for being complete with your contribution to another person’s well-being? 

Healings work better when they’re co-created. Is the person you’re helping able to participate in the process? Some people can’t always face their own limitations or actually make changes in the short term. Can they fully integrate all that you are trying to offer? Would you be okay if they could only receive a portion of your help?

One way to tell if you are not including them in the healing process is if you are giving a lot of advice. Inclusion looks like: listening, validating, sharing your perspective, and mindfully giving only to the degree that they can receive or integrate. Advice (which is a close cousin, or possible twin, to lecturing) is when you are making a lot of “you should _______” statements. 

Healing work is mutually beneficial. Time, money, and emotional energy are all limited resources. At the BPI, we often say that, “When you give a healing you get a healing!” This means that I benefit in my healing practice because I always set the intention that I will heal just as much, if not more, than the person I’m healing. One way I do this is by finding similarities in myself that my healee is experiencing. This gives me the opportunity to examine and heal that part of myself that I was most likely previously unaware of. 

If you are being 100% self-sacrificing, it’s important to be aware of that—can you find ways to help someone out that uplifts you vs. draining you? Are you careful to give only as much as you are willing or able?

Replenish. At the BPI, we often say, “Always leave a healing brighter than you started!” Do you have a routine for replenishing yourself energetically? Are you lovin’ on yourself just as much as you’re giving to the wellness of others?

Take good care, fellow healer. We need you fresh!

Coming soon—Part Three: Do you have a healing container?


Blog post written by Three Brodsky, a student and staff member at The Boulder Psychic Institute. 

Becoming A Healer, Part One

“Why do I give to other people” is an important question to ask yourself if you find that you can’t help but help others—either as a professional healer or as someone who is often in the role of the nurturer in relationships.

I’ll be honest; until I started classes at the BPI, I didn’t even ask myself this question. I was just unconsciously and compulsively “helping” certain types of people that would come into my life (cute young Queers in distress was my particular poison). Eventually, I managed to burn myself out entirely and ended up angry and resentful towards a lot of people (myself included).

At the time, I had a lot of unresolved trauma around female-bodied people—I was trying to heal myself by helping others. 

Mind you, none of these people ever asked me for anything—I fully and wholly cooked up these dysfunctional dynamics myself. I think I was looking for a sense of purpose and grounding. And in hindsight, I would say I was somewhat attracted to the drama these relationships would bring into my life.

I often say that the BPI sobered me up from my addiction to drama, and it’s true. An instructor called me out in no time for being a compulsive healer. “But I SHOULD help other people; I have so much love to give and so many resources!” Did I tho?! When I really took a look at this, I found that I was actually bringing my own unconscious wounds into the dynamic, and it kept me hooked on the validation I was getting. Are those generous and altruistic behaviors? No. I was being emotionally immature and codependent. 

When I did the healing work I needed to do for myself and stepped down from my hero’s pedestal, I realized I had to be more conscious of who I was bringing into my life and for what reasons. 

Learning how to heal me first and foremost has created a much healthier container for me to be an effective healer.

Are you taking inventory around why you help people and how you’re going about it? It may be time to examine some of the sobering questions I’ve had to answer for myself.

Are you trying to heal your own emotional wounds indirectly through helping others? A good clue is if you have a bunch of people in your life that you feel like you “should” be supporting. Do you feel an intense “need” to be of service to these people? Do these relationships make you feel drained and resentful? I remember a particularly revealing conversation with myself when I started asking who, of all the people in my life, am I actually having fun with? I didn’t love the answer. 

Are you trying to fix or save people? Do you see the people you're going out of your way to show up for as helpless? Do you easily feel sorry for people? If you get honest with yourself, do you really respect these people? This is not healing btw; it’s being in judgment of someone and viewing them as broken—then getting a big ol’ dose of validation when you “help” them. Please don’t repeat this…...but I used to feel this way about introverts. I would literally seek them out at a party so they wouldn’t be so “helpless and alone.” I hope you’re laughing right now—because you should be. #sorryquietpeople 

Do you love drama?! I do! Which makes sense—drama is defined as an exciting, emotional, or unexpected series of events or circumstances. No wonder so many of us love it! The trick is to find the right kind of drama. Now that I’m more aware of my brain’s desire for an adventure, I intentionally give myself doses of drama in healthy ways by reading juicy novels, creating outrageous art, kickboxing, traveling, watching a movie, listening to podcasts …anything. Literally, ANYTHING is better than letting my brain get bored and restless. 

Do you want to matter and be significant? This is the big one. We all want this—humans are altruistic by nature, and we crave a sense of purpose. I want to matter and do my part to bring more healing into the world, but I also want my healing work to be intentional and clean and not leave any party feeling used or drained. 

I'm now choosing to do the best I can to be a healer in its truest sense—meticulously conscious of why I heal, who I heal, and how I heal.

Coming soon—Part Two: How to be a healthy healer.


Blog post written by Three Brodsky, a student and staff member at The Boulder Psychic Institute.

yellow sunflowers in clear glass vase


Open letter to the families of those lost on March 22, 2021 during the tragedy at King Soopers:

It’s been roughly 3 months since the shooting at King Soopers on table Mesa in Boulder, CO. 

Just as part of the Boulder community, our lives are changed. We see signs reminding us of our strength on our neighbor’s lawn #BoulderStrong, there are armed security guards at our grocery stores, and our heart tugs with sadness when we see the fence art on the street near the King Soopers shopping center. These community changes, though, are temporary. They are small, surface-level shifts in the landscape of our community that will—one day—go away. We recognize that the sadness we feel as a community member is nothing in comparison to the grief experienced by those who lost a loved one that day.

So to the families of Denny Stong, Neven Stanisic, Rikki Olds, Tralona Bartkowiak, Suzanne Fountain, Teri Leiker, Officer Eric Talley, Kevin Mahoney, Lynn Murray, and Jody Waters:

There is nothing we can do to bring your child, parent, or spouse back into the physical with you. We can’t call them back home. But we do see your grief. Societally, people like to say “time heals all wounds” but at Boulder Psychic Institute, we know from experience that grief can be just as fresh on day 2,431 as it was on day 1. You will love this person your whole life, and you will miss them that long too.

That’s why we wanted to write this letter to you as a standing offer. If you lost someone in your immediate family during the events on March 22, 2021 at the King Soopers grocery store on Table Mesa Road in Boulder, CO, we want you to still feel supported in your grief and your healing no matter when that is.

We offer a number of different services at our school year-round, so we want you to know that whenever (if ever) you’d like to receive some support from your community, we’re here for you.

We have: 

  • Trance Medium Healings — can help you process your grief and/or help your loved one in their transition fully into the spirit realm
  • Psychic Readings — a space where you can ask open-ended questions about whatever is weighing on you: grief-related or not
  • A Home or Business Healing — where your physical location can get an energetic update

Just email us at and let us know who you are and what service above you’d like to receive, and we’ll make it happen pro-bono.

You are our community—even if we’ve never met—and communities care about each person who makes us who we are. We care about you. Even if you don’t want to talk about this for another 7 months, for another 5 years, this is open indefinitely.

In the meantime, of course, we’ll keep reminding ourselves of the strength of our community and keep tipping our hats to every grocery store guard. We’ll be keeping you and your loved one in our thoughts and allowing our community’s sadness to inform the way we, collectively, move forward. Stronger and together.

In grief,

Boulder Psychic Institute

Dear Love Psychic: I Got Ghosted. Now What?

*A note on pronouns: If I'm unclear of anyone's gender in the conversation, I'll default to they/them pronouns.* 

Dear Love Psychic: As best as I can tell, I am entirely blocked from communicating with him. It has been 11 days. I'm devastated. Past physiological and emotional symptoms of abandonment are making me anxious and ill. 

Dear Hurting & Cut Off: Being in the dark is a lonely and confusing place to be. I've been there! When someone stops communicating with you in an abrupt manner and closes down any further communication, it feels like being plunged into a pool of ice water with a blindfold on. Finding your way to a calm and clear mindset takes patience and trust in yourself. 

My formula for dealing with abandonment or confusion:

Step One - Help your nervous system to chill the F out: 

You know your body best; check in with yourself daily and give your body what it needs. Whether you run anxious or tend to just shut down and block it all out, *authentic self-care is essential to getting your thoughts and emotions under control. *(think healthy foods, rest, exercise, sunlight, vs. strictly pedicures and white wine).

Step Two - Challenge your negative thoughts: 

Examine the stories and narratives that are going through your mind and decide if they're your truth or not. This practice is an essential tenet of what we teach at the BPI. When I was in a similar situation, my core fear that was being triggered was that love is super fragile and can just end for reasons outside of my control. This thought is not true—when I believed it, I suffered more.

Step Three - Find your autonomy again:

You mentioned that you've gone back and forth between thinking that you are supposed to be together or are not meant to be together. Note how you don't have any choice in those statements. It's as if an invisible cosmic force is deciding who you're going to date. I know the idea of soulmates is super romantic and alluring, but ultimately YOU decide who your beloved will be, not the universe. If the person you chose can't meet your relationship needs, it's up to you to determine how to proceed. Getting trapped in the mindset of, "this is SUPPOSED to be," will only further disempower you. 

Step Four - Be love: 

Choose to stay in a loving mindset. When I was in the dark with a person very dear to me, I found peace and healing through staying committed to my love for that person no matter what. 

Lemme explain. Love is a vibration; relationships are projects that take maintenance and intention and go one way or another. By putting love in a separate container than the relationship, I let go of my fear that love can just end. I get to keep being in the vibration of love because I choose that vibration. H O W E V E R, I still maintained my own relationship standards and was prepared to end the relationship if it couldn't meet my needs.

Freedom from my anxiety and pain came through radical acceptance and love for myself, for the other person, and for the healing work that I was now aware I needed to do. I was better able to see my part in the situation and have more compassion for what they were going through. 

Relationships, unfortunately, can end, but accepting the end of a union in a vibration of love helps usher in healing and renewal. This approach also leaves a door open for the relationship to begin anew if you both choose that.

When I look psychically at your situation, I see an image of you wrapped in barbed wire...which unfortunately isn't going to help you heal or find peace right now. Learning how to self protect in ways that don't end up hurting and alienating yourself is another blog post altogether—but try and examine ways that you're attempting to shield yourself from more pain that may just be doing the opposite. 

Remember that this isn't all about you. When I look at your person (we'll call him Bolt), he appears to be very scared by what's going on in his life and looks to be having a pretty rough go of it himself. He's showing me an image of him falling down a winding flight of stairs. So he just can't right now. Can't show up, can't communicate, can deal, can't anything….cuz he's not even on two feet right now. So, the big question is, can you still be love in this situation?

When I look at what would help you on your healing journey, I see you exploring and nurturing your creative feminine erotic energy independent of anyone else. I see an abundance of lush green energy in your space that is fertile ground for your own divine feminine magic. This energy was part of you before Bolt and will continue to thrive if you choose it—even if he's not in the picture.

Right now it looks like you're in the process of finding a part of yourself that was lost and forgotten. You're reforming this part that felt broken into something different, more intentional, intricate, and valuable. 

You're showing me an image of reaching your hand way down into the sand and pulling out a small old plastic toy that had been lost, beat up, and worn down. You carved the little green toy into a beautifully intricate flower. It was remarkable. 


Blog written by Three Brodsky (aka King Three). Three is the BPI Love & Relationship Psychic. She has a unique perspective as a psychic and as someone who’s married with two kids, a member of the Queer community, and polyamorous. Finding new ways to create space for more love, community, and connection is her passion. 

Submit your question to: 

Waiting For Love and Connection

Humans need quality connections with other humans. We really only need a few "ride-or-dies," plus maybe a handful of additional people in our lives to feel a sense of love and belonging. So why then, in this big ol' world of 8 billion people, can it be so hard to connect with a lover or bestie?!

Many factors contribute to this phenomenon—our phones, work-life balance, trauma, your mom….all of it. Finding your way to good habits that lead to a good connection with yourself and others starts with small steps. 

If you're having trouble finding and or forming a connection with someone that feels satisfying, there's usually an unproductive feedback loop that is occurring. This loop can be happening whether you're overly connecting with a ton of people, but not able to feel close to any of them, or having trouble connecting with any one person altogether.

When I've had trouble finding what I wanted in terms of friends and lovers, my loop would look something like this:

"I don't have a partner, so now I'm sad and putting out an edgy poopy pants boo hoo vibe; this isolates me even more (turns out that a scarcity mindset isn't super sexy), now I'm blaming myself (and the rest of the world for that matter)"…..repeat. 

So how do you get out of The Loop when you're lonely, and you want someone in your life in a meaningful way—and just "cheering up" hasn't always worked for you?

Give up. Ok, but take it easy. I'm not talking about becoming a total nihilist just yet. I'm talking about giving up on all the hoping and longing that happens when you're looking for someone. Longing for something or someone takes you out of the present and hijacks your contentment until an event, that may or may not even happen, occurs. "I'll be happy when I meet the perfect partner—then I'll be legitimate, and my life will start!" When I think like this, I abandon myself and my current life, and I exist in an imaginary version of myself. This creates loneliness. (Side note: being alone doesn't make one feel lonely. Loneliness is an emotional response to being disconnected from yourself and, therefore, others). 

When I'm disconnected from myself, I can't connect with other people, and they can't connect with me in a healthy way.

Even if I were on a date with someone, I wouldn't mentally be in the room with that person—I'd be off and running into the future (an imaginary place that doesn't exist), cooking up all kinds of scenarios for the two of us there.

When I stopped longing for someone who didn't exist, I could be more present in my actual life (where, incidentally, I ended up finding all the love and romance I needed).

Cultivate your current love life—with yourself. The degree to which we can connect with ourselves and our own body is the degree to which we can connect to other people and be connectable. How do you tune into your body and give it what it needs? What is your self-talk to your body like—are you speaking to yourself with kindness or judgment? The relationship with your body sets the tone for all of your other relationships. 

Practice and validate small connections. If connecting with yourself and others doesn't come naturally to you—start small! 

Connecting with yourself:

  • Practice asking your body what it needs today.
  • Give yourself intentional and conscious touch.
  • Treat yourself to lunch or a little gift this week.
  • Check in with yourself throughout the day to see what you're feeling emotionally and physically.

Connecting with others:

  • Experiment with small, low-risk interactions with people who you're not trying to be friends with or date. It doesn't have to be anything significant—"Thank you for bagging my groceries so carefully. Cool hat! Nice shades." The point is to practice being vulnerable in small doses. 
  • During conversations with other people, note if your mind is wandering or not—do your best to be present in the conversation and focused on what the other person is saying. 

Have a generous spirit.  Showing up to an event, flirting, or actively listening during a conversation is a gift to others. Can you give this kind of gift without expecting anything in return? 

Cozy up with risk. If your life is cluttered with too many people or dating apps, you might have to risk letting people down by saying no thank you. Or, if you're having trouble showing up at all in social interactions, you might have to risk rejection when you ask that cute babe out for coffee. Without actual actions on your part, The Loop will keep circling.

Check your checklist. Do you have an unrealistic checklist that your future person needs to fulfill? Focus on how you want to feel within a relationship vs. specifics. "I want to feel happy, secure, compatible, and I want to be laughing a lot...etc." Leave room for the Universe to surprise you with how the details will take shape.

Incidentally, since I started working first and foremost on my connection with myself—I enjoy being alone significantly more, and my relationships (new or existing) are more fulfilling. I no longer get sucked into The Loop over something I don't have—which feels like freedom.


Blog written by Three Brodsky, 

Three has a unique perspective as a psychic and as someone who's married with two kids, a member of the Queer community, and polyamorous. Finding new ways to create space for more love, community, and connection is her passion. 

Reclaim Your Time

Reclaim Your Time

Buckle up, Love, it’s life hack time.

Mondays, for a lot of people, are the start of the workweek and the day to sit down and look at all the week’s priorities! I am no exception. Luckily, this week, my workload is relatively light.

Last week, though, WHOO! I had no idea how I was going to get anything done. All of Monday, I kept looking at my watch and wondering where all my time had gone. It felt like time was slipping through my fingers like a bad version of a Salvador Dalí painting. I don't know if you've ever had a day like that, but for me it made every tiny little thing feel overwhelming. I could tell that, if I kept trying to keep up a “just hunker down and get through it” pace with no breathing room, I would soon be tipping toward a feeling of helplessness… And I did NOT want that.

So even though my week started out feeling sad and droopy like Dalí clocks, time melting away from me, I decided to do something new. After a little bit of meditating on it, I tried something a little counterintuitive to do with my time: I got stubborn about it. I put my to-do list aside and decided — no matter how much I had to do — I would NOT compromise on my me-time. 

I’m an introvert which means I need a good amount of alone time to recharge. My quiet time, for the rest of the week, became my priority. For me, that looked like time to do 1 of 2 things: meditate or read. Even just being stubbornly protective of 20-minutes in my day started making me feel like time was moving differently. It wasn’t, of course: the clock didn’t tick any faster or slower because I decided to meditate. Because I reclaimed time for myself, though, (not for my to-do list) I was able to be more present. I was able to slowly, deliberately, cross items off my to-do list instead of rushing through them like a maniac. It felt like taking those droopy Dalí clocks and resetting them back to normal.

When overwhelm hits, it's a natural reaction to try and power through our to-do lists in the hope that crossing something off the list will make things easier. We hope it will make things feel less overwhelming. In practice, though, that doesn’t work very well. No matter how hard you power through, somehow, things keep getting added to that to-do list. Plus! We can only try to "power through" the feelings of overwhelm and helplessness for so long until they catch up to us. You wouldn't try to sprint a marathon, would you? No! So why try and speed through your to-do list? 

Instead, what I've found to be extremely healing is to take time—even if it's only 20 minutes a week.  Heck, even if it's only 20 minutes in a month! Just take that 20-minutes and check-in with yourself: what do you need for yourself in that 20 minutes?  What’s most important for you to stubbornly protect?

Try it out this week! Take some time to sit. If you have a physical to-do list, I recommend sitting as far away from that list and your phone as you can. You can sit with a book if you’d like. You can sit with a journal or some crayons to color with. You can sit on your own with your eyes closed in meditation. Just take some time for you.

Don't think you have some time this week? That's ok. Block 20 minutes on your calendar for next week. Just make sure you honor that time no matter what, ok? Get stubborn about your “me” time. Reclaim time for yourself. You deserve your time and attention just as much as that to-do list does.

Blog written with love by Christina Dunlap: a Boulder Psychic Institute teacher and professional psychic. Check her out in the 'Professional Readers' section of our website.

Healing Meditation: Life after COVID

COVID changed a lot. Circumstances are different. Everyone is different. You are different. 

In this meditation, you'll explore how you've changed and define your "new normal." You get to choose what changes you keep. You choose what parts of your pre-COVID life you want to bring back and what you toss away.

Allow your life to be in perfect alignment with you.

P.S. If you like this style of meditation, check out our Self Healing 101 course! The first class is free.

Dear Love Psychic: Karma and Romance

Dear Love Psychic: Is karma created with every romantic relationship?

Dear Free Bird: When I look at you psychically, it looks like you're essentially asking, "Am I getting an energetic "stain" on me if I end a relationship and the other person is hurt by me leaving?!" 

Kinda, but it's not like a tree is going to fall on your head if you break someone's heart. It means that that person is out there trying to get together with you in this lifetime or the next. 

If someone is pining over you after an unclear or abrupt breakup, you could experience the impact of this in a few different ways. Physically, you could end up dealing with a lot of annoying texts, calls, emails...etc. Energetically, you could experience unwanted thoughts about that person and or you might keep processing unpleasant parts of your relationship over and over again in your mind. Some of these feelings (like guilt or shame) could impact how you approach new relationships. (BTW, the BPI can teach you how to clear old karma with others. Our readers and healers can help you with this as well).

Unfortunately, using the ol' block function on your phone isn't always enough to make a clean separation from another person. 

Steps for avoiding karma in relationships:

  1. Know your relationship needs and wants. I say this frequently, but you gotta know what you want in order to build the relationships that are best for you.

  1. Clearly communicate your relationship agreements. Agreements are ways you've consciously decided how you want to relate to another person—that you actually say out loud. "I'm not into heavy drinking, I love backrubs, I like to cook, but I don't like seafood"…..that kinda thing. Agreements are different from expectations—expectations come from a place of lack within you and are more controlling in nature. 

  1. Make a compassionate and honest separation if you need to end the relationship. This will avoid feelings of the relationship being incomplete by all parties involved. 

I can see that you're enjoying feeling free and would like to date and experience relationships with a sense of freedom without big heavy commitments. Go for it! You'll have more freedom and easier transitions between relationships when you can be totally transparent about where you're at with your intentions. So communicate, out loud, even if it’s clumsy or imperfect.

With that said, I can see that you're carrying energy in your space that is having you feel guilty about not always knowing exactly what you want or for changing your mind. In a perfect world, we would all know our own intentions at all times and be able to communicate them perfectly…..but sometimes we don't, and that's life. Feeling guilty doesn't help you know yourself any better. Meditation does tho! 

In terms of how you date, I see you in a good place when you're able to express your dexterity, high energetic vibe, and unique personal style openly and freely. (You showed me an image of a breakdancer which was fun to watch).

Next Step—Get Curios:

  1. Try and think of yourself as a scientist as you navigate relationships. Can you start to identify your personal relationship agreements? What do you want to be doing and feeling with another person? 
  2. Experiment with new ways of forming and ending relationships.
  3. Just be sure and put safety goggles on and observe the results! 

P.S. It's ok to end a relationship even if nothing is wrong—a relationship is not a failure if it's for a short period of time. 


Blog written by Three Brodsky, 

Three has a unique perspective as a psychic and as someone who’s married with two kids, a member of the Queer community, and polyamorous. Finding new ways to create space for more love, community, and connection is her passion. Submit your love and relationship question to:

Dear Love Psychic: My Soulmate Forgot To Be With Me

*A note on pronouns: If I'm unclear of anyone's gender in the conversation, I'll default to they/them pronouns.* 

Dear Love Psychic: Why am I stuck on this person who I consider my soulmate but we are not together?

Dear Burst Expectations: Ok. I'm going to rip the bandaid off—but don't worry, it'll be fine. 

There's no such thing as a soulmate. 

BUT here's the good news that I can personally back up: there are magical, beautiful, amazing, fun, sexy relationships to be had with people in affinity with you and your life that you get to choose to be with! PHEEEEW. Romance and chemistry are all real. Magic is real. You create a vibration of love and romance within yourself—then you invite someone to join you in that vibration. 

The problem with the soulmate narrative is that you're incomplete until you meet your other half. Our souls are 100% valid as is. 

Soulmate theory, as I like to call it, sets relationships up with sky-high expectations. It takes away choice and reasonable relationship agreements. If you're SOULMATES, it's a lil too easy to assume that your relationship will be effortless and magical at all times and that that person will be EXACTLY who you need and want—cuz they're your soulmate after all! We choose a person as our partner and choose to love them in the present. This is a chosen beloved vs. some dude that the universe decided would complete you.

When I look at your situation psychically, I see how excited you are about this relationship; there is a sweet, playful energy in your space, but then it all bursts, like a giant piece of pink Hubba Bubba gum. Here's the thing tho—your disappointment comes not so much from the fact that the two of you are not together but from the frustration of the idea that you somehow messed up and lost your soulmate.

When you were together, it looks like you lose your sense of self and identity around them. There is an unspoken agreement that this person will be your other half, complete you, hold you up, help create you…..only this totally overwhelms them. That's a lot of pressure for one person to manage!

The reason you're feeling stuck is that you're still attached to the idea that this person is your other half, aka soulmate. You're still trying to find your sense of self via this relationship—only your crush isn't exactly showing up to this dance.

The next step I see for you is fascinating. You are a pine tree in a forest coming into spring: crisp air, snow melting, blue sky, roots extending down into the earth. You are in the perfect place doing what pine trees do—growing and being majestic! 

The message is so clear: Gurl, get grounded and grow into yourself. Yay, that's a fun job! Who do you want to be? What do you want to do? What kinds of relationships do you want to have? Start dreaming these things up. Will your crush join you at some point—I dunno. That is for them to decide (cuz they have free will and all). But I know that when you view yourself as whole and complete, and source a sense of love from within, you will create an energetic signature that will attract all kinds of love and abundance. 

Blog written by Three Brodsky, 

Three has a unique perspective as a psychic and as someone who’s married with two kids, a member of the Queer community, and polyamorous. Finding new ways to create space for more love, community, and connection is her passion. Submit your love and relationship question to:

a white person sits on a rock, their feet and a hand are pictured.

Making Up With Yourself After a Rough Patch

Over the Winter, I was in an interpersonal situation that was pretty much leveling me; luckily, I managed to pick up a few nuggets of wisdom throughout my little sh*t-storm that I believe are worth sharing.

In hindsight, it's easy to see some of my missteps. I chose to react to drama in unproductive ways. I wasn't so hot at setting boundaries. Judgment became my new best friend. I slipped into a fear and control mindset. I was hard on my body because I couldn't sleep, was maybe drinking a wee bit too much, and was isolated from my life. And I'm not even mentioning the handfuls of gummy bears…

I was pretty stuck in a victim mindset.They did X to me. I'm upset because of Y. I can't believe Z happened.” These thought patterns are rough mentally, emotionally, and physically—it's hard work blaming others for your own emotions! Lol ….(sardonic laugh).

Fortunately, I found resolution and began anew with this person. However, I caught myself thinking, “I need them to rebuild my trust.” It didn’t take me long to realize that all I can control is myself. I needed to make up with ME. Yes—even if things happened that were totally lame and not always my fault. 

This got me thinking—if I was trying to make up with someone, what would I do? Can I flip that around and apply it to myself? 

The mindset of bringing the responsibility back to myself has given me a new, and dare I say, fun, challenge to consider. I can be a bit of a people pleaser in wolf's clothing, so putting myself first feels new to me.

What makes me feel loved and taken care of that I can do for myself? What entertains me? What makes me laugh? What makes me enthusiastic? (So far, the answer has been yoga and using all of my spending money to buy fancy AF Japanese chef knives. But that's my self-care—you'll need to find your own gifts to woo yourself with).

I want to show myself that I can stay in a curious/learners mindset if I encounter a rough patch again and give myself the space, time, and attention I need to choose my next steps and heal without getting totally dysregulated. 

I want to show myself I can bring people and situations into my life that are fun, easy, and inspiring and have the courage to step away from the ones that are not a vibrational match with me (which meannnnns I better be in a high vibe myself in order to bring those relationships into my life!) 

This is what empowerment means to me. I create and maintain my relationships with love, intention, and pride—beginning with myself. 

I still get gummy bears tho. 

Pro Tip: Don't wait until you're in a crisis to practice self-care. What can you do today to nurture your relationship with yourself? 

Blog written by Three Brodsky (aka King Three), a Boulder Psychic Institute student and staff member. Three handles social planning, marketing, student support and is the BPI Love & Relationship Psychic.

Dear Love Psychic: Polyamory and Jealousy

*A note on pronouns: If I'm unclear of anyone's gender in the conversation, I'll default to they/them pronouns.* 

Dear Love Psychic: What is the most effective way to deal with jealousy in a polyamorous relationship?

Dear Questioning: Jealousy is a tricky thing. It's an umbrella emotion covering one or several other emotions—so you need to get to the bottom of what the jealousy represents. Once you get to the root feeling(s), you can start to address each one and figure out what you need in order to feel secure in your relationship. 

In my poly travels, I've noticed that jealousy pops up the most when dynamics change. When someone starts dating someone new or when a relationship between two existing people becomes more significant—that's when partners tend to get anxious and uncomfortable. The uncomfortable feelings usually boil down to: how will this affect my relationship with my person, and how will my feelings be affected because of that possible change. 

The key to figuring out what emotions the jealousy is covering up is to ask yourself what you are the most afraid of happening. Once you know your root fears or anxieties, you can meditate on what you need to feel more secure. Knowing where you're being triggered will give you clarity in terms of what you need in order to feel ok. 

I suggest making a list of actions that your partner can do that make you feel secure and go over the list together. This is a sweet exercise to do before dynamics change. I recently gave my husband such a list even though he wasn't seeing anyone. When he met a new person, he knew to schedule a special date with me, which made me feel loved and cared for.

For your particular situation, your 4th chakra is where you're being challenged the most by this question. It looks like you're in a phase of deciding if polyamory is right for you or not. Do you see yourself as a polyamorous person? Do you want your partner to have other partners? Can your heart handle the natural ebb and flow of multiple relationships in your life—as well as your partner's life?

I see that you like the idea intellectually but have seen or experienced poly relationships go totally f-ing south. Poly isn't new, but it's just starting to make its way onto the radar of the mainstream collective mindset—so people are still kind of making this up as they go. (Which means it's easy for poly relationships to implode because of lack of social modeling of what success looks like).

Right now, you're focused on figuring out how you want to structure your relationships in the future, which I applaud! It looks like you're gathering information and deciding what's best for you and what tools you'll need in order to build the relationships you want. 

With that said, I would be wary of being too rigid in terms of creating or abiding by too many poly rules. Non-traditional relationships are very nuanced and fluctuate frequently. One dynamic can be cool with one person but totally uncool with another. To be successful in poly is to know when you can be flexible and when you can't. Spoiler alert: being flexible makes poly more possible. More people = more moving parts.

Remember, rules are good-ish. But if they're creating too much rigidity, drama will be a natural byproduct—cuz people are messy, and relationships are messy. If uncertainty is too uncomfortable for all parties involved, nonmonogamy is probably not a good idea.


1. Ask yourself how flexible you're willing to be, and don't be afraid to own it.  

2. Make a list of what you need to feel secure when things change in your relationship dynamic and share them with your partner.

3. If you get jealous—dig to the bottom of what the jealousy is trying to tell you. 

Also, have fun. That's important. 😉

Blog written by Three Brodsky, 

Three has a unique perspective as a psychic and as someone who’s married with two kids, a member of the Queer community, and polyamorous. Finding new ways to create space for more love, community, and connection is her passion. Submit your love and relationship question to:

Healing Meditation: Corporate Greed, the Environment, & Human Survival

The time is now! Let's send healing energy to big corporations. As you do, you'll align more with yourself, your truth, your health, and the planet. 🌎

If you like this style of meditation, check out our Self Healing 101 course!

The first class is free.

desert scene

Waiting to Heal: Steps for Navigating the Healing Process

Managing the gap of time between when you begin healing work and when you actually feel better can sometimes be a long and difficult journey. 

When you can observe that space as an opportunity to examine your personal renewal as something beautiful and interesting, the path between suffering and new growth becomes more manageable and meaningful. 

Waiting for change, waiting for the shift in perspective, waiting to feel unstuck after healing work can come with bouts of anxiety and continued sadness. These noisy and exhausting emotions can cause one to frantically keep healing, keep digging deeper for the source of the problem, keep DOING THINGS to make the feelings of loss or invalidation stop.

So before you head straight into your next deep dive of a healing session, consider taking a pause and validating the space you’re in. 

Some healing projects are big. There can be layers upon layers that need to be cleared, which takes time and attention. Be patient with yourself and settle into a pace that feels manageable. 

Healing can be disorienting. This may feel like part of you has died at the same time that you’re giving way to a newer self—which is a lot to contend with for a human psyche. A re-acclimation to your new inner surroundings may be in order.

We heal at our own individual pace. Perhaps you haven’t moved forward yet because you’re still experiencing something beneficial out of the situation despite it being painful. Maybe the observations you’re making during this time of suffering will be of great value to you later—incredible inspiration, creativity, and deep spiritual awareness have been born from suffering.

Take a break from the healing project you’re focused on. Our energetic bodies can have a lot of similarities to our physical bodies. You can’t run 20 miles every day—you need to mix up your workouts and give your body rest and nourishment. Put your healing project on hold when you’re feeling overwhelmed and focus on a different area in your life for a bit.

Be mindful of your relationship with time. When you’re hurting, a day can feel like a week—it’s important to check in with the calendar and realize that it’s only been x amount of time since you first began the healing journey. Try not to be in the past or the future. Today is your job.

Give yourself progress reports along the way. List out what you have accomplished because of your healing journey. Has your spiritual practice deepened? Have you had more good days recently than bad days? Have you learned more about yourself from the healers you’re working with? Have you increased your self-care during this time? List out these milestones and give yourself credit!

Replenish often, both energetically and physically. Start focusing on how you would feel if you were healed. What does that new person feel like, what does their life look like, what attributes would you use to describe them? Accept yourself where you’re at today and start designing the future you’d like. Treat your physical body with loving care and do everything you can to nourish it. Your body needs time to adjust to itself now that a major energy block has been cleared out.

With care,

Blog written by Three Brodsky (aka King Three), a Boulder Psychic Institute student and staff member. Three handles social planning, marketing, student support and is the BPI Love & Relationship Psychic.

Healing Meditation: Healing for Boulder after the King Soopers Tragedy

Calling all lightworkert to gather in support of the victims of the King Soopers Tragedy, their families, and the Boulder community as a whole.

Help us send love, compassion, and peace to everyone affected.

If you like this style of meditation, check out our Self Healing 101 course!

The first class is free.

Healing Meditation: Healing the Divine Feminine

Celebrate the Divine Feminine! Learn how to nurture the divine feminine within you and the planet. Whether you have a male or female body, this vibration is essential for your health and creativity.

If you like this style of meditation, check out our Self Healing 101 course!

The first class is free.

Journal that says "happy days" on the cover

Gratitude—I'm Over You

And your cute little journal too. 

Ok. I know that's a loaded statement, but just stick with me on this one. After trying to be a gratitude junkie for a spell with little or no change in my overall personhood, I’ve created a two-step practice to help shift myself out of a weird place. 

Before I get there, let me tell you where I’m coming from. Life feels sorta hard for me right now. I was hanging in there with the global pandemic until it took a very beloved relationship away from me due to differing approaches to risk. I feel like every article or meme I come by in regards to getting one's self out of a rough patch involves BEING GRATEFUL (read in a scolding disenfranchised Sunday school teacher voice). 

Why does being told to be in a state of gratitude just make me roll my eyes? Because—I feel an unmistakable undercurrent of shame, guilt, and obligation come over me when I start making lists of my thankfulls. 

Yeah. I get it. I have a roof over my head! I'm healthy! I have a car! I have plants! Recognizing these gifts should make me a better human and bring me joy and happiness—right?!

Guess what, the world still feels gray, sad, and zero percent fun, EVEN WITH A PERFECTLY GOOD GENTLY USED HONDA CRV. 

To be fair, I think the goal of the people that make memes is noteworthy. They're trying to help all of us stuck people change our perspective and shift into a higher state of being. Only I don't think gratitude is the only tool to use because shame or guilt, even in small doses, does a pretty good job of lowering your vibe.

BUT….thank goodness I'm a Capricorn and therefore tend to scrap and/or re-engineer any advice that ever comes my way. 

Here are a few tricks to getting your mind back under control when you're struggling—without the use of toxic positivity. 

Step One: Find beauty in your immediate surroundings to bring yourself into the present. 
Being separated from my bestie has me bouncing between the past and the future. I'm ruminating between what was lost and the bleak and miserable future I'm sure I'll have without them. To get myself to stop compulsively time-traveling, I'm using this hack to get back into being present with the now.

When my thoughts and emotions start to go all willy nilly, I stop and find ten things that are beautiful. Anything. 

  • The way light reflects off my little glass octopus on my desk.
  • My flowers on my desk from my co-worker.
  • My tiny terrarium.

By finding beauty in my environment, I'm able to get back into this body, into this room, into this time, and my thoughts begin to even out. Beauty is very neutral and indisputable to the observer. It's just a tiny ping of pleasure to the brain and overall energetic self. No pressure, no guilt, no obligation—just look at pretty things. 

Step Two. Tap into the vibration of abundance.
The reason I like abundance over gratitude is that I think it's bigger. It's less about material conditions and more about a mindset of appreciation for the creative power of your own mind. It's the opposite of lack, emptiness, or dissatisfaction. By getting into a creative abundant mindset about my own renewal I’m able to take breaks from the grief and look towards growth.

Find ten areas in your life where you easily have more than enough of something that you feel worthy of having (the feeling worthy part is key btw).

  • I have more than enough pairs of leggings.
  • I have more than enough hot water for my shower.
  • I have more than enough Cheezits in my office drawer.

Now bottle up the way you feel in those micro-moments of observing beauty and abundance and just breathe it in—into your inner world. Be those vibrations and your outer world will start to match you.
Blog written by Three Brodsky (aka King Three), a Boulder Psychic Institute student and staff member. Three handles social planning, marketing, student support, and is the BPI Love & Relationship Psychic.

Dear Love Psychic: What is the Status of my Relationship?

*A note on pronouns: If I'm unclear of anyone's gender in the conversation, I'll default to they/them pronouns.*

Dear Love Psychic: Am I single or in a relationship with the person I'm seeing?? It seems to fluctuate hourly.

Dear Undefined: 

It looks like you're both in two different learning phases in your lives that are somewhat conflicting. Your energy looks like it's in a super chill organic flow-state focused on getting in touch with your erotism on your terms versus responding to another's desires/wants. The person you are seeing is in a very structured building mindset. It looks like they're constructing something with a clear framework—like a new house or self-identity. You're easy peasy; they're go go go. 

Energetically, I see that they perceive that they are losing control over their energy when they're around you. Meaning: they tend to forget their big life plans when in your company and get a bit foggy about what they need or want. 

On one hand, they don't like it when they match your mellow go with the flow attitude—it makes them feel like they're going to lose sight of themselves. However, they love the energetic vibe they get when they give in to being with you with no agenda. Your presence is much stronger than theirs, and regardless of what the two of you are doing or discussing, they can't seem to resist getting scooped up by you energetically. This is what is creating the push/pull between the two of you.

You seem to be mostly conscious of this dynamic—but not totally. I see a bit of coy enjoyment on your part of messing with their rigidity with your erotic chill easy going vibes. This is a bit of a power play on your part, Dear Reader. 

Remember—yes, we communicate energetically on multiple levels, but we also need to communicate in the physical with actual words. Find what is preventing you from having a dialogue with them about what kind of relationship you want and reflect on why that limitation is in your space. Step into your autonomy, get clear on what you want/need, then communicate it. Take some time in self-reflection and set the intention of how you want the conversion to go before you have it. 

Next step: 

Start creating your own options for what you want the relationship to be versus sifting through what you think are your only options. You're the creator—imagine what you want and invite them into that vision. They'll accept or they won't, but you'll be creating your own vision and not settling for less than you deserve.

With Love,

Three Brodsky, 

Three has a unique perspective as a psychic and as someone who’s married with two kids, a member of the Queer community, and polyamorous. Finding new ways to create space for more love, community, and connection is her passion. Submit your love and relationship question to:

Dear Love Psychic: How Do I Support a Partner Who is Struggling?

*A note on pronouns: If I'm unclear of anyone's gender in the conversation, I'll default to they/them pronouns.* 

Dear Love Psychic: My question is how can you support your partner in a healthy way when they're going through a lot and are only just learning how to help themselves through it. Especially very emotionally heavy experiences.

Dear Eager To Heal:

When I psychically look at the dynamic between the two of you, it looks like you are running alongside a runner on the sidelines of their race—it's sweet that you're offering the runner a sandwich and encouraging words, but it's also distracting them and showing them that you don't think they can run the race without you. I can see their struggle with this dynamic—they see how supportive you're being, but they can only run as fast as they can run.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were being told that you need to change the way you're approaching your own problem? This would be invalidating, and it would most likely make you feel like the way you are, and the way you cope with your life is wrong. The key in this situation is to focus more on you and less on your partner. Model the happiness, wholeness, love, and joy you want to see in your partner—this can be more inspiring than anything else you're trying to do for them (think role model vs. coach). 

We have two basic tenets around helping or healing others at the BPI

  1. Always ask someone if they want a healing. Never heal anyone if you do no have their consent. 
  2. Always heal yourself before healing others.  As they say on a plane, "Put your own oxygen mask on before helping others."

Next step: 

Going forward, it looks like you need to acknowledge your role in the situation—have you perhaps labeled them as needing help when maybe they don't think they need help or maybe they are unable to see that they need to make some changes? Have you burdened yourself with the task of fixing or saving them? Have you asked them what would be most helpful from you? Are they able to communicate their needs to you? If they say no thank you to your help, or cannot articulate what they need, or you are not willing or able to give them what they need, it's time to back off and focus on your own self-care. 

How can you support yourself right now? 

With Love,

Three Brodsky, 

Three has a unique perspective as a psychic and as someone who’s married with two kids, a member of the Queer community, and polyamorous. Finding new ways to create space for more love, community, and connection is her passion. Submit your love and relationship question to:

Clear blue pool of water

Lessons in Nature: Trying Too Hard to be Psychic

Over the summer, I took a road trip in a rented RV with my husband and two kids to Yellowstone National Park. Because why would we not spend more time cooped up with our kids during a pandemic?! 

The closer we got to the park, the more I started to check in with a feeling I had bubbling up inside: this geological natural wonder was going to be some kind of a major energetic psychic mind blowing event for me. Big time. Of course this place would have a bunch of weird cool energy that I was personally going to tap into!

Yellowstone. I’m on my way!

Upon arrival, I sat in the exact same spot everyone has, or will, sit at some point as an American tourist waiting for Old Faithful to blow. My kids complaining, the lack of shade, the guy on the phone next to me without a mask, the other person next to me eating Chinese food—none of this phased me. Dudes. I’m about to get to the Next Level as a psychic! 


I mean, it did its thing, but it was the same big fart of an event as it was when I was 8 years old watching it with my cousins. No psychic revelations or visions. And yes, I was in a deep state of meditation, thank you.

But then something interesting happened when I let go of having my mind blown. I got completely mesmerized by a breathtakingly beautiful clear teal pool that seemed to extend all the way to the center of the Earth. As I stood there staring into it, I saw the tiniest bubble float to the surface from what must have been the other side of the planet.

Pop! Just like that, he was at the end of his journey. I was so struck by this little guy. How far he had nonchalantly traveled looking for his destination—how chill he seemed about the whole thing. The magnitude of what I just witnessed almost made me cry. I spoke quietly through my mask: You made it! You f-ing made it.

To me, this moment was parallel to the psychic practice of setting intentions and sending them out into the universe with no attachment. 

You’ll get what you need exactly when you need it. Sometimes your intention has to travel all the way through Middle Earth—but it will come to you one way or another. 

What intention would you send out to the universe if you had the absolute certainty that it would manifest in its own way and in its own time?

Blog written by Three Brodsky (aka King Three), a Boulder Psychic Institute student and staff member. Three handles social planning, marketing, student support, and is the BPI Love & Relationship Psychic.

Healing Meditation: Don't Fall In Love. Be Love.

Learn about the mechanics of the 4th chakra, how to heal it, and create the vibration of pure love within yourself.

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neon sign in the shape of a heart reading "love 24 hrs"

Are Your Love Associations Tanking Your Dating Life?

As a psychic and an overall non-conformist (I'm married with kids, queer, and polyamorous), I've been working towards deconstructing what I know about love and separating it from how I structure a relationship.

After years of being in non-traditional relationships I’ve observed that successful unions tend to happen when all parties know what they need and want in the relationship and don’t just assume love will take care of the details. 

If we acknowledged love as a unique and sacred entity that is infinite and treated the other parts of a relationship as something chosen off of an a-la-carte menu—we might be able to custom-build something new and beautiful with another human—no more assumptions or unquestioned expectations. 

Sex, commitment, friendship, monogamy, parenthood, homeownership—add these to your relationship if you want, and treat each item as its own project. 

When you peel away the "shoulds" and fears associated with love, the judgments on friends, partners, yourself, and the relationships themselves tend to melt away. 

Ponder these prompts to help you define your unique love and relationship style.

  1. The vibration of love, purely on its own, feels like____________. Brainstorm! What do you love without any expectations? A pet or a beautiful spot is a good place to find that feeling. 

  1. I love ________ ! (your crush goes here) which means I choose to meet them exactly where they're at without trying to change them or myself—nothing else. I exist at the vibration of love and offer to share that vibration with this person. I maintain my own space and sense of self regardless of how they react to my love. I can still love them even if they don't want to love me back or our relationship ends (this one's tough, I know.)

  1. Now. If you'd like, the two of you can add other items from the relationship menu to your dynamic, but your love is not contingent on these projects' success or failure (I call these concepts projects because they need maintenance, care, and management). 
    • Toss in some add-ons!
      • A level of commitment that makes sense to both parties.
      • Physical and non-physical intimacy that is mutually agreed upon. 
      • Intellectual stimulation that is fulfilling. 
      • And so's the limit! 

  1. Start building your unique personal relationship menu. What components do you want to have in your relationships? (Remember this is ala carte—not everyone you have a relationship with needs to have all the items on their plate). 

I love to love people. 

ANNNND, I've been guilty, more than one or a dozen times, of forcing meaning and contingencies onto my love and thus becoming totally fried when my version of love wasn’t returned to me the way I imagined. Over numerous relationships, the highs have been high, and the lows have been low due to my attachments around love and how it affects my sense of identity. I like to think I’ve put that practice behind me now. 

I'm an optimist; I like to think that we can pull off more love and less isolation as a species. We might have less heartbreak if love can have more space and permission to just be itself and nothing else. 


Blog written by Three Brodsky (aka King Three), a Boulder Psychic Institute student and staff member. Three handles social planning, marketing, student support, and is the BPI Love & Relationship Psychic.

Healing Meditation: Manifesting in 2021

Join Director, Miwa Mack, for a healing meditation where you'll energetically release from 2020, set your intention for 2021 so you can achieve your goals!

Let's set some energy:

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Healing Meditation: Realign with Purpose and be at Peace

Join Director, Miwa Mack, for a healing meditation where you realign with your purpose and get in touch with your sense of inner-peace.

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Healing Meditation: Post US Elections

Let's pave the way for peace and unity.

Join Director, Miwa Mack, for a healing meditation where you heal yourself and the planet after the 2020 US Elections.

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Healing Meditation: The US Elections

Let's create the highest healing outcome for everyone on the planet!

Join Director, Miwa Mack, for a healing meditation where we manifest just that.

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Healing Meditation: Merkabah of the Heart

All of your answers and healing can come from within.

Join Director, Miwa Mack, for a healing meditation that helps you tap into the healing power and wisdom in your own heart.

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Healing Meditation: How to Plan for an Uncertain Future

About every 80 years, something big happens on the planet that rocks our world and forces humanity into making some big changes. The last one was WWII, and we are in the midst of another one right now.

This is the first time in our generation where it is unclear as to what will be happening in the world in the next 5–10 years. So, how do you navigate these times? How do you create your own level of certainty when everything around you is so uncertain?

Join Director, Miwa Mack, for a meditation that helps you answer these questions for yourself and find your way forward.

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Healing Meditation: Discerning Truth in all the Chaos

How do you know what to believe?
What's the best course of action?

Join Director, Miwa Mack, for a meditation that helps you filter out all the noice and find your truth and answer any question you wish.

If you like this style of meditation, check out our Self Healing 101 course!

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Healing Meditation: You and the BLM Movement

The world is changing. You must evolve to participate!

Join Director, Miwa Mack, for a healing meditation where you’ll get a healing from the Earth and give Earth a healing.

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Healing Meditation: How to Build Your Immunity

Build your immunity using the mantra "I'm Unity!"

Join Director, Miwa Mack, for a healing meditation where you'll learn a new technique to energetically increase your immunity.

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Healing Meditation: Traversing the Unknown

How do you create and take your next steps when you aren't sure what's happening with the world around you?

Join Director, Miwa Mack, for a healing meditation where you’ll travel to another world and learn to find calm in the midst of uncertainty.

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Healing Meditation: Glide Like a Dolphin

For when external circumstances have you in fear.

Join Director, Miwa Mack, for a healing meditation where you’ll learn a meditation technique to glide through life like a dolphin.

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Healing Meditation: Life Purpose

Realign with your life purpose and the purpose of the planet.

Join Director, Miwa Mack, for a healing meditation where you'll meet with your Council of Souls and receive guidance around your life purpose.

The meditation continues — you'll meet Earth's Council of Souls and gain insight on Earth's purpose right now.

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Healing Meditation: Your Pineal Gland & the Ascended Masters

Put on your own oxygen mask before helping others.

Join Director, Miwa Mack, for a healing meditation where you will receive a healing from the Ascended Masters and work with them to heal the planet.

If you like this style of mediation, check out Self Healing 101.

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COVID-19 Social Distancing Plan

Socially Distant.
Spiritually Connected.

Dear Boulder Psychic Institute family,

To us, social distancing doesn't mean disconnecting from one another. Although we will be closing our physical doors for the time being, we will continue to offer all of our normal services over the phone (or through social media) to provide you with a virtual spiritual sanctuary in this time of global need.

Here's what we've got going on that might be of interest to you:

Self Healing 101—Over the Phone

In this 4-week course, you will learn how to meditate and manage your energy so that you can feel solid and peaceful during these times of fear, lack, and hysteria.

The first class is free so check it out!

  • September 1st-29th (skip 9/8)
  • Tuesdays 7:30–9pm MT
  • Tuition: $100
  • Register now!

Guided Healing Meditations for You and the Planet

Boulder Psychic Institute Director, Miwa Mack, lead free guided meditations to heal yourself and heal planet Earth in March. At the end of each meditation, she opened up the floor for questions. Missed the live meditations? That's ok! The replays are available on our blog.

Replay: Healing Meditation—DNA Update & Your Infinite Power
Replay: Healing Meditation—Your Pineal Gland & the Ascended Masters
Replay: Healing Meditation—Life Purpose
Replay: Healing Meditation—Glide Like a Dolphin
Replay: Healing Meditation—Traversing the Unknown
Replay: Healing Meditation—How to Build Your Immunity
Replay: Healing Meditation—You and the BLM Movement

We'll be offering additional meditations through Facebook Live in the coming weeks. Join us on September 18th at 6:00 pm Mountain Time on our Facebook Page.

Psychic Readings Over the Phone

We've added extra phone readings! Join us on the 1st, 3rd, & 5th Mondays from 5:00–6:30pm MT or Saturdays from 11:00 am–12:30 pm MT.

Want to learn about your soul essence, past lives, and the colors of your aura? Schedule a $10 Reading. If there's time at the end, you can ask questions about your life!

If you have life questions, schedule a $30 Reading. These are more open-ended readings to address your personal questions. Then, if there's time at the end, the psychics can offer you an energetic healing.

Trance Medium Healings Over the Phone

This high vibration healing allows you to receive a powerful, spirit-to-spirit healing. You can get a healing on anything: fear, relationship distress, abundance issues, anything.

When: 2nd & 4th Fridays between 5:30-7pm MT

Schedule a Trance Medium Healing.
Cost: $15

Phone Aura & Chakra Healings

Take 10 minutes out of your day to receive a healing and clear out negative energy from your body and your aura. Healings are first come, first served. Click below to get your unique phone number and PIN for each healing date.

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When: 2nd & 4th Mondays, 5:30–7:00 pm MT
Cost: Free! Donations gracefully accepted.

Home or Business Healings Over the Phone

Reset the energy of any building: home or business. Clear out unwanted forces and replenish the space with ease, flow, clear communication, and abundance.

Available on Saturdays from 11am–12:30pm MT

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Cost: $75

Our staff will continue to monitor the energy of this virus and update this page as changes occur. Here’s to taking things one step at a time!

Healing Meditation: DNA Update & Your Infinite Power

Be a part of the solution, not the problem.

Join Miwa Mack, Director of the Boulder Psychic Institute, for a healing meditation where you will connect with the Supreme Being, upgrade your DNA, super charge your spiritual power, and heal the planet.

Learn more psychic tools to heal yourself and the world in our Self Healing 101 course.

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Daylight Saving Time: A Reminder To Take Care of Yourself

Every spring around these parts, we're asked to turn our clocks forward an hour and switch from Standard Time back to Daylight Saving Time. Every year, I watch people struggle through those first few days where our bodies are still in transition—trying to refigure out their rhythms with an hour less sleep.

Meanwhile, the world around us has already landed in its new cycle seamlessly! That just feels unfair, doesn't it? Everything else in the world is running like clockwork, and that makes it seem like we should be able to just spring into action alongside everything else. I think that's an unrealistic ask for our bodies, though, and I'm going to offer an alternate point of view.

The rest of the world has adjusted to its new schedule, yes, but your body needs some time. Your body is in transition. Instead of rushing it to catch up with the times, try listening to what your body is asking you for. It could be as simple as:

  • Another snooze button press, please!
  • Shifting your normal lunch time
  • A special “because I'm sleepy” latte splurge at your favorite coffee shop 
  • Sneaking 20 minutes for a power nap 
  • Or even just asking for a few minutes of journaling (instead of Netflix-ing) before bed

Yes, the rest of the world seems to already be firmly landed with this new time shift. Try to be kind to yourself as your body catches up with its missing hour.

Blog written with love (and an extra cup of tea) by Christina Dunlap: a Boulder Psychic Institute teacher and professional psychic. Check her out in the 'Professional Readers' section of our website.

P.S. If you’re in Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or anywhere else that doesn’t believe in Daylight Saving clock changes, your body is probably not in such a freaked-out transition. But! A practice of listening to your body is still a nice one. Try it out and see how it goes. Oh! And try to be patient with any mainlanders you might have to talk to for the next few days. Most of us aren't functioning at full capacity yet.

Your Story

This past week, while flipping back and forth between two different books about World War II, I started thinking about stories. Specifically, I started thinking about how when you only focus on one story, you can miss out on a whole world of truth. I don’t mean with books, though. Books were just the catalyst of this realization for me. I’m talking about our own stories — the silent ones in our heads that insist on being loud even when we’re ready to let them go. 

I had just read a chapter in The Tattooist of Auschwitz, where an American plane flies over the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, and the prisoners are filled with hope that the Americans will save them. They’re jumping up and down! They’re pointing at the crematoriums, trying to get the Americans’ attention! The Americans, in this story, are a symbol of hope — potential heroes that will see and save these folks.

In Snow Falling on Cedars, though, the American government is rounding up everyone with connections to Japan and taking them into internment camps of their own. Americans, here, are the bad guy.

The contrast between good guys and bad guys between those two stories got me thinking about how often we base our opinions and actions on a single story — a single version of the full truth — without ever stopping to gather more information.

Before you stop reading, thinking I’m about to get into some political discussion, take a breath! That’s not where I’m going with this. Yes, for big, worldwide issues and events, there are always sides to every story. But I’m thinking about stories that are closer to home. I’m thinking about the stories we tell ourselves: the stories in our own, internal world. 

A lot of us have stories on repeat that we never think to question; things we never think of getting a second opinion on. These stories can pose us as the bad guy:

 - “I’m not good enough.”

 - “I’m a failure.”

 - “I’m too young.” Or “I’m too old.”

Other stories will pose other people as the bad guy:

 - “They hurt me.”

 - “They weren’t there when I needed them.”

 - “They won’t care what I have to say.”

And maybe, to you, those stories have always been true! But do they help you see the big picture? Or do they keep your own worldview smaller? Most likely, it’s the latter. I want to take this one step further, though.

In The Tattooist of Auschwitz and in real life, the Americans didn’t wind up saving anyone from Auschwitz. 

In Snow Falling on Cedars and in real life, the American government let the Japanese Americans out of concentration camps at the end of the war.

In the end, it didn’t matter whether the Americans were the good guy or the bad guy. What mattered was how each individual character took their experience and tried to make the best of it. Each person’s journey is what made these books. “I’m too old” doesn’t a bestselling novel make. Even if those characters had those stories, and I’m sure they had at least the “They hurt me” one, they didn’t let that one story become their only story. They didn’t let it become the focus of their daily life.

Back to you. What stories are you telling yourself? Have you been operating as if one single story is your full story? Has that story helped you make the best of your situation lately, or are you feeling stuck in it? Paralyzed by it? 

In our Self Healing 101 course here at Boulder Psychic Institute, we talk about unhelpful stories as attachments, and we give our students the tools to be able to let an old story go (for good) and replace it with something that supports them. You don’t have to be the bad guy anymore, and living a story where someone else is the bad guy isn’t helping you either.

Why not try something new? Change up your story, and create the life you want — no matter where you’ve been.

Learn more about upcoming Self Healing 101 classes here.

Blog written with love by Christina Dunlap: a Boulder Psychic Institute teacher and professional psychic. Check her out in the 'Professional Readers' section of our website.

Valentine's Day: DIY

It’s that time again, y’all. Valentine’s Day is almost here!

…This generally means you’re either chomping at the bit in sweet, sparklified anticipation, or you’re shaking in your boots with the deepest kind of existential dread.

There don’t seem to be too many people who simply feel neutral about Valentine’s Day. Folks tend to either be all about this holiday of amore, and do it up to the nines with candles, red roses, and Shakespearean love sonnets on replay, OR they’re in the other camp, and an extended vacay with Lord Voldemort looks downright fluffy compared to the dauntingness of making it through another depressing V-Day. There tends to be a pretty striking dichotomy in ethos as to how people relate to Valentine’s Day.

Whether this holiday floats your boat, or is the angry 17-ton narwhal that decides to jump INTO your boat with you, I’d like to offer an ‘Option C’ perspective with regards to how we might consider to relate to this holiday of the heart. What I’m wanting to illuminate is not even quite a “middle road;” it’s more of a road off the beaten path that leads up and away, in an entirely different direction, to a hopefully-more-spacious vantage point from which we might gain empowerment to CHOOSE how we relate to Valentine’s Day, from a place of our own truth.

The Day of Hearts: A Cultural Perspective

The reason that so many people have such polarized ways of relating to Valentine’s Day is this: it’s a holiday not only tinted in red no. 40, but also completely saturated in expectation energy.

Expectation that you’ll receive red and pink heart-shaped cards in the mail. Expectation that it will be perfect, with candlelight and Frank Sinatra crooning in the background. Expectation that your beloved will surprise you with roses. Expectation that your beloved is even around. Expectation that you even HAVE a beloved. Expectation that you even have a freakin’ mailbox, should a Valentine’s card want to find its way to you.

And the painful implication that if any/all these things don’t happen, YOU HAVE FAILED. AS A HUMAN BEING. (It’s loud social programming in our culture.) And are thereby destined, on Valentine’s Day, to scowlingly take the recycling out; scowlingly watch a horror movie by yourself to help somehow homeopathically offset your mood; and scowlingly call it a night at 7pm.

Or even if all the rote Valentine’s things DO happen, and the whole plethora of socially-requisite Valentine’s accoutrements have been painstakingly checked off the list, there’s the painful implication that if it doesn’t go perfectly, or that if you could have possibly, humanly done even more for your beloved, and you didn’t, YOU HAVE STILL FAILED. Do not pass go; do not collect $200. And definitely no more candy hearts for you.

Well. Spoiler alert: Valentine’s Day was created into a Hallmark cookie-cutter holiday only so that Hallmark and the cutters of cookies could make money. I’m here to remind you that actually, you can make Valentine’s Day your own. In a way that is just right for you and your own heart, in its own wild, wonderful, whimsical ways.

The Auspicious Origins of Valentine's Day

To this point, Valentine’s Day actually has some interesting history that is worth considering; history that might inspire you to create this Valentine’s Day in a vibration of your own truth. The very, VERY Reader’s Digest version of the history is this:

There was once an ancient Pagan festival celebrated in Rome around this time of the year, called ‘Lupercalia.’ According to legend, in this drunken celebration, the fellas sacrificed a goat (for fertility) and a dog (for purification). Then, with the hides of the animals they had just slain, they would gently whip the scantily-clad (if clad at all??) young ladies, who would enthusiastically line up for this of their own volition, believing this rite would increase their fertility. The other part of Lupercalia included a matchmaking lottery, in which people were coupled up together for the festival and often ended up being coupled for much longer, by choice, if the match was right.

The takeaway from this: while getting beaten by goat and dog hides is not my thing (though maybe it’s yours…?), let’s keep Valentine’s Day at least a little weird. Let’s keep it interesting. Deviate from conventionality and Hallmark sentiments, and make it something off the beaten path for yourself. Celebrate love and make it your own, in your own revelrous, celebratory, magical way. Even celebrate the fertility within you, as a creative soul! And I’m not necessarily talking about fertility in the classical sense of creating a baby. I’m talking about fertility in the sense of the potential for what can grow through you that you can share with the world, whether that looks like an idea, a poem, a new dance move, or a new way that the kindest, truest words have ever been expressed.

The other piece of history to note about Valentine’s Day revolves around St. Valentine, the official patron saint of lovers, epileptics, and beekeepers.

While there are several accounts of who St. Valentine may have been, the mostly-agreed upon saga of St. Valentine is as follows: all religious dogma aside, St. Valentine was a guy who stood up for his own truth, and was sentenced to a torturous death for believing what he believed in. He was given the option to change his beliefs, which would have spared him his life, but he declined this option. While imprisoned, waiting for impending torturous death, he healed and restored sight to the blind daughter of his jailor, a child who had befriended him. Before his death, also, he wrote her a letter with love and gratitude for her friendship, signing it, “Your Valentine.” (And thus, the birth of Valentine’s Day cards as we know them today!)

The takeaway from the tale of St. Valentine: Valentine’s Day can be seen not only as a day centered around love, but also as a day of being true to yourself, no matter what. Of strong grace. Of taking a stand for what matters to you. Of doing so with consciousness, conscientiousness, so much heart, and your own signature panache, flair, and pizzazz. Of doing so because it’s your own truth and you care and it matters to you. Of embodying the very best and most courageous of what humanity can be. Of offering the spark of love, hope, and healing for ourselves and each other, even—and especially—in the midst of times that might be feeling a little dark or dire.

V-Day: Your Own Way

Through this lens, we can reframe Valentine’s Day for ourselves. We can each claim it as our own, in our own unique way. If you’re not into red and pink, reclaim Valentine’s Day for yourself in your own signature colors. YOU get to set the tone of how you want to relate to this holiday, and what you want it to be about. If you want Valentine’s Day to be all about your love of dinosaurs, get thee to a natural history museum and proclaim the National (for you) Day of the Mighty Parasauralophus. Get unique with it. 

So, in this oh-so-Aquarian month of February, consider the oh-so-Aquarian energy of creating this holiday in a way that’s your own. Of being unabashedly, unapologetically, shiningly yourself. Of standing up for what you love and believe in, in whatever way you love it or believe in it. It doesn’t have to be the romantic version of love. There are an infinite number of colors and flavors and tonalities of love.

Any presuppositions about what Valentine’s Day is supposed to be, as a Hallmark holiday: chuck those out the window. All the rules are off. You get to make this holiday about whatever/whoever you want it to be about. Do it on your own terms, and in the tone of what brings you maximum joy, beauty, and inspiration, even—and perhaps, especially—in the midst of the chaos of the world we live in right now. Allow yourself to pick the things that light you up; that make you come alive; that set your heart on fire; that make your spirit soar. Also, remember: expressions of love don’t have to be about other people. They can be for yourself too.

Above all, allow this holiday to be something that’s allowed to be real and true for yourself—expressions of sweetness, love, and genuine care don’t have to cost a dime, and don’t have to be in the fakey, artificial vibrations of red no. 40 or the cheesy love poems printed on chocolate candy bar wrappers. Make it as pure as water, as natural as air, as innate as movement for yourself. It could be as simple as offering a kind, clear-seeing gaze to a stranger; planting a tree; dancing to your favorite song; or calling your nearest and dearest to thank them for being so wonderful and special, and to tell them you love them. Love can look like many things. It can be all the things. Make it true to you.

And! Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be confined to the people, places, things, geographies, or timelines we know. Let’s think way outside the box this Valentine’s Day, and bring a lot of space and possibility into what tends to be a holiday tight and riddled with confining expectation energy. You can make the entire world your valentine. You can even make the entire history and future of the world your valentine!

In the midst of a seemingly ever-increasingly chaotic world, we’re all in this together, perhaps more than ever before. And a little sweetness, a little care, a little consciousness, a little conscientiousness, and a little kindness for ourselves and everything around us—plus a whole lotta permission to think way outside the box, along with full creative license to dream big and go for it—all goes a really long way. 

Above all, I wish you this: may your Valentine’s Day be filled with endless inspiration, infinite possibility, joyful creativity, authentic and revelrous ways of dreaming new dreams and inventing new ways forward on both individual and collective levels, and the expression of love, strong grace, and embodying the very best of what humanity can be in your own unique, one-of-a-kind way. May you create this Valentine’s Day in the vibration of your own truth. And may you enjoy the subsequent ways that both you—and the world around you—will bloom to the light created by that vibration.


So, everyone. Let's get this party started!

*clears throat* 

Drumroll please…

Roses are red

Violets are blue

May this Valentine’s Day

Be about what’s true for YOU!

Self-Doubt or Self-Encouragement?

Have you ever felt paralyzed by self-doubt?

Held back by the thoughts in your head? 

I totally have.

I’d always seen these moments of self-doubt — these thoughts — as bullies. They told me "No." They told me "Don't even try." They teased me about my failures. I would start feeling paralyzed by these thoughts, doing my best to snuff them out or just make them shut up, but the thoughts were relentless. No matter what I did, I couldn’t make the doubts stop. Even trying to prove them wrong was pointless!

So instead of exhausting myself trying to make them go away, I decided to do something radical. I decided to listen to them.

In a quiet meditation, I sat and let my mind wander through all the times I've put myself / my life / my goals on hold because of the "you can'ts" floating around in my head. I reflected. I started to call the thoughts of self-doubt back. I actually wanted to re-hear them. I wanted to listen. And as I did, the tone of the doubt changed entirely.

Sitting in meditation, these thoughts didn’t sound like bullies at all. The perceived shouts of “NO!” elaborated to say “That sounds scary…” Instead of “Stop! You failed at that before!,” I could hear a genuine question: "Are you sure? Will you be ok if it fails again?" My doubts were trying to get my attention, yes; but not because they wanted me to press pause on my life or on my dreams. They were trying to get my attention the only way they knew how in the moment: by shouting. But taking the time to listen to them started to change my perspective on self-doubt completely. 

What if self-doubt never meant to stop us? What if self-doubt just comes up to ask questions that help us get to know ourselves more deeply? What if self-doubt really, genuinely wants an answer?

With that perspective, is self-doubt really even doubt at all? If it calls us to go forward, to find what we really want, to be sure in ourselves and our decisions — it sounds like self-doubt (when we truly take the time to listen to it) may actually be a quiet form of self-encouragement. 

Inspired by self-doubt, my personal focus over the next week is on self-encouragement. I want to do one thing every day to encourage myself to move forward in life. Move forward in my life. For you, whether you decide to take on this challenge for yourself or not, I hope your perspective on self-doubt starts to shift. I hope you start to move forward in your own life — in your own way — unparalyzed by thought-bullies. And I hope you find self-encouragement in the most unexpected places.

Blog written with love by Christina Dunlap: a Boulder Psychic Institute teacher and professional psychic. Check her out in the ‘Professional Readers’ section of our website.

To Heal or Not To Heal Your Beloved

That IS the question, indeed. As a healer, should you heal your beloved?

The short answer: probably not.

Here’s why.

El Desierto y El Corazón

The setting which taught me this lesson was the high desert, north of Santa Fe; the way the skies were there. The otherworldly fragrance of artemisia; sagebrush. The dry, cracked arroyos; parched until the rains came in the spring. The way the purple sunsets hushed the land. The mountains. The presence. The stars.

I had moved to that place—far away from civilization, amongst the coyotes who howled outside our door at night—because I had fallen in love with a man who lived there. I found myself in the midst of a new romance in the haunting beauty of the high desert.

I was young; a licensed massage therapist at the time, and also in the midst of my psychic training through BPI, over the phone. While still quite green and burgeoning in the healing field then—and in retrospect, quite oblivious and unconscious in many regards—I, at the time, considered myself a healer.

After said romance began—though quite early on in our relationship—I began offering my beloved-at-the-time healing work. Bodywork. Energy work. Psychic healing work. It seemed natural; I loved him, I cared about him, and I wanted him to a) thrive and b) also to experience who I was and what I did as a healer.

¡Ay, Caramba!

I remember one particularly poignant example of this—it’s funny only WAY after the fact—where I was giving my beloved-at-the-time a healing. I had pulled out all the stops; absolutely done it to the nines.

I had set up the massage table in the living room of the casita we lived in with every crease of the fluffy linens just so; each fold with its own poetry. I had lit a blazing fire in the fireplace for warmth in the cold, snowy New Mexico night. The smell of piñon, sage, and sweetgrass enveloped the space; a sense of landing, of home. I had set the music playlist with such attention to detail; waves crashing upon some distant shore. I had carefully selected essential oils I thought would be most potent for him. I had the lights dimmed to that just-right place of calm; of peace. The stage was set for what I hoped would be a magical and one-of-a-kind healing experience.

…Fast forward 20 minutes into the healing session, to the part where I was ever-so-healingly (or so I hoped) dabbing peppermint oil onto his third eye. I starting doing some craniosacral work, and eventually the poor guy started twitching; something that, at the time, I chalked up to energy moving. (“Yes!” I thought. “He’s having a healing experience! It’s powerful!”)

Well, it WAS powerful, alright. …Though not in the way I had hoped.

Two minutes later, he all but levitated off the table in agony because he couldn’t take the pain anymore. Peppermint oil (which is strong stuff, in case you haven’t experienced it) had apparently—unbeknownst to me—dripped back into his eyes from whence I had dabbed it on his forehead. He had tried not to say anything about it for as long as he could stand it, in order to try to preserve my feelings. However, at a certain point, straight-up peppermint oil en los ojos is enough to put ANYBODY into pure, straight-up, howling anguish.

…Needless to say, any healing from that experience that might have been possible was dashed, as we spent the next few hours next to the sink, flushing his eyes out with cold water, with me apologizing profusely. We were still new loves at the time. I was beyond mortified. I had wanted this healing to take him to new heights of experiencing Heaven on Earth. And instead, there we were, flushing his eyes out for what felt like eons, while he was on the brink of extreme-pain-induced who-knows-what. Some healer I was.


I wish, at that early point in our relationship, there would have been one of those blinking red warning buttons, screaming, “Mayday, mayday! Turn that ship around!” at me. 

Why? Because, from that point on, our relationship was predicated on that cornerstone that I would be not only his beloved, but his healer as well. And over time, I started noticing that this was turning into ever more other roles, such as his cook, his payer-of-rent, his house cleaner, his fender-offer-of-coyotes, his …mother….?! (Wait a sec. I don’t think I signed up for that. ANY of that.)

In short, he was getting a pretty fantastic deal. Me? Not so much. While I slowly but surely allowed myself to become not just his beloved and his healer, but his everything else too, he was still just my… boyfriend. I was giving and giving, and was exhausted, and was not receiving quite the same energy exchange in return in the same way.

Read: It. Just. Wasn’t. Fun. Or. Sexy. (For me, anyway.)

And I can’t emphasize this loudly enough: I take full responsibility for this. This was not on him. This was completely, entirely, my own fault. Why? Because I was the one that introduced and propagated that unspoken agreement that I would be his healer, his lover, his everything. He just got to be my boyfriend.


I have to say, also, that this specific example is not the only time this type of pattern has happened for me in my life. While I tend not to herald this rather cringeworthy factoid from the rooftops, I have a formidable amount of experience in this topic, and can say, with some certainty, that trying to simultaneously be someone’s beloved and their healer doesn’t tend to end well.

As a younger person, before I was well-schooled in psychic work, I would often fall in love with someone, begin a relationship with them, and then try to be their healer too. It tended to trainwreck every time, as the boundaries between personal and professional space got blurry. (Not to mention it’s also just a ding-dang lot on you to be someone’s healer AND their lover.)

As a professionally licensed bodyworker (my former job), it is actually against the law to become romantic with someone if they started as your client in a healing sense. I have always appreciated the cleanness of this boundary, as I feel few things could be more damaging to a healing than the influx of romantic energy when the healee came in for healing, and healing alone.

Thus, while I’ve been a healer in my professional life, in my personal-life romances throughout the years, it’s always been important to me to uphold that very firm boundary of, “This has to start as a love relationship, not as a healing relationship. Otherwise it’s a no-go.”

However, my slip-up as a younger person was that even though I was super clean—and a total stickler—about making sure it began as a love relationship instead of a healing relationship, I always tended to bring in the healing role at a certain point after the romance had begun. While that is certainly legal, time and time again, I’ve found it just frickin’ doesn’t work. End of story. (And believe me, I’ve TRIED.) And now, thankfully, I know better.

What I’ve learned is that there is great care and conscientiousness to be taken with stepping into a role as healer for someone if you also have possible romantic intentions with them. I’ve found it to be a much cleaner space, energetically speaking, if you’re either someone’s professional reader/healer, OR you’re their lover, but not both.

If I’m working as a healer and someone comes in the door and I sense any romantic energy, or even the potential for it, I send them packing and politely refer them to another healer. Romantic energy can tank a healing, and thus it’s really important to be conscious--and conscientious--of keeping romance and healing spaces very separate, with everyone’s best interest in mind.

In my own life nowadays, I keep my personal relationships in an entirely different space/category than my psychic/healing work, so as to preserve the utmost integrity and energetic cleanliness in personal and professional boundaries.

I’ve found that keeping a lot of healthy space between the two roles of ‘beloved’ and ‘healer’ helps keep things really energetically clean and clear for both your space as a psychic and healer, as well as for your relationship space with another.


What I recommend, if your beloved wants some healing work: be kind but unwavering about this boundary, and graciously refer him/her/them/[insert preferred pronoun here] to another healer.


Well, at the end of the day, the thing about true love is that it’s not based on fixing/healing, but, actually the very opposite. The sentiment of, “You’re amazing just as you are. Don’t change a thing. I’ll meet you there.” This, dear readers, is the vibration of unconditional love.

And, chances are, your beloved will get the biggest healing of all from THAT.

That's Amore: The Story of a Girl & Her Tree

The Saga Begins

It was a humid summer morning in Bloomington, Indiana, and I was strolling through the bustle and color of the farmer’s market downtown, senses sharpened by the electric sensation of bright sunlight and unbounded possibility.

…And then, all of a sudden, time stood still. There he was.

He looked at me. I looked at him. It was a gaze heard across the world; a moment beyond words. Love at first sight. I promptly paid $2.50 for him, and carried him home on my bicycle.

Meet Ficus, my life partner, travel companion, and copilot. He’s a stalwart, intrepid little fig tree who started as a sprout the size of my hand. After over a decade together, he’s now a full-fledged tree; taller than I, with personality for miles and some serious swagger.

My friends ask how Ficus is doing. My mom gives him a high five whenever she sees him. My connection with this tree is quite deep and quite real, for reasons beyond intellectual comprehension. It’s a thing.

The deep irony here is that Ficus (houseplants being typically a rather stationary lifeform) happened to choose a life partner who tends to be a total nomad, left to her own devices, with a deep love of the expansiveness of chasing the horizon, following the call of inspiration, and the freedom and movement of that. The joy of my connection with this plant is that he’s totally game for those things too, bobbing along next to me in the passenger seat for all the many sojourns. Music up, windows down, and velocity as a breakfast food is the way we roll.

As my copilot for the past ten years or so, Ficus and I have traveled a staggering number of miles together, braved extreme temperatures where we both woke up either frosty or scorched, and have shared all sorts of adventures across the country—fun, lesson-rich, and often at least a bit precarious. Ficus is unique in that he’s a houseplant who’s traveled more miles and seen more of the country than most humans have.

The driving force (no pun intended) behind most of my moves, and the reason why Ficus has such a ridiculous number of miles to his name is because of one thing.


In the Name of Velocity

You see, throughout my roaring 20s, I moved across the country more times than anybody cares to count or can begin to keep track of anymore (least of all myself). All in the name of love; of that which keeps the fire burning and the spark alive.

…This equates to a rather preposterous number of moves to a rather preposterous number of different cities across the country. Love even took me to a foreign country for an extended period of time. Ficus wasn’t allowed to cross the border with me on that occasion, so I stuffed him in a box—he’s a tough cookie—and shipped him across the country to my mother, who was gracious enough to water him until I headed back to the States. 

For all those many moves (except the international hiatus), Ficus was right there with me; my compatriot in chasing the horizon. And in chasing love. He’s seen it all. And oh, the stories he could tell.

Most of the time, he’s pretty good at keeping a poker face, but he has not-so-subtly rolled his leafy green eyes—and uttered many a proverbial “Hail Mary”—at some of the stunts I’ve pulled in the name of love. (He prefers to think he’s pretty stealthy and that I haven’t noticed his covert color commentary, but believe me, nothing’s louder than when your plant rolls his eyes at you.)

Love: A Psychic Perspective

All that said, let’s talk about this thing called “love” for just a minute here. Why would anyone move upwards of [insert preposterous, slightly incriminating number of times here] in the name of love…?

Well, A), some of us like change. I actually LOVE putting all my earthly possessions in the car, leaving it all behind, and setting off for sights unseen. I’m absolutely in my element.

And B), there’s the part about how it’s totally natural to be attracted to things romance-related and to be wanting connection with those we’re attracted to. It’s just nature. 

But let’s consider Option C), from a psychic perspective: why—actually—someone would move across the continent the ungodly amount of times I have, in the name of love. Seriously: ¿Por qué? ¿Estoy completamente loca?

Psychically speaking, and from what I’ve learned through many sojourns, is that there are energetic phenomena deeply inherent in so much of how we’re conditioned, in our culture, to approach love. It’s actually extremely common in our culture to be constantly questing for love. Let’s explore this in some more depth.

And please note: as I offer this perspective, I’m not trying to take all the magic, beauty, and wonder out of love. I’m really not. It can, truly, be helium, wingedness, and poetry for the heart and soul. But, for real, let’s talk about the actual nitty gritty of it: how the mechanics of love so often work in our culture, from a psychic standpoint.

  • “Love” can often, actually, simply be a case of energetic cording. This is when you are literally energetically corded with and/or connected with your love interest, energetically speaking. It’s when you’re pushing and pulling on each other’s energy. Either they’ve corded into you and are draining your energy, or you’re cording into them and draining their energy, or both. Sexy, huh? …Not quite the stuff of Shakespearean sonnets, if you ask me.

  • “Love” can also, actually, just be a situation where there’s foreign energy in your space. This is when maybe it’s actually someone else’s truth/want/wish/desire that you step into love in the first place. And what can often happen is that you’re unaware that you’re acting from a place that’s actually not based on YOUR own truth. It can be tricky biz!

  • “Love” can also be an instance of karma—an unmet desire—playing out, which is often a catalyst in the so-called “love” equation. Maybe, for example, you chopped each other’s heads off in an oh-so-charming way in another lifetime together. And perhaps, as souls, you set the intention that you’d have a love relationship this time around so you could hopefully potentially heal things and experience the very opposite of what you experienced last time around together. (Or, maybe, you’re still metaphorically trying to chop each others’ heads off this time around…!) …Ah, love.

  • AND, if you wanted to take it a step deeper, the root of the constant quest for love in our culture is essentially that sneaky social perfect picture that has everyone programmed to think, “I’m not doing it right.” It’s that loud, pervasive social programming that inundates us at every turn (think just about every single song, billboard, advertisement, or Disney movie you’ve ever seen).

This social programming flashes us this perfect picture of “if you don’t have a spouse, a house, 2.5 kids, and a white picket fence, that means you’re not doing it right; you’re not perfect; you’re not enough; you don’t have it together; something’s wrong with you; you have to keep trying until you get it 'right;' you have to be something other than what you are;” etc. And we’re getting slammed with this energy 24/7 in our culture, from every conceivable angle!

I speak from personal experience: this can get pretty exhausting PRETTY quickly, if you know what I mean. It’s a pretty crunchy energy. Like, it’s all you can do to get your coffee down in the morning in the face of all this.

I’ve found it to be extremely liberating to do healing work around this topic, validating that you get to choose for yourself how you relate to love, from a place of your OWN truth, as opposed to operating off of that societal picture that says, “You’re doing it wrong if you don’t have a partner RIGHT NOW,” etc.

Once you clear out any energetic cording, foreign energy, karma you’re ready to release, and/or clear that perfect picture from your space that says “you’re not doing it right if it doesn’t look like THIS,” BOOMPH. Freedom with regards to if, when, and how you choose love.

All that said: all of my shooting-off-to-the-next-edge-of-the-universe-in-the-name-of-love throughout my younger days DID bring a lot of beauty, experience, and learning. I DID get to meet many incredible, virtuosic, and awe-inspiring souls on my journeys. I’ve got stories to TELL—and then some (#whoababe)—because of it.

Choose Your OWN Way

However, as I reflect back on my journey now, I realize that once I cleared that energy around “I’m not doing it right” with regards to love, it became a whole new world of spaciousness, validation, and permission to choose how I related to love in my own way and in my own time, in affinity with my own truth and clarity, as opposed to that knee-jerk programming to just fly off to the edge of the universe at the drop of a hat in the name of love, time and time again.

Much like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I now realize that I actually had what I was looking for all along, already with me. As the energy of relationship begins first and foremost with the tone we set with ourselves, a healthy relationship with oneself is the foundation and tone from which every other relationship takes its cue. And, as with Dorothy, it took going on all the journeys to learn that in the deepest way for myself.

And as far as external love goes, I’ve had a unique love in my life partnership with Ficus, my leafy green copilot through this life.

Sometime down the road, if and when the time is right, I hope to experience a miraculous and gorgeously unique and unconventional kind of love, with a human, in a way I’m not yet able to fathom or even begin to imagine. I’m holding space for something beyond what I’ve ever known is possible.

That said, what I’ve learned from a beautiful life partnership with a tree—and the many miles we’ve been together—is that sometimes it’s the unlikeliest of characters who become our dearest copilots. And that for everything—including love—there is a season, and that we must honor our own truth in following the natural seasons of our own unique heart and our own unique path.

How Painting Walls is Like Healing

When we paint walls, it’s normally because we’re ready for a change. We’re ready for something new; something fresh!  We’re letting go of the old. Healing is the same way. But with healing – especially emotional or spiritual healing – people often expect to be able to make one BIG life shift and then, they assume, the healing is over. Wash your hands, you’re done. That’s not really how it goes, though. 

That assumption is like taking a paint roller to your wall to fill it with as much newness as possible! And then walking away. Paint rollers can’t get into all the little nooks and crannies of the walls. They can’t fully cover the space in the corners. They can’t gracefully get the area around the baseboards or by the ceiling. And, God forbid, you have some sort of weird section of wall between the door frame that’s like two inches wide; a paint roller ain’t gettin’ at that.

Now, don’t get me wrong. A big change (and a big paint roller) can get you most of the way there. Maybe even 90% of the way there! But the healing (and the painting) doesn’t stop with the one swoosh of change. It requires detail work. A smaller brush. 

Once you make that big change in your life, you may start to notice other, little ways that old pattern, belief, or heartbreak is affecting you. That’s ok. That’s like focusing on the corners of the room. Or that part near the baseboards. That doesn’t mean you didn’t heal the majority of your heartache previously – painting the corners doesn’t undo the paint you just rollered onto the walls. It’s just different.

And keep in mind! Paint also takes time to dry. It may take time for your new pattern or way of life to settle in, and that’s ok too. That’s normal. Paint may also require more than one coat! Later, you may have to make another big life shift.  You may have to zoom into the details again later. Again, it doesn’t mean you didn’t heal before. You did. You’re just making that beautiful newness as permanent as possible.

So what do you do next? See if you can find some kindness for yourself and your healing process. You’re doing great work – whether it’s shifting big stuff or tweaking small stuff. You’re healing. And the newness you’re creating in your life is already beautiful — even if it’s not perfect or finished yet.

Blog written with love by Christina Dunlap: a Boulder Psychic Institute teacher and professional psychic. Check her out in the ‘Professional Readers’ section of our website.

Dump Your Slump: Meditation as a Tool to Heal Your Life

Say you’ve been experiencing a slump in your life. You know things could be better! In fact, they have been better. You just need to get back to that; back to who or where you were before. The thing is, you’ve tried everything you can think of already to shift it. You’ve tried to pick up a new hobby, tried exercising more, tried pouring yourself into your work, tried pouring yourself OUT of your work, tried journaling and positive affirmations… but nothing seems to really be changing. Not as much as it needs to. 

You’ve heard of meditation and even have a little experience with it, but why sit down and do nothing when everything seems to be caving in on you? 

I’m glad you asked. 

See, when you are stuck in a rut, there’s energy at play causing the slump. If you stay focused on only the physical components of your situation, you’re likely to make small shifts; but you’re also likely to miss the root of the issue. It’s the difference between running around trying to extinguish tons of tiny fires versus taking the time to figure out who the heck keeps leaving burning matches everywhere. You’ll still want to put out the tiny fires, but if you could stop Fred from starting the fires in the first freakin’ place, you’ll have a lot less work to do in the long run. Make sense?

Cool. So now that you get the concept, let’s talk about how to find that match-lighting Fred. I’ve already hinted that the way to find your metaphorical Fred and get yourself out of that slump is to take some time to sit in meditation. But what do you do while you’re there? 

Start by getting your body comfortable. If your body isn’t comfortable, you’ll find any excuse in the book to squirm away from this meditation. From there, ask questions and be open to the answers however they come in. You may have a thought that pops into your head. You may feel flooded with a particular emotion or body sensation. An image or color may flash in your mind’s eye. The trick to remember here is: whatever comes up is valid. If it doesn’t make sense, don’t command it to go away! Continue your questions. 

For example, you can ask: “What’s this about?” or “How is this thought/feeling/sensation/image/color at play in my greater world right now?” This is how you find your Fred. See what you can learn. All your answers are within you, but you have to be willing to listen to them in order to find them. 

Once you’re satisfied with your line of questioning — your investigation, if you will — now, it’s time to shift some things! This is the part of the meditation where you have to convince your Fred to stop setting fires. Sometimes, once you become aware of the root of an issue, the energy will shift on its own! Fred will feel called out and just stop messing with you and your life, and your slump is automatically dumped! If an image, thought, feeling, or sensation is stuck or persistent, though, you may want to ask one more question: “How can this shift?”

Again, be open to the answers as they come in. Maybe an energetic healing tool will offer itself to you. Maybe just asking the question makes the stuckness go away and you’re overcome with a sense of calm. Maybe an idea or epiphany pops into your head for a an actionable step you can take physically to shift that energy. Pro-tip: if that happens to you, promise yourself you’ll do that thing in the next 24–48 hours. This is your healing, after all, and taking that step is how you get the ball rolling!  Again, be open to the answers. If something doesn’t make sense, let that be ok. I know it’s tempting to tell the answers that they are wrong or not helpful. In meditation, though, we’re talking in the language of spirit. Spirit may talk differently than you want it to. If you want to receive your answers, you’ve got to be willing to listen to this new way of communicating: with spirit.

Awesome. Once you’re feeling like you have an understanding of what’s happening and have a way to move forward, you can bring that meditation to an end. I, personally, like to end each meditation with some words of encouragement for myself. Maybe a “You’re doing the best you can,” or the energy of a “#YouGotThis.” Whatever feels true for me in that moment. 

Then, yes, you go on with your day. But the energy you shifted and the answers you received during that meditation time don’t stay on your meditation chair. They go with you wherever you go. In this step, when you’re going about your day, can you continue to embrace the same concepts you had in your meditation? Can you stay open and curious? 

See, energy work taps into an abundant, creative source. So a healing can land in almost any way imaginable! If you attach to a specific outcome or put expectations on the meditation to create a specific result in a specific time frame, it's like trying to funnel an ocean wave through a drinking straw. While some of the water will flow through the straw and right to the fires you’ve been trying to extinguish, the majority of that wave will flow in a different way. By tapping into the spiritual side of healing, it’s entirely possible that the fires simply disappear. This method of healing can give you something better than you thought to imagine. But if you’re not embracing curiosity, you may completely miss the miracles landing for you.

After that? Well, it’s kind of like shampoo. Wash, rinse, repeat. Meditations are effective! But to get the most out of a healing meditation, you have to be willing to practice your healing. Do the healing meditation in the first place. Be open-minded and curious about what the outcome might look like. Be willing to follow through with whatever insight or next steps you gained through meditation, and do it all over again tomorrow.

This is one of the most effective methods I know to get out of a slump, connect with your own truth, and empower yourself with the help of meditation! Don’t worry. The more you practice, the easier it gets. 

Blog written with love by Christina Dunlap: a Boulder Psychic Institute teacher and professional psychic. Check her out in the ‘Professional Readers’ section of our website.

My Cat is Mad at Me: A Story About Embracing Uncomfortable Emotions

Ava (my cat) is one of the sweetest, floofiest creatures on the planet. She’s also one of the angriest. Or, at least, she gets angry a lot — once per day, in fact, this adorable little godsend is mad at me. 

  • Saturday, she was mad at me because I picked her up off the table (where she knows she’s not supposed to be) to stop her from walking on cheese.
  • Yesterday, after a 90-minute lap cuddle, I had to stand up to go to the bathroom.
  • Today, I’m sure, she’ll loudly (angrily) meow at me when I walk in the door from work because I’m “late.” I’m always late on her clock, no matter what time I actually come home.

At least once a day, I piss off my cat. And I let her be pissed. Eventually, once her anger runs its course, I’ll be head-butted for pets or cuddled again. But in the meantime, she’s angry. And I let her be angry.

After the cheese incident on Saturday with Ava pouting in a corner, butt facing me, and paws disappointingly cheese-less, I got to thinking: if Ava were a human — an actual adult human being — how would this whole situation be different?

And I don’t mean in the way that an adult probably wouldn’t walk on cheese, which is hopefully true. But would that adult have as much freedom as my cat does to sit in a corner and pout? Would that human have that much permission to be angry, no matter how ridiculous the reason? On the flip side, would I (as the pisser-offer) be as calm? Would I still be able to sit at the kitchen table with my snack, my tea, and my book and be completely unfazed by an adult human angry at me?

See, most people view uncomfortable emotions like anger as problems — things to be fixed. If we’re feeling angry, we feel the need to make sure it’s for a good reason. If it’s not a “good enough” reason, we shove down our anger or convince ourselves that whatever we’re angry about wasn’t that big of a deal anyway. We may search for ways to not be angry anymore. If we’re the one someone is angry at, we try to make their anger our fault. We rack our brains for things we could have done better. Should I have said “Ava, don’t stand on the cheese!” nicer? Quieter? Should I have just conceded and let her walk on the cheese to her heart’s content?  

But it doesn't work to try and rationalize or solve these emotions because uncomfortable emotions aren’t a problem. 

I repeat: uncomfortable emotions aren’t a problem.

They’re a part of life. For some of us, if you’re anything like Ava, they’re a part of daily life. And what would happen if you had the freedom to experience your emotions like my cat does? What if we all had permission to feel what’s really coming up for us, no matter how trivial or ridiculous? What would happen if we stopped trying to fix emotions or, worse, trying to fix the people having the uncomfortable emotions? 

In other words, what would happen if we trusted in each others’ capabilities to deal with those emotions in their own way, in their own time, and come to us when they’re ready?

That’s the vision/mantra I’m holding right now. I’m trusting others to be able to have and express their emotions in their own way. And I’m trusting that, as uncomfortable stuff comes up for me, I too have the freedom and capability to work with it, in my own timing and my own way.

Wishing you tons of emotional freedom and space moving forward!  

Also cheese.  MMmm... Cheese… 🧀😋

Blog written with love by Christina Dunlap: a Boulder Psychic Institute teacher and professional psychic. Check her out in the ‘Professional Readers’ section of our website.

The Wisdom of Nurturing Your Inner Child

Have you forgotten how to play? Has your life become a long series of “have-to’s” and “shoulds” that take precedence over all your “want-to’s” and “could’s”? When was the last time you actually felt pure, unadulterated (no pun intended) joy and wonder?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the term “inner child.” This commonly refers to the part of you that, underneath your adult-ness, still retains those qualities from childhood of amusement, enthusiasm, neutrality, and being fully in the present moment. It’s the part of you that loves to play and that chooses things from a place of inspiration and wonder. The part of you that adores all things fun and all things funny. The part of you that wants to learn, grow, explore, and experience from a place of awe-struck curiosity, clear-eyed presence, abundant creative power, and exuberant delight.

As we all know, it can be easy for our inner child to get ignored, unacknowledged, or downright squashed by the all-too-often hectic pace of our adult lives, our responsibilities, our to-do list, our bills, or our work schedule. …Any of the often overly serious or sub-scintillating stuff that can come with being an adult. And while there is of course great importance in upholding responsibilities and doing what needs to be done in a grounded, conscientious, integrity-laden way, there is certainly a balance to be struck with regards to nurturing your inner child—and your joy—as well.

Interestingly, from a psychic perspective, those aforementioned qualities embodied in childhood—of amusement, enthusiasm, neutrality, and being fully in present time—are actually some of the most healing energies on the planet!

This is, of course, where the magic and the spark of life resides. It’s where miracles happen; that place of joy, inspiration, and enthusiasm, as so brightly and brilliantly exemplified in children. It’s what’s real, what’s alive, and what actually matters at the end of the day. Inspiration is a potent alchemist, with the power to instantaneously transform the heaviest burden into the freest wingedness; the deepest wound into healed wholeness and an inspired new way of moving forward in life, embued with deep understanding and wisdom. 

We can learn from children in this way. We can also keep ourselves—and our own inner child—happy and healthy by embodying those qualities and creating space and opportunities in our own lives to experience that sense of childlike amusement, presence, and joy.

What is it that brings you that childlike sense of joy and wonder? What’s that deep thing (or things) that’s your “Heck yeah!”? It doesn’t have to take a lot of time, effort or money. It might be something really simple, natural, and free, like a hike in the mountains, watching a sunset, or the smell of the rain. It might be dancing, writing, creating art, or listening to music. It’s that thing (or things) that make you come most alive and feel most inspired. What would happen if you gave yourself more of that?

The Game of Real Life

In ‘The Game of LIFE,’ did you ever notice that, although you might have a few different choices here and there, every player’s objective is pretty much the same? You have to get through the LIFE board, filling your car up with as many kids as you’re gifted, and make it to retirement. That’s all fine and good.  But is that really a good analogy for real life? I’m skeptical.

For one thing, there are a lot more crossroads in real life than there are in the game — a lot more decisions to be made that can take your life in drastically different directions. But I think the most unrealistic part of ‘The Game of LIFE’ is that it assumes that everybody’s “win” is the same.

It assumes we all want to buy a house, work our buns off, collect tiny pink and blue children in our minivans, and then at some point we’re blessed with retirement where we can finally rest. That idea just seems silly to me.

I think we all have our own — different — priorities. We each have our own values, our own little quirky things that make us happy. Maybe you do want kids, and that’s great! Maybe buying a house is high on your priority list and you’re saving for that already. Maybe your 9–5 job feels soul-fulfilling! Maybe the traditional retirement route feels freeing to you right now. All of that is wonderful. But my guess is that there’s something — even if it’s something small — that doesn’t feel like a win to you that you’re doing anyway, because you think you have to. Or because you think that’s just what life is.

That brings up the possibility that, if your life doesn’t feel as fulfilling as you want it to be, maybe your “win” looks different than the one-size-fits-all path originally paved for you.

On a small scale, maybe you feel refreshed and renewed by being outside. That could make sunshine a daily “win.” Maybe baking a fresh batch of cookies feels like joyful memories and makes your entire rented apartment feel like a vacation to grandma’s home, so you do that once a month. A monthly “win.” Maybe your “win” feels more drastic than that, like a big life change.  My question for you to ponder is:

If you were winning at real life right now, what would that feel like? What would that look like?  

And keep in mind that having a different kind of “win” than the so-called “norm” doesn’t mean you’re doing real life wrong!  It means you’re tuning into what’s important for you, playing a game all your own, and defining a “win” that will actually feel like you’re winning.

Blog written with love by Christina Dunlap: a Boulder Psychic Institute teacher and professional psychic. Check her out in the ‘Professional Readers’ section of our website.

Can You Really Trust Your Gut?

No doubt you’ve been told many times to follow your gut feeling. “Trust your gut!,” they all say. What does this mean, exactly?

From a psychic perspective, the so-called “gut” is home to the 2nd chakra. A chakra is an energy center in the body that contains a specific level of information that affects the body, mind, and spirit. The 2nd chakra, located in the abdominal region of the body, contains your body’s emotional information. It’s all about how and what you feel.

Many people navigate their lives through following their intuition; their gut feeling. From a psychic point of view, what they are actually doing is using their 2nd chakra as their compass and making decisions based on how things ‘feel’ to them in their body. “It just feels right.” Sound familiar? That’s someone orienting from their 2nd chakra, also known as clairsentience.

People who are particularly empathetic can have a particularly wide or open 2nd chakra, which explains why they feel so much of what other people around them feel. Imagine the 2nd chakra like a Doppler radar; it can pick up the emotional vibrations of everyone around it. While there are many beautiful gifts inherent to being in tune with the feelings of the people around you, sometimes it can be tricky to discern what are actually your own feelings versus someone else’s.

This is because other people’s feelings can leak into your 2nd chakra. When this happens, you will feel both your own AND other people’s emotions. For instance, have you ever walked into a room of grumpy people and instantly felt grumpy too? This is quite common! However, this can make it tricky to discern which of the feelings you’re feeling are actually your own.

For instance, say that you are trying to decide whether to switch careers, and you are not emotionally clear on your decision. In this scenario, say that your parents wish you would go back to school. However, maybe your co-workers have a strong emotional investment in you staying in your current job.

If both your parents’ feelings as well as your coworkers’ feelings enter your 2nd chakra, everyone else’s feelings can cloud what your own feelings are on the matter. This can make it difficult to make a decision based on your own gut feeling, and can sometimes lead you to unintentionally make choices based on someone else’s feelings. Has this ever happened to you?  Have you ever made a decision and regretted it later?

What would it be like to make intuitive decisions from a place of your own clear truth? Imagine how different your life would be, if you were making choices based on your own gut feeling, unclouded by the feelings and emotions of others.

How could this change your life? How could this influence the life of others around you? How could this impact your community? How could this clarity make a difference on the planet?

Mental Clarity: A Psychic Perspective

Mental fog? Dazed and confused? Trouble thinking clearly? Just can’t “see” straight?

From a psychic perspective, there is an explanation for this. When your head is feeling fuzzy, that can be the effect of negative energy in your space.

What do we mean by this? Well, think of the inside of your head as a fishbowl. If the water in that fishbowl hasn’t been changed in awhile and the water gets stagnant and murky, the fishbowl will be hard to see through. And vice versa: if you regularly clean out that fishbowl when it needs it, the water will be crystal clear and translucent.

It’s the same with energy. Just like with the fishbowl, if negative energy starts building up inside your head, it can make things stagnant and murky. This can cloud your thinking and also the way you see the world around you.

Another way to say this is that ideally, the space inside your head is occupied by you, and you alone. When the energy is clear and translucent, it’s your energy and you will interact with the world from your own spiritual truth. The thoughts running through your head will be your thoughts, not the thoughts of others. The way you perceive a situation will be filtered through your truth, not tainted by other people’s judgements. So if you’re feeling mentally unclear, it’s because literally, you have other people in your head attempting to influence you.

So, where does this negative energy come from, anyway? Well, lots of places.

For instance, perhaps a friend has been tapping their foot, waiting for you to return their phone call. Maybe your fiancé wishes you’d hurry up and propose to them already. Perhaps your boss thinks you should have submitted that proposal a few yesterdays ago. Seemingly every article you read tells you of a new way that you should be changing your diet and exercise regime. Not to mention how societal programming blasts you from every billboard, radio station, and internet ad with advertising around how you “should” look, feel, and behave.

With all of these foreign energies pulling on you every which way, no WONDER you may not be thinking clearly! That’s enough to muddy up ANY fishbowl!

There can be a LOT of energies—that are not your own—that can invade the inside of your own head. These foreign energies can come in many different forms and flavors, and can compromise your mental clarity and get in the way of you seeing the world through the bright, clear lens of your own truth.

So, the next time you have brain fog or are feeling dazed and confused, consider taking a moment to clean out your head and reset your mental space. Can you imagine how different your life would be if your head was always clear? How would that change your interactions with others? How would that change your view of yourself? How might that change how you treat your body, the people around you, your environment, and the choices you make in your life?

Sign that reads "CHANGE AHEAD" with the sky in the background.

5 Nuggets of Wisdom to Help You Navigate Transitions

Last year felt like a never-ending transition for me. At the beginning of 2018, there was something that I needed to let go of and it felt daunting. I could feel the ripple effect it would have on… everything. 

During that time, I didn’t quite know what kind of change would take place. At this point, I had already grieved what I needed to let go of, but I still had a tremendous amount of fear in actually doing it. Would I like my new life? Would I regret letting go? What if these changes lead to something worse? What is going to happen after this?

January 2018 was the beginning of a large transition for me. It wasn’t an experience where I could just hold my breath and wait for it to be over. I had to learn how to embrace this transition and I wanted to share some of the wisdom I gained along the way. 


1. Focus on what you want and not on what you fear. 

Fear is a funny thing. Our bodies will experience fear to help us survive, but if you process fear in your everyday actions/thoughts/feelings then you might as well put yourself in a prison. Although the change or transition in your life may feel intense, is it an actual threat to your life? Check in to see if you are letting your imagination run wild. Are you letting your fears take over? Are you stuck in the past? Reaffirm that you will live through this, even if a version of yourself dies or things fall away in your life. You might even write yourself a note that says, “I am safe” to remind you that these fears are just fears, nothing more. 

Try to remind yourself of what would happen if you stayed exactly where you are. Can you live with that? Is it sustaining you? Instead of focusing on the fear of taking the next step, focus on what you want instead. This helps to shift the energy and give you more breathing room to actually take the steps you may need to take. You may be surprised by how quickly the energy will move to support you once you choose what you want over fear. Things may fall into place synchronistically and happen in a way that you could have never imagined. You might even wonder what you feared in the first place once you allow that big change to happen.


2. Follow your truth. 

A transition can be filled with a lot choices and potentials. It can feel like your world is in constant flux. As much as you may want to have it all figured out, your mind might not be able to comprehend all of it.  

This is the time to connect with yourself. Do you have a strong sense of knowingness of what to do next? Are you listening to it? Is your heart sounding the siren for you to take a leap? Is there some truth that you are ready to own in your life? Your mind might not be able to make sense of it, and that’s okay. It’s also possible that you are very clear about what you want to do next, but it doesn’t make sense to anyone else. That’s okay, too. Trust that your intuition, your heart, or your truth has an infinite intelligence that will help align you to what is truly yours. 


3. Set the tone, stay in the present moment, and ask for help when you need it.

How do you want to experience this transition? Do you think it’s going to take forever or that it will be hard and complicated? Try to choose how you want this transition to go. Set the tone. No matter what you think, focus on the vibrations that would support you like ease, grace, divine timing, amusement, joy, etc. What would be an arduous journey for someone else might be completely seamless, easy, and magical for you. Try not to compare yourself to how others have done it in the past and just choose how you want to experience it. 

A transition can entail a lot of change, integration, or assimilation. It can feel overwhelming at times. Maybe you are aware of all the steps to get you where you want to be and it’s A LOT. Take each moment at a time. Take each step at a time. You can handle a moment but chances are, you might feel anxiety or stress if you are looking at a whole year’s worth of steps. 

It’s important to recognize that you are not alone. There are people out there that can help. Don’t hesitate to ask for it! Do you need help processing thoughts and emotions? See a counselor. Do you need extra motivation? Connect with a coach. Do you need to be financially savvy? Find an expert. Do you need legal advice? Look for a lawyer. Professional help can clarify so much and make your big transition do-able. Sure, it costs money or takes up more time, but transitions are a critical time of change, and it’s important to be clear and supported through it all. 


4. Give yourself space.  

In a transition, you’re transforming your life in some way and things are not yet solidified. It can feel like you are presenting an unfinished painting to the world. Some people might not get the whole picture and speak to you in ways that feel ultimately unsupportive whether they mean to or not. A transition can feel downright vulnerable so give yourself permission to keep things private, take space, or take a break if needed. Use your intuitive gauge to determine who might be able to hear what you are going through and who might not. Go on a retreat that nourishes your soul and allows you to connect with yourself. Take the space you need and have respect for your needs.


5. Believe in yourself. 

You may be allowing a new version of yourself to shine forth in the world and it might not be graceful. If you’ve ever learned a new skill, you know that it takes many mistakes to become fluent and proficient at that skill. You would never be hard on a new student learning a new skill so why would you be hard on yourself when you make a mistake during a transition. Chances are, you haven’t finessed a new way of communicating or presenting yourself. You may stumble or fall. You may try something new and quickly learn that the method needs refining. Don’t be afraid to try and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Know that you can do this and it’s okay to try again. 

Each transition can be so unique, so make time to connect with yourself, and find what works best for you! In my transition, things worked out faster and better than I could have imagined. I was delightfully surprised by the love, empowerment, and support that followed. In the long run, I learned how to follow my truth, pace myself, respect myself, and enjoy myself during a transition. What tickled me the most is that the people who had done something like this before were totally baffled by how fast, seamless, and synchronistic it worked out for me. It goes to show that it doesn’t matter how anyone else has done it before — you have the choice to set the tone in your own beautiful way. Cheers to BEING in a transition (and not just holding your breath until its over)! 


Michelle Corazao is an instructor (and much more) at Boulder Psychic Institute. She offers spiritual counseling, energy healings, intuitive energy management classes, and channeled offerings. For more information, or to sign up for her newsletter, please visit her website: If you want to connect on Facebook, check out her page here:

Two humans facing each other. One looks down and out of the way. The other has their hand on the chest of the first - reassuring them.

On Current Events and Past Trauma: A Psychic’s Perspective on Empathic Burnout

As a psychic, I come across my own trauma and the trauma of others often. Trauma can be sneaky, sitting in our bodies and preventing us from finding our own answers in life. Trauma can be big—monumental, even—showing us clearly where work needs to be done in order to live a healthier and happier life.

It can also be scary, painful, uncomfortable, and intimidating. It’s when we allow these emotions to dissuade us from digging into and facing the heaviness we feel that it becomes and remains an energetic blockage in our space. Having such a blockage can cause us to feel fatigued, hopeless, anxious, depressed, angry, or just plain bummed out.

Not only is trauma up right now in a lot of people regarding the Supreme Court hearings, but its effects may feel amplified for empaths. Many of us have been sifting through our past pain around our bodies and their autonomy, and many of us have been feeling the pain of those around us as they sift through theirs.

Being both an energy worker and a person who likes to stay informed about the state of news and politics leaves me open to a lot of trauma—especially in times like these.

In this particular case, the heaviness of the energy was massive as it seeped from nearly every woman and non-binary person I knew as well as some men in my life and, of course, myself.

I felt confused, livid, desperate, incredibly disappointed and saddened by everything the recent news brought up in me and others. Here I was, an energy worker seemingly unable to work with the massive pain swirling around me!

This was until I thought to check in with myself and my truth. What was actually my pain to feel and what was the pain I felt for others? Why was I feeling that pain for other people? Was it necessary to carry with me throughout my day? Could I still be a compassionate freedom fighter and social justice warrior if I wasn’t carrying the pain of every person affected by assault with me!?

The answer to that last one is yes.

As for the other questions, I found through meditation and sincere self-reflection that I was in the midst of empathic burnout!

The majority of the trauma I was handling was not truly my own and taking care of myself and my energy was only going to make me better suited to help others heal.

Empathic burnout is common, but luckily it’s also easily managed with a few simple self-care tactics. 

Personally, I like to find a quiet place to sit away from any of life’s demands. Here, I can take a few moments to truly be with myself. When I do this, I’m able to notice places in my body or emotional space where I’m not feeling well. I like to take a few minutes to just give those places or spaces the love and attention they need. If I’m not sure what I need in a particular moment, I like to default to imagining myself surrounded by the vibrations of love, neutrality, and amusement. I do my best to really feel those feelings in my body, even if it’s challenging for me to access them in a moment of pain. Those vibrations are always there.

I also like to imagine myself releasing. This could mean releasing the day, a specific emotion, an event, a conversation, something I saw, or really anything I’m stuck on. The act of release is like a giant sigh. It calms the body and mind, allowing them to return to their normal state of ease and neutrality. I find it comforting to take a moment to drop the weight I’m holding and truly surrender to the present moment. In present time, it’s likely I’m ok. The worry I have or the sadness I feel is not necessary for me to hold in this moment.

Lastly, I like to validate the things in my life I’ve done and am doing well, especially if they relate to my feeling of overwhelm. In this case, I spent a lot of time reminding myself of how much I’ve healed from my own personal trauma and how it is possible for others to heal as well. I validated the bravery it takes to face these parts of myself. I validated the growth I continue to experience as I shed layers of my own pain, the new woman I become every time I let go.

In these dense times, it can feel very easy to become overwhelmed and get a case of empathic burnout. Just know that you have a choice in what you take on. In making self-care a priority and spending some moments in quiet solitude to check in with yourself, you might find that many of these traumas are not yours to carry. In taking the time to consciously release your day or anything you’re stuck on, you might find relief. In sincerely validating yourself and your growth, you might find some peace to get you through the storm.

Big love and until next time,



Cassidy McClure works with Boulder Psychic Institute and offers her reading and healing services to the public on the side. Contact her at for booking and offerings.

Person holding coffee cup that says "The Adventure Begins."

The Difference Between Easy and Ease

Every day, you have the choice to get out of bed or press your snooze button. You decide what you want for breakfast, if you want breakfast. You decide to drink water or coffee (or both). All these choices add up, of course, to give you the story of your day. They’re something you can chat about with your loved one at home or – if you’re like me – write about in a blog.

Similarly, when we make BIG choices, those choices can start to shape the story of our year – or even our life. The choice to marry your best friend, the choice to quit that toxic work environment, the choice to leave an abusive relationship, the choice to stand up for yourself for the first time. All these choices, to me, are magical. They have courage in them. Each choice (and each person making each choice) is filled with trust. There’s trust that everything will be OK. There’s trust in the choice itself and trust in the choice-maker.

When I look at this trust, I see the vibration of “ease.” The confidence in the decision plus the trust-in-self combine to create a vibration that looks – energetically – like that person could do anything. It’s freeing! It’s open.

And it occurred to me this week that this vibration of ease can only really exist in moments where we choose courage. It can only happen in times when we need to pick ourselves up and believe in ourselves. I realized, despite the word similarities, that the vibration of ease is not easy.

It has nothing to do with walking an easy path – where an autopilot could navigate for you. The vibration of “ease” requires growth. It requires you to reach into yourself and find a piece of you that you didn’t know existed. Before you can even experience “ease” you have to be willing to let go of everything that you knew and let it fall away…

Life can be seen as a series of choices. Do you want to go the easy way? Or do you want to experience ease?

My hope for you is a courageous and powerful ease.

Blog written with love by Christina Dunlap: a Boulder Psychic Institute teacher and professional psychic. Check her out in the ‘Professional Readers’ section of our website.

Man with his hand on his chin wondering: "What happened to my healing?"

The After-Healing Challenge

There’s a funny spiritual phenomenon that can happen after an energy healing. Why is it that when you clear your mother’s energy out of your energetic space, she calls you 5 minutes later? Why is it that when you clear negativity out of your space, you find yourself in an argument with a loved one that same evening?

Many people wonder…

Did the healing work?
Did the healing make this situation worse?
Did the healer or myself do something wrong?

Let’s break it down in an example.

Let’s say you’ve been dealing with “negativity” for a long time and it’s been taking a toll on you and your way of living. You’ve been dealing with chronic negative thoughts, a poor self image, and you tend to limit your potential in general. Because of this, you decide to go to your favorite healer, and you ask them to help you release any blocks that cause negativity within yourself and your life.

From here, the healer may sit you down and inform you of how negativity is created –– by allowing other people’s energy to co-mingle in your energetic field. Then the healer might suggest that you work on psychic protection so that you can avoid a co-mingling of your energy with other people’s energy in your energetic field. From there, you might learn a psychic tool or two to assist you in moving forward. After that, the healer works on you, and helps you release energies that cause negativity from your heart, your head, or some other place you may have been storing it in your body.

After the energy healing is over, you may feel good. Maybe you feel lighter and at peace as you make your way home. But once you get home, something random happens, and you end up in a big argument with your roommate or significant other. wtf.

This is actually a very good sign that you received a healing. It shows that you had such a strong intention to release blocks around negativity, that you put yourself into a growth period or a temporary period of time where you are growing and detoxing spiritually –– in this case, you’re detoxing around the topic of negativity. Whatever is getting in your way spiritually becomes clear and active. And now you have the opportunity to release it or prevent negativity in a new way.

In this situation, because you are having the experience of an argument, you are gaining more clarity about how you accrued negativity in the first place. Perhaps you tend to argue with your roommate or your significant other on a routine basis, and you finally realize how you’ve been co-mingling your energy and allowing it to control you. By gaining clarity, you are more likely to make choices or take different actions based on this new information. In this case, maybe your new action involves integrating psychic protection, learning how to communicate in a non-violent way, making boundaries, seeking relationship support, or walking away from that relationship in general.

Although going through a growth period or spiritual detox is uncomfortable, if you ride the wave of this challenge, you can come out of the experience with more clarity, more freedom, and more empowerment. Essentially, you expand into a newer version of yourself that is much less susceptible to negativity. Not only did you integrate how to protect yourself energetically and avoid co-mingling, you may learn new relationship skills to avoid co-mingling in the first place.

This phenomenon is a sign that you didn’t just go to a healer and put a band-aid on your problem, but that you are resolving this block, this issue, or this limitation on a deep level –– Now that’s a healing!

In many cases, you can receive an energy healing and feel instant relief. However, not every energy healing will give you that experience. It is just as common to feel worse after an energy healing as it as to feel better. Just in case this happens to you and things take a turn towards being more challenging, instead of invalidating the healing, recognize that you are healing something on a deeper level — giving you the opportunity to grow into a new version of yourself.

In these moments, I focus on the newer version of myself, rather than the discomfort. I focus on the clarity instead of the challenges. I focus on giving to myself, loving myself, and nurturing myself. I focus on gratitude and the real change I am creating within myself, knowing that it’s better to go through a temporary period of discomfort, rather than carry these old patterns for the rest of my life (or lifetimes).


Michelle Corazao is an instructor (and much more) at Boulder Psychic Institute. She offers clairvoyant readings, energy healings, intuitive energy management classes, and channeled offerings. For more information, or to sign up for her newsletter, please visit her website: If you want to connect on Facebook, check out her page here:

Thumbs up facing a mirror where the reflection is a thumbs down.

Healing Self Worth

What constitutes a lack of self worth?

Maybe you’ve had some experiences that hammered away at who you are and your value. Maybe you had a lifetime of imprisonment for an offense that you were actually innocent for. Maybe in that lifetime you were unable to prove yourself and you had to subscribe to the community belief that you were a bad person, deserving of punishment.

There are many experiences we can have in this lifetime and in concurrent lifetimes that might harm our self worth. We’ve experienced outside circumstances that hurt us, judge us, punish us, belittle us, and ultimately devalue who we think we are.

It’s obvious that bad things can happen to us, and they can take a toll on our own value — but I’m interested in the root cause, which is you.

Like I mentioned, bad things can happen, and people can perceive us in certain ways throughout those experiences. Maybe after you survive a fire, your skin becomes deformed, and you are perceived as ugly by society. Or maybe you are starving, steal from a market, get caught, and then are perceived as a greedy thief by the authorities.

A lack of self worth occurs when the outside perception of you wins. Suddenly, everyone else’s perception of you is now your reality, and you believe it. Your perception of yourself, your knowingness of yourself, isn’t trusted, acknowledged, or respected.

How can we avoid this pattern?

It starts with seeing yourself. It starts with knowing yourself. It starts with trusting that what you know about yourself, and what you see about yourself is true. It’s about valuing your own perception of yourself over other’s perception of you.

It’s about having the discernment that when someone is hurting you, resisting you, judging you, punishing you, and belittling you, it might be because it’s a poor and weak attempt at hiding from themselves. Perhaps they are hiding from that part of themselves that can’t receive you in some way. Or perhaps they are hiding from a part of themselves that can’t have the quality that you are radiating. Maybe they can’t accept your beauty, they can’t accept your amazingness, they can’t accept your wisdom, your clarity, or whatever it may be! Perhaps it is a reflection of their own lack of self worth, and their attempt at feeling bigger and better by seeing you struggle, fail, hurt, or suffer.

This is why it is so important, in healing a lack of self worth, to develop a new pattern of self validation. Even if everyone in your world told you that you were amazing, and you believed them, you would still be perpetuating the root cause of lack of self worth, because you are still depending on the outside perception of yourself over your own.

It starts with you. To break the cycle, you must learn to see yourself –– beyond the old stories. You must learn to know yourself –– beyond your mistakes. You must learn to validate yourself, regardless of what the outside world is reflecting to you. Your perception of yourself, must matter most.

And if you think of yourself as a bad person, unworthy, undeserving, then chances are, you do not see yourself. Chances are, you do not know yourself. Chances are, you do not trust yourself. Because you are amazing. You are brilliant.

You are amazing simply because you exist. You are brilliant simply because you are experiencing a life on Earth. What makes you amazing is so simple. Just by existing, just by being aware, you are freaking amazing! And you deserve everything your heart desires.

So practice being worthy. Practice being of value. Practice seeing yourself. Practice knowing yourself. Practice trusting and validating yourself. Practice loving yourself. Self worth starts with you! Stop looking for your value through other people and the outside world. BE YOU, which is amazing.


Michelle Corazao is an instructor (and much more) at Boulder Psychic Institute. She offers clairvoyant readings, energy healings, intuitive energy management classes, and channeled offerings. For more information, or to sign up for her newsletter, please visit her website: If you want to connect on Facebook, check out her page here:

2 hands hold 2 different petri dishes toward the light. One has red and orange splotches, the other is clear orange.

Living in a Petri Dish

What would it be like to be miniaturized and wade around in a petri-dish from a mad scientist’s laboratory? You’d be surrounded by gunk. It’d smell funny, you’d probably turn your nose up or make disgusting faces. You’d definitely be uncomfortable — probably looking for any way out or feeling like you’re drowning in a vat of nastiness with no escape.

If you haven’t stopped reading already to go puke in the nearest trash bin, I’ve got some news for you. Most people are walking around in this type of nastiness every day. Seriously.

See, we have these things called auras. They’re egg-shaped energy orbs that surround our bodies. They give us our personal space, protect us from energetic harm, and can even encourage healing, growth, and clarity in our lives! But they only do this when they’re energetically clean.

Unfortunately, a lot of us are walking around with gunk in our auras. Because these auras surround us at all times — no matter where we are — if they’re gunky, it gets really hard to stay in tune with all those nice/healing vibrations.

This gunk can be caused by a lot of different things. For the most part, though, it comes from other people:  their hopes for us, expectations, judgments, beliefs, jealousy, you name it.  The way most of us start to tune into the energies in our auras is through thoughts or feelings.  This gunk can have you believe that you're doing everything wrong, that you're not on the right path, that you're not where you're supposed to be; that you should feel bad/mad/guilty/sad for some reason (or for no reason at all!).  This gunk tells you that you need to conform to others' beliefs of how your life should be. It doesn't help you grow. In fact, it often hinders growth — like a parasite in a petri dish.

Most of us aren’t taught what to do with that ick, so instead of shifting the energy or changing it, we’re forced to make do. Just go with it. Eventually, because we’re surrounded, we give up. We start to believe the nasty things in our aura are truly ours.  We believe they're our negative thoughts, our beliefs, our self-doubt, etc.  What we don't realize is — they’re not! And there is an antidote.

That antidote is awareness. As you go about your day, if/when you run into a negative thought or an overwhelming feeling (especially one that would make you feel sad or bad about yourself), I encourage you to step into a place of curiosity and ask: “Is that really, truly mine?”

Just acknowledging that the thought or emotion could be coming from an icky expectation in your space rather than your truth can start shift the energy in your aura immediately.  If you want to level up, you could even imagine replacing that expectation energy with something completely different. Imagine your aura as your personal petri-dish. What do you want to grow in it?

Blog written with love (and an aura bubble full of clarity) by Christina Dunlap: a Boulder Psychic Institute teacher and professional psychic. Check her out in the ‘Professional Readers’ section of our website.

Silhouette of a couple embracing in the night.

Student of Marriage

One day, a very bright student named Harper sat on a park bench slouched over. She felt discombobulated over the course of her romantic relationships in her life. Over the past few months, she had dated her *dream* guy and was upset that he dumped her simply because she wasn’t interested in marriage. Harper cried. There were parts of herself that hated the idea of marriage. She didn’t enjoy growing up and watching her parents fight all the time. She promised herself as a child that she would never get married and put herself through that kind of torment.

She sighed and wondered if her stance on marriage was worth it. She felt like her dream guy didn’t even give her a chance based on her views of marriage. A part of her wished she had expressed something different so that she didn’t ruin her only opportunity with what she thought was the perfect man.

After this turn of events, she wondered if her views on marriage were limiting her. Up until this point, most of her boyfriends weren’t interested in marriage either, yet she repeatedly experienced issues of infidelity, lack of respect, and a few other patterns that seemed to haunt her. She wondered if she would attract a different kind of man if she was open to marriage. Feeling lost, Harper decided to visit the Master for clarity.

As Harper approached the Master, she bowed with honor. She hoped the Master would tell her exactly what to do because she was so wise. Harper asked the Master, “Should I be open to the idea of marriage? Will I find a different kind of man if I change my views?”

The Master looked at her with endearment and replied, “You cannot make a wrong decision.” The Master turned around and gracefully walked off into her garden in her white flowing robe.

Harper was disappointed. She thought she might hear a different answer from the Master. She knew that she would have to decide for herself if marriage was for her. With the regret of losing what she thought was her dream man, she decided to be open to marriage. She then asked The Universe to bring her a husband.

Soon after, Harper met a man named, Rick. He seemed to have all the qualities she was looking for and couldn’t deny the auspicious events that occurred during their first meeting. Rick told Harper that she was his Soul Twin and that they were meant to be together. Harper believed him, and jumped into a relationship with Rick wholeheartedly. However, over the next year, Harper couldn’t help but notice that their relationship felt very rough and hard. Harper decided to visit the Master again.

As Harper approached the Master, she gave her some fresh homemade cookies and said, “I’m in a relationship with my Soul Twin and I don’t understand why this relationship feels so hard. He doesn’t seem to think I’m pretty enough, he doesn’t seem to think I’m smart enough, and everything seems to be my fault. What should I do?”

The Master smiled, winked at her, and said, “You look pretty good to me. Why don’t you love yourself?” The Master then walked towards her reading room and closed the door behind her.

Harper was frustrated by the Master’s answer. Harper had been loving herself. She had done things for herself that no one had done before. She was frustrated that she had already “loved herself” and that it didn’t make a difference in her current relationship.

However, being the disciplined student that Harper was, she decided to love herself even more. She enrolled in classes about relationships. She did healing work on herself and relationships. She read books about relationships, and she joined support groups about relationships. Anytime an issue would come up in her relationship with Rick, she would own her own limitations and find how she created it. She practiced being as self responsible as possible. She did a lot of spiritual detoxing, became very wise, and let go of anything that might be contributing to her rough relationship with Rick. Unfortunately, no matter how much Harper healed and loved herself, her relationship with Rick didn’t change much. Harper decided it was time to see the Master again.

This time, Harper brought the Master a beautiful stone, and she asked, “Should I break up with my boyfriend? I’ve been working really really hard on loving myself, healing my relationship wounds, and very little has changed in my relationship. I’m starting to think that this whole Soul Twin concept is a bunch of baloney that keeps me in a bad relationship. I think I’m going to break it off with him. What do you think?”

The Master raised her eyebrow and said, “It is time for you to get married and while you’re at it, save some money.” And in that moment, the Master disappeared into thin air before Harper could reply.

Harper’s mouth was wide open in disbelief, “What!? You mean I just got clarity that I should dump this guy and now the Master is telling me to save money and get married? This lady is crazy!”

Although Harper was very confused, she sighed and decided to listen to the Master, “Okay, I’ll marry Rick” she thought, “I guess I must have high expectations. I guess relationships take hard work and can take time to change. I guess that is what the Master is trying to say to me.”

Harper went home and talked to Rick about marriage. To her disbelief, Rick told her that marriage wasn’t important to him. Harper cried a deep cry. Just years ago, Rick told her that he wanted to get married and now he could care less about it. Harper felt so confused. The Master wanted her to save money and get married, but she was with a man who didn’t care about marriage.

Suddenly, in the middle of her pain, Harper had a beautiful day dream of meeting a foreign man. This man was kind, loving, sensitive, and connected. He swept her off her feet and took her to a far away land. Harper caught herself laughing out loud and then snapped out of her day dream and back into her somber reality. She wondered if anything amazing like this would ever happen to her or if she was just escaping in a fantasy world. She went on with life, feeling a little stuck, a little defeated, and a little depressed.

A few months went by and Rick and Harper started fighting even more. It became clear to Harper that she was dealing with a very mean man. Harper began to save money so that she could break up with Rick and live alone by herself. Harper thought that the Master was right about one thing, and that was saving money. Harper made plans to break up with Rick after their upcoming vacation. However, on their vacation something surprising happened, Rick proposed to Harper! In total shock and disbelief, Harper said, “Yes.”

In bewilderment, Harper got home from her vacation with Rick and thought to herself, “I guess the Master was right. I guess I’m getting married and I am supposed to save money for a wedding.”

Harper began to save even more money for a wedding. Although Harper felt that everything was falling in line with what the Master said, she still felt something was terribly off. In fact, almost every week after the proposal, Harper would have an anxiety attack. She wanted to follow what the Master said, but she still felt she was with a mean man. Harper decided to get some help. She signed Rick and herself up for relationship counseling in hopes that some issues would finally be resolved.

Although Rick and Harper were doing everything they could to mend their problems together, things got much worse between them. Harper began to get even more clarity that this relationship was bad for her. She felt that if she truly loved herself, she wouldn’t force a relationship that wasn’t working. Feeling like a failed student, Harper decided to give up and release the long relationship she had so desperately tried to salvage. She began to save even more money so that she could afford a home to herself. After nights of insomnia, Harper finally broke up with Rick. Although she felt devestated, Harper hoped that something better was out there waiting for her.

All of this confusion and stress made Harper very upset and sick. She felt like she was going against the Master and she couldn't seem to make anything work no matter how much healing and love she put into it. She decided that she was unworthy of being a student, and would no longer go see the Master. Instead, she went on a hike in nature and cried.

While Harper was sitting on a tree stump, a handsome man named Pierre from France approached her to ask her for directions and a ride home. Harper dried her tears quickly and told him that she was going in the same direction and would be happy to drive him home.

During their walk and drive home, Pierre and Harper talked about their lives. Harper quickly realized that Pierre was a different kind of man. Pierre was kind. Pierre was loving. Pierre was sensitive and connected. Something inside her told her that she needed to get to know him better and so they planned to meet again.

The next day Pierre and Harper spent hours together. They couldn’t stop talking and laughing. Very quickly, they fell madly in love with each other. Weeks went by that were filled with bliss in each other’s company. Harper couldn’t believe she met her fantasy man. Pierre thought she was gorgeous. Pierre thought she was really smart. And Pierre loved to connect with her and treated her very well. Harper felt herself healing and blossoming in ways that she had never imagined before.

Unfortunately, there was one big problem. Pierre’s travel visa was coming to an end and he would have to leave and go back to France. It felt like a tragedy. Harper and Pierre were so in love, that they couldn’t bear the thought of being away from each other. They talked about all the potential ways they could be together, but none of them felt quite right. Finally, after exhausting all ideas, they both brought up the idea of marriage as a way to stay together in the same country.

Harper smiled a big smile. She realized that this was what the Master had been talking about. This was the man she was supposed to marry. Even though she had only known him for a couple of months, she felt excited about this potential and every bone in her body asked her to take a leap into the love she deserved.

A few weeks later, Harper and Pierre went to the courthouse and got married. They both cried tears of sweetness and joy as they made their promises to each other. Soon after, they spoke with a lawyer to work out all the details so that Pierre could stay in the United States. During the meeting, the lawyer informed them that Pierre could not work for the exchange of money or trade in the US for about 7 months while the paperwork was being completed. Pierre looked at Harper in disappointment and said, “I only have a couple thousand dollars left in my account for my travels. There is no way I can pay for myself to live here for the next 7 months. I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

Harper smiled warmly and gave Pierre a big hug, and said, “That’s okay, Pierre, I have a lot of money saved up.”

From the corner of her eye, Harper saw the Master appear. The Master bowed to Harper, winked at her, and said, “All is well.”

As Pierre and Harper walked home hand in hand, he turned to her and said, “Hey, I have a prepaid trip to Fuji in a couple of months, do you want to come with me and call it our honeymoon?”

Harper remembered her beautiful day dream that she had a year ago about a foreign man sweeping her off her feet and taking her to a far away land. She looked Pierre in the eyes and said, “Of course! Dreams do come true!”


Michelle Corazao is an instructor (and much more) at Boulder Psychic Institute. She offers clairvoyant readings, energy healings, intuitive energy management classes, and channeled offerings. For more information, or to sign up for her newsletter, please visit her website: If you want to connect on Facebook, check out her page here:

Handlettering "You are amazing." on notebook paper.

From Blame to Validation

Self-validation isn’t easy. Honestly, this is one concept I struggle with more than any other… Especially when things seem to start going wrong all over the place. My immediate response is to go into self-blame. I’ve done a lot of personal healing work on this, re-training my brain to at least attempt self-validation; but it’s a pattern that hasn’t completely gone away yet.

Last week, I got caught in the self-blame loop again. Windshield cracked? Hip popped out of place? Scraped my finger on a door? Cramps? “Something has GOT to be wrong with me.”

That’s, at least, how my brain responded.

So when I sat in a team meeting on Thursday feeling all self-blamey and our group assignment for the day was to validate our fellow co-workers, I was grateful for a chance to put my mean, internal dialogue on pause. In that meeting, I replaced self-blame with gratitude for all the amazing people I work with. We didn’t have a lot of time, so I scribbled paragraphs of validation as fast as I could — giving as much detail and as many heartfelt compliments as I could in the time allotted.

By the end of it, I felt like a new person. I didn’t even need to read the compliments my coworkers gave me to feel revitalized. I had broken the self-blame pattern by validating other people in my life.

If you struggle with self-validation, self-appreciation, or self-compliments like I do, try validating those around you. The more detailed or specific you can be the better, but even a small compliment to someone else can go a long way: for them and for you.

Blog written with love by Christina Dunlap: a Boulder Psychic Institute teacher and professional psychic. Check her out in the ‘Professional Readers’ section of our website.

Glass mug full of caramel-colored tea. White flowers resting next to the mug.

Tea for Two

When you think about abundance, do you associate it with money? Abundance isn’t just about receiving large amounts of cash in your hand, it’s about receiving unlimited amounts of anything! To expect your abundance to come to you via money is just limiting your abundance!

When I recently started to go through an increase in expenses, the first thing I felt was fear. Can I take care of myself? How will I manifest the extra money to pay for these expenses? I could observe thoughts and feelings bubbling up. I experienced “stories” that said I would have to work hard and work more. Not only that, I could feel this huge resistance to working in general. The “stories” that surfaced would say that my body couldn’t handle more work or that I wouldn’t enjoy the work I was doing. As I observed these thoughts I could feel my heart and my energy close down. These were the exact stories that limited me from allowing infinite and everlasting flow of abundance into my life.

From there, I made a choice. Instead of letting this intimidating cycle of higher expenses freak me out and shut me down, which would contribute to more financial turmoil, I chose something different: to stay open, to stay certain, to stay joyful, and to keep my heart open to all the possibilities. I chose to trust myself and maintain my knowingness that abundance is unlimited, and I can receive both financial abundance and anything else that would support me during this transition. And that’s when the magic started to happen! Not only did I quadruple my clientele the next week, but I noticed my life became sprinkled with surprising moments of abundance in other ways.

One of my favorite moments was when a good friend of mine had just announced she was pregnant. I felt a burst of joy coming from my heart when I was thinking about getting her a gift to celebrate her big creation. However, I wasn’t sure what to get her and I didn’t have a lot of money to spend either. I spent a few days mulling it over and then I let it go — knowing that an answer would come to me eventually.

Soon after that, I hopped on my computer and made an Amazon order. I ordered some of my favorite tea in bulk to save money and time. As soon as the packaged arrived, I realized they had sent me the totally wrong tea. Somehow I had ended up with 3 huge boxes of “Organic Mother’s Milk” tea. At first I was upset. Amazon had gotten my order wrong and wasted my time. However, as soon as I reported the error, Amazon told me they would resend the correct tea and told me to just keep the “Organic Mother’s Milk” tea.

At that point, I cracked a smile. This was my abundance coming to me! I knew exactly who this tea was for –– it was for my pregnant friend! What a brilliant way to gift my friend a present, for free! And the funny thing is that my pregnant friend loves tea and supplements so it was a perfect pre-gift before attending her formal baby shower.

However, something inside me felt the gift wasn’t enough. I wished I could give her more and then once again, I let it go. A few days went by and I finally received my Amazon package with what I thought would be the correct tea. And to my surprise, Amazon got the tea order wrong again! I had received another 3 huge boxes of “Organic Mother’s Milk” tea. When I reported the error to Amazon, they refunded my money and told me to keep the tea. Of course at this point I was totally laughing. What a way to manifest a $50 gift for my pregnant friend, for free!

These are the moments that I cherish, because they remind me of the surprising, fast, and humorous ways we can receive abundance. If this happened on a small scale, imagine what could happen on a larger scale — if you allow it!

So step into your Master Self and command the energies to serve you. Keep your heart open and stay joyful. Trust that abundance is unlimited and remain certain that it is coming to you! Let go of those stinky stories and be abundant!


Michelle Corazao is an instructor (and much more) at Boulder Psychic Institute. She offers clairvoyant readings, energy healings, intuitive energy management classes, and channeled offerings. For more information, or to sign up for her newsletter, please visit her website: If you want to connect on Facebook, check out her page here:

Lock on a jail cell. Black & White.

Past Life Perspective – Present Time Healing

“You were arrested, taken into a cell away from your family and locked away. Your arms were chained to a wall above your head, and you were left to die. The only things to occupy you as you awaited death were the thoughts in your head. Thoughts of your family: ‘Can they survive without me? What if they all get hurt and I’m not there to help them? I didn’t do anything wrong, but maybe I should have just kept my head down… should have kept quiet… then I wouldn’t be in prison & my family would be ok.’”

Kevin, the psychic giving me this past life reading, didn’t know about my childhood in and out of courtrooms or the countless times my words had been twisted against me. He didn’t know about the time the judge ruled to separate me from my younger siblings because I was a “liar” and would “corrupt” some of the people I cared most about in the world. He didn’t know that the thoughts that occupied my head in that past life were the same ones that continually ran in and out of my head throughout childhood.

As Kevin kept reading my past life, I recognized every emotion he mentioned. I remembered all the fear, the guilt, the heartache, the betrayal, the negative self-talk... everything. I knew it all far too well in this lifetime. With this reading, I knew it was time to let those emotional pains go. So as Kevin read, I cried my way through a box of tissues. By the end of the past life reading, even though I felt overwhelmed with heartache (and tears), the only thing I really wanted to say to Kevin was “Thank You.”

He was able to validate all the turmoil from that past life and, in doing so, gave me the space to process the emotions I’d been unknowingly clinging on to for lifetimes. Receiving that reading was a powerful experience. Now, 3 years later, I still remember the gift of that reading. I remember the permission it gave me to feel, cry, and be completely and authentically broken in the release of my pain. That reading gave me a fresh start – a way to let go of pains I didn’t even know I carried – until the only thing left was gratitude.

A lot of people go into psychic readings expecting fairy tales, but psychic readings aren’t always bright and happy. They can get dark. They can poke at emotional bruises you thought you cleared already. But because these readings focus on you as a spirit – as a little, infinite ball of light – they also offer a way out of the darkness. They offer permission, perspective, and a way to find more healing in your present.

If you’re interested in receiving a psychic reading, check out our offerings online and schedule one today!

Blog written with love by Christina Dunlap: a Boulder Psychic Institute teacher and professional psychic. Check her out in the ‘Professional Readers’ section of our website.

Artistic representation of what it feels like to have another being attached to your face. Woozy & kind of psychadelic.

Busting Away the Winter Blues - Entity Extraction

About a year after I had invested in psychic development classes, I had started to get the hang of “owning my space” or operating from my own energy and truth. I could maintain my balance each day, and even if I lost my balance, I was becoming more fluent at “regaining my space” faster than I ever had before. For someone that had been dealing with chronic and seasonal depression, this was a big achievement! I remember enjoying week after week of feeling peaceful, balanced, and connected to myself. However, I didn’t realize that becoming fluent with energy work was actually preparing me for my next big growth step.

One night I was sleeping alone in my studio, and I woke up in the middle of the night to a woman standing over me. She was staring me in the face and wearing a white, old-fashioned sleeping gown. She looked exhausted. This woman reminded me of a mother who worried herself sick. She seemed in need of rest and support. However, waking up to her staring me in face caused quite a panic! I shot out of bed gasping in fear and ran to the other side of the room. The woman completely disappeared and within a few moments, I felt a rush of energy slam into the side of my head. For the next few days, I didn’t feel like myself at all.

It was mind-blowing to experience such a drastic shift in my mood and to connect it to an entity in my room. I went from being calm, peaceful, and rested, to feeling totally frayed, funky, angry, and worried about everything. No matter what kind of energy work I did, I couldn’t get rid of those stuck feelings and thought patterns. The feelings and thoughts felt like a broken record repeating itself over and over again like a never-ending loop. I felt possessed — and I kinda was! I knew that an entity was in my energetic space, and at this point in my development, I didn’t have much experience with extracting entities. Eventually, I went to my psychic school where my teacher saw my “situation” and helped me release the entity. Again, it was amazing to get such instant relief. I felt back to myself again with the acknowledgement that entities were very real and they were messing with my moods!

After that experience I became hyper aware of entities. I started seeing them every night in my studio and encountering them every day in my energetic space. For about three months, I felt as if I had entered psychic boot camp, and the theme of this bootcamp was, “Extracting Entities!"

By the time that three month period was over, I no longer needed someone else to remove entities for me. I became highly proficient at clearing them from my energetic space and also the buildings that they were occupying. The fear I held around entities had been released, I had empowered myself once again. I realized that entities weren’t more powerful than me. Entities weren’t dark and malicious either. Entities were just like you and me — but without a body. Most of them were stuck and looking for help. Some of them were completely lost. Rarely did I find an entity that had some kind of evil intent.

Many years went by, and I continued my journey in becoming aware of entities and clearing them from my body. I cleared entities that resisted being on Earth and would produce suicidal thoughts for me during the winter. I cleared entities that were stuck in anger and made me feel like a cat being rubbed the wrong way. I cleared entities that were stuck in invalidation and produced a tired feeling that made it hard to accomplish anything. I even cleared an entity that was slowing down my thyroid! Year by year, I cleared entities out of my body and released the energies that attracted them in the first place. And after some time, winters became less debilitating and much more manageable.

Unfortunately, our society simply hasn’t caught up to the truth about energy dynamics and what is really going on with illnesses such as schizophrenia or bi-polar disorder. Most of these people are not sick, they simply have strong psychic abilities that are owning them. In this case, these people are experiencing their strong Trance Medium ability. It’s your ability to go in and out of your body as well as your ability to channel other beings. These folks tend to be susceptible to entities if they haven’t learned how to be a conscious Trance Medium.

If you suffer from mood swings, talk to “yourself," experience sudden shifts in personality, or feel stuck in a repeating loop of emotions or thought patterns, I encourage you to become aware of entities and the possibility that you might have a few “extra friends” in your life. Take some classes, build some energy management skills, and own your space! Life is much more smooth when it’s just you in the driver’s seat!


Michelle Corazao is an instructor (and much more) at Boulder Psychic Institute. She offers clairvoyant readings, energy healings, intuitive energy management classes, and channeled offerings. For more information, or to sign up for her newsletter, please visit her website: If you want to connect on Facebook, check out her page here:

Woman celebrating a successful ski run — arms in the air

Lessons in Skiing

I went skiing for the first time last week.

I fell...

A lot.

Now, before you start rolling your eyes at me, this is not one of those “fall 7 times, get up 8” or “practice makes perfect” blogs. These falls taught me something different.

See, I understood that when most people go skiing for the first time that they fall. So by the time I was at the top of my first bunny slope, I was prepared for falling. I was prepared for falling a lot – for falling hard, for falling awkwardly, for even falling in ways nobody has ever thought to fall before! I was ready for that. I was ready for that part of the learning process.

The funny thing, though, was I didn’t fall that much. Not on the bunny slopes, anyway. I mean, of course I fell a few times. But nothing significant. I even moved up to the green (more difficult) runs relatively quickly. That’s where my real learning began.

On Green Run #1, I was terrified. I don’t even like going down a hill fast on a bike! And here I was, speeding down the side of a mountain on two oversized toothpicks. As I flew down the mountain, my head was a slur of 4-letter expletives and a single, long syllable: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

I didn’t fall on that run at all. My heart-rate spiked, my body started shaking, and by the end of the run, I was so dizzy from fear I had to sit down for an hour. But I didn’t fall.

Green Run #2: this was the big one. My goal was to slow it down – to slow myself down by skiing perpendicular to the run as much as possible. This… is where I fell the most. I fell and slipped under the ski lift (which is super dangerous, btw, I do not recommend). Twice. I ate it in the middle of the run. I lost a ski. I lost the other ski. I lost the first ski again. I did some combination of a tumble and somersault down a portion of the mountain.

By the time I was finally at the bottom, there was a long line for the lift back up. I was able to have some space to think as I shimmied my way through the line. I was surprised that I wasn’t upset about any fall. I wasn’t judging myself. I wasn’t embarrassed or ashamed in any way. But something was wrong. Something was off.

On the ski lift, on the way to my Green Run #3, I figured out what my deal was.

I was afraid of going fast. Not because I was in some way scared of hurting myself, though. No, if that were the case, I would have super-freaked when my ankle twisted in Green Run #2. No. I was afraid of hurting everybody else on that mountain. I was afraid of crashing into people. I was afraid of breaking them. I was afraid that people would die because of me. So my falling, putting myself in jeopardy, being unsafe – it was all fine. As long as nobody else got hurt.

As I sat on that lift riding up to Green Run #3, I also realized that particular fear wasn’t unique to skiing. I realized that I held myself back or would slow myself down in a lot of ways all in the name of protecting other people. So at the beginning of Green Run #3, I stood at the top of the mountain staring down at all the people skiing/snowboarding down for probably 5 minutes in self-talk mode.

“You didn’t hurt anyone on Green Run #1, Christina. They’re ok. You’re ok. You can weave around these people. See the idea of accidentally killing them leave your head – it’s not helping you.” … “Are you ready?”
“Are you ready?”
“Are you ready?”
"Ok." *lift off*
“F*#K, I’m scared!”
“But you’re ready. Keep going...”

And I did.
And I didn’t fall.

My hope for you, love, is that the only person you pause for in the future is yourself. I hope you trust yourself enough to take the path that's true for you at the pace that keeps you safe — even if you get scared along the way.

Blog written with love by Christina Dunlap: a Boulder Psychic Institute teacher and professional psychic. Check her out in the ‘Professional Readers’ section of our website.

Fist squeezing water out of a rainbow sponge

Busting Away the Winter Blues - Are You a Psychic Sponge?

What causes winter blues or depression on a psychic level? There can be many influences at play, but today I’ll speak to one of the most common reasons people experience stuck emotions or negative thoughts.

When chronic and severe depression haunted me as a young pre-teen, I was asked what was upsetting me, and I could never find the answer. The truth was, I didn’t know exactly what was upsetting me, I just didn’t feel good. The heavy emotions I experienced always lingered like a fog, and my thoughts were harsh and upsetting.

It wasn’t until I began to develop my psychic abilities at a much later age, that I discovered I was quite the psychic sponge! I could easily pick up on the thoughts and emotions of other people. I eventually learned that someone like me can easily absorb other people’s energy. I could be standing next to a stranger, absorb their energy into my body, and then process it all day, all week, all month, or all year long!

One of the first psychic tools that I learned is called a psychic gauge. It’s a psychic tool that you can ask a question and receive an answer, kind of like an intuitive pendulum or Magic 8-Ball. I used this psychic tool to determine whether the thoughts or emotions I was experiencing were actually mine or if they belonged to someone else. Almost every day, I got into the habit of asking, “Is this mine”? As in, is this my thought or someone else’s thought? Is this my emotion or someone else’s emotion? What I discovered was that most of the time it wasn’t my thought or emotion, it was something I had picked up around me.

At first this was frustrating, because I didn’t like that I would unconsciously absorb energies from other people. I felt that my healing abilities were out of control and that I had no boundaries with them. For example, I attended a business workshop one day and sat in the front row. The whole room was filled with amazing women. The speaker finally began to talk to the group, and within 15 minutes, I suddenly felt this strong wave of grief come over me, and I began crying. It was completely spontaneous, and also embarrassing. There was nothing that the speaker was saying that triggered this response, so I began looking around the room. No one else was crying. What was going on with me?

From there, I used my psychic gauge. Is this grief mine? And the answer was “No.” Knowing that I must have picked up the grief from someone else, I began to clear the energy out of my body during the workshop. After a couple of minutes, I felt instant relief. The grief that fell upon me so suddenly, completely vanished as if it had never been there in the first place. I was happy to feel relief.

What happened next blew my mind! The speaker in the front of the room began to tear up and tell a heartbreaking story about her father dying when she was young. At that point, I knew exactly who I had absorbed the grief from! I was amazed that I had unconsciously started to process a complete stranger’s grief! What else was I processing that wasn’t mine?

When it comes to healing stuck emotions like chronic or seasonal depression, consider asking the question, “Is this mine”? “Who am I healing”?

Not every thought you experience or emotion you experience belongs to you. Like I mentioned before, at first I felt a victim to my own healing abilities, but through lots of awareness and practice, I finally learned how to own my space and have healthy healing boundaries. What used to feel like my biggest weakness is now my biggest strength. To be such a strong healer is empowering - when you own it!

Instead of thinking of yourself as someone who struggles with depression, you might consider validating what an amazing healer you are. And from this day forward, you might even ask yourself, “Is this mine”?


Michelle Corazao is an instructor (and much more) at Boulder Psychic Institute. She offers professional clairvoyant readings, energy healings, intuitive energy management classes, and channeled offerings. For more information, or to sign up for her newsletter, please visit her website: If you want to connect on Facebook, check out her page here:

Groundhog peeking its head up through a hole in the ground

Groundhog Day

February 2nd is the day when Punxsutawney Phil, a legendary Pennsylvanian groundhog, either sees his shadow (indicating six more weeks of winter) or does not see his shadow (signaling an early spring).

This holiday demonstrates our focus on the weather: we discuss it, forecast it, plan around it, lament it, and celebrate it. However, we could decide to direct our attention elsewhere.

Here are some alternative ways we may choose to mark Groundhog Day:

• Embrace all lived experience in gratitude.
• Try something new.
• Give extra love to animals everywhere.
• Recognize our own forecasting abilities.
• Check in with the psychic “weather” (the collective vibes we sense all around us).
• Plan a get-together with a friend, regardless of the road conditions.

Life is a choice.  Happy Groundhog Day!


Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

Happy New Year 2018

New Year, New Intentions

New Years, for a lot of people, is the time of resolutions. It’s about starting fresh and thinking about goals for the year ahead.  Some of the most popular intentions this year include eating healthier, getting more exercise, or saving more money.

While all these things are things I could probably use more of, I don’t like this kind of goal-setting for the New Year.  Why?  Well, because I have a tendency to jump head-first into things and burn myself out.  If I made it my yearly goal to get more exercise or eat healthier, I would go cannonball into that goal doing everything in my power to make it happen, ignoring everything else in my life (including rest)… until mid-February or so when my body finally screams at me to stop and I veg out on my couch for a week doing nothing but watching Once Upon a Time on Netflix and chowing down a bucket of spicy fried chicken.

As much as I love fried chicken, I figured I’d go a different route this year.  I wanted to choose a word – a single word – that could be my theme for 2018.  When I was just brainstorming, I was thinking it’d be something like “Believe!” because I want to work on believing in myself and my abilities more.  But that word didn’t feel quite right.  I decided to dig deeper and fill out a thought-provoking questionnaire to see what more I could learn about what I really wanted to focus on in 2018.

By the end of the questions, I realized that one of the qualities I admire most in other people is their quirkiness: their brave creativity – their “crazy.” I love stories about people who go completely against the grain and do something that nobody has ever done before. I celebrate that quality in other people! But I as I read back through my answers, I noticed I didn’t write that down as a strength in myself even though I’m basically a human quirk-ball.

So my word for 2018 is “Quirky.”  This year, I want to find my quirk as a strength in myself and give myself more permission to go against the grain and be a little crazy.  Maybe that intention will transform my diet, exercise, or savings… but my bigger goal for this year is to resolve a blind-spot within myself & embrace a piece of me I’ve been hiding for far too long.

Do you have a word, intention, or resolution for this year?  I’d love to hear about it [Tweet Me]!

Wishing you the happiest of years this year! May it be filled with joy and self-discovery.

xoxo - Christina

Blog written with love by Christina Dunlap: a Boulder Psychic Institute teacher and professional psychic. Check her out in the ‘Professional Readers’ section of our website.

Woman holding her hands in a heart-shape over her stomach

Bust Away the Winter Blues with Awareness and Self-Care Blog Series: Body Blues - Diet & Gut Health

It amazes me that when I was first seen by a doctor for severe depression at the age of 15, that there were no tests done on my body. The doctors, therapists, and psychiatrists were quick to encourage or prescribe medications for a mental disorder, yet they did not think it was important to draw blood work or educate me on proper nutrition for my body.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
― Hippocrates

If you aren’t eating the right diet for your body, and if you are missing just a few essential nutrients or minerals, you could easily experience depression. It’s very possible that you are low on vitamin D, B12, folate, selenium, iron, or omega 3’s. Or perhaps you have too many foods in your diet that contribute to depression; like alcohol, sugar, processed foods, or caffeine. Maybe you’ve overloaded on things that breakdown gut health like GMOs, pesticides, stress, birth control, antibiotics, or oral corticosteroids. There’s also a chance you have an organ in your body that is low-functioning, like your thyroid or liver.

Everyone has a unique body with different dietary needs. I recommend reading about different diets, different blood types, and learning as much as you can. It took me years to narrow down a diet that worked for me.

I had an abundance of inflammatory foods in my diet; like gluten, dairy, sugar, and alcohol. These foods not only contributed to my inflamed and leaky digestive system, but they also affected my moods as well. Inflammatory foods contributed to me feeling more irritable, angry, reactive or… quite frankly… inflamed! After taking these foods out of my diet, I’ve experienced healthier digestion, less mood swings, less irritability, and clearer skin!

I had to learn about my diet through a lot of trial and error. I spent hours and hours on the Internet self-educating about nutrition for many years. If I were to do this journey all over again, I would have gone straight to a nutritionist or naturopath. Seeing a professional does cost money, but it is worth it if you aren’t willing to put in the time to research online, or if you aren’t patient enough to eliminate foods out of your diet and slowly introduce them back into your diet over the course of a year. If you lack patience or need quick relief, don’t rule out professional guidance –– my naturopath was a lifesaver!

For example, I was aware that I was sensitive to foods. For a couple of years I tried going gluten free, and would occasionally experiment with going dairy free. I had a hard time being consistent with eliminating things from my diet because I never received significant results. After 4 painful years of trying to eliminate foods out of my diet, I finally took an allergy test at my naturopath’s office. It turned out that I was having an immune reaction to about 10 different foods that were regularly in my diet. No wonder my system was so inflamed! On top of that, my iron was low, my thyroid was sluggish, my hormones were off, and my liver was low-functioning. There was a lot of work to be done to get my body back in balance.

“All disease begins in the gut.” - Hippocrates

Did you know that candida, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and parasites can not only cause chronic fatigue, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, but also mood disorders including seasonal depression? Most serotonin is produced in the gut, so a major gut problem is likely to throw this production out of balance. I personally struggled with a couple of these imbalances in my gut, and I was amazed at how much more energy and vitality I experienced just by doing some routine cleansing and detoxing. I had tried doing candida cleanses for years on my own, but it wasn’t until I did some testing at the naturopath where I was finally able to identify everything that was having an impact on my gut health.

I’ve found that over the years, as I come out of chronic or seasonal depression, I experience more anger and less apathy or sadness. For many, depression is buried or deeply repressed anger. I used to frequently bury my anger, hence the depression, and since I no longer bury my anger as much, I can feel it –– and that’s healthy! At first, you might think anger is bad, or you might think it’s wrong, but I encourage you to develop a new relationship to your anger. It’s important to be friends with your anger. Don’t be afraid of it and try to release your judgement of it.

When anger arises, give yourself space to connect with it. Don’t brush it off; try to feel it instead of resisting it. Rather than yelling or punching a pillow (resisting it), sit quietly, feel it, and listen to it, even if that means your body starts to tremble or cry. Breathe through it. Anger is important and it’s telling you something. Maybe a personal boundary has been crossed (many many times), maybe something needs to change (or a lot needs to change), and maybe there is some internal or external need that is not getting met (or there are a lot of needs not getting met)?

This is emotional work, and when you listen to your anger, you might find yourself changing your life and establishing boundaries. This is the gift of anger. Anger will help you get your needs met. It will point you in the direction of how to keep yourself safe. It tells you what is violating, toxic, or what needs changing in your life. Start to relate to your anger, so that you are not shoving it down into a dark abyss. Suppressing it will not only keep you stuck, but it will keep you down, and it will make you sick.

Something you can do — physically — that will help support this process of relating to your anger is taking care of your liver. Eat foods like garlic, grapefruit, beets, carrots, leafy green vegetables, and green tea to support your liver. Do some research and take high quality supplements that help cleanse and support your liver. You might even consider reducing, limiting, or cutting out alcohol all together during the winter!

Not only have I had to eliminate a myriad of foods out of my diet, I’ve had to do multiple cleanses, and take multiple digestive, liver, and hormonal supplements to simply get my gut health back in balance. Like I said, I’m amazed at the age of 15 that this was not even remotely acknowledged when I reported severe depression. To me, it seems extreme to jump to a mental disorder when the majority of us lack simple education about maintaining proper diet and gut health for our unique bodies.

There’s much more to discuss in regards to how you can support your body and bust away winter blues. Stay tuned for some of my upcoming blogs that talk about exercise, sleep, rest, sunlight, light therapy, hormones, nature, water, and fresh air.

Once I cover the foundations of taking care of your physical body during the winter, then I’ll discuss how you can support yourself mentally, emotionally, and energetically. There are some interesting psychic dynamics to be aware of so that you can kick those winter blues goodbye for good. Stay tuned!


Michelle Corazao is an instructor (and much more) at Boulder Psychic Institute. She offers professional clairvoyant readings, energy healings, intuitive classes, and channeled offerings. For more information, or to sign up for her newsletter, please visit her website: If you want to connect on Facebook, check out her page here:

Painting of swirling lines representing redwood enerrgy

Holiday Traveling With Ease

During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, air travel rates seem to skyrocket. And if you’ve ever been in the airport during one of these times, you know just how crazy the traveling experience can get. People are everywhere. Swarming. Talking. Coughing. Walking sooo slllooooowwwwlllyyyy.  It’s all so crazy that it makes it almost too easy to lose yourself in the chaos.

On top of that, this is the time of year where more people travel out of obligation than out of excitement — which just makes the whole airport energy feel stressful, rushed, and serious.  Not fun. Not what the holidays were ever meant to be about.

So, what’s a girl (or dude) to do to keep from getting swept up in the airport ickyness while traveling this holiday season?  Well, my favorite tool is imagination. I imagine that the energy of my personal space (or aura) bubble is filled with the energy of one of my favorite travel destinations.  This year, I’m going to fill my space with the grounded, magical energy of a redwood forest. It’s an energy that inspires my paintings, fuels my dream-adventures, and makes me feel at home.

Setting my own space at an energy of my choice helps me un-match from the chaos of traveling and helps me tune into my ‘vacation’ vibe before I even step inside the airport.

Blog written with love by Christina Dunlap: a Boulder Psychic Institute teacher and professional psychic. Check her out in the ‘Professional Readers’ section of our website.

Empty Nest

The scene is common: a traditional family with two twenty-something daughters who live in other parts of the country, and a teenage son who is preparing to leave home. My client, their mom, has defined herself largely by her mothering role, while her husband has found a sense of purpose in providing for the family. Home, for them, has been characterized by supporting the children, creating special family experiences, developing traditions, as well as negotiating the random demands that arise in any group-living situation This couple has spent their time building their life together as a family. Now, though, it is time for them to begin creating something new in which they can enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Transitions often require that we rethink our relationship to those aspects of ourselves that are changing. In this example, my client is revisiting what ‘home’ means to her. She is slowly releasing the idea that home is the space that houses children and lots of divergent interests and activities, in which she provides stability and harmony.

Because having children in the house has been so interconnected with the sense of home and purpose for this couple, I asked if they had considered becoming foster parents. They could continue to generate the sense of home in the same way, while providing others with a template of what it is like to be supported in a loving home environment. However, my client assured me that she and her husband are ready to begin redefining themselves. In the case of my client, she knows that she is ready to let go of the idea that a home requires children, but she is not sure of what she wants to replace it with. Would she enjoy painting? How does she want to shift the time and energy that she has been using to create a supportive space for others?

She is transitioning to a new concept of home as a space that nurtures her. Of course, when we change our relationship to one aspect of our lives, it often has ramifications for other aspects of our life. In this example, right under the surface of the question, “What is home?” lies the inquiry “What is the basis of our marriage now?” And, then, beneath that, inevitably lies “Who am I?” and “What do I want?” This couple is bravely peering into the void to radically redefine themselves, their relationship, their purpose, their roles, and their living space. Clearing the house energetically helps this couple’s transition to happen more smoothly by opening the space for them to choose how they want to create in this new phase of life.

Time changes everything, whether we are ready for the changes or not. While these shifts can be daunting, they’re also incredibly rewarding—they are what make life terrifying and wonderful. I invite you to consider the aspects of yourself that are currently changing.

Bring fun and adventure to the unknown!

Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

A Room of One's Own

Why are some people easier to live with than others? One answer to this question regards the compatibility of the roommates’ conceptions concerning what it means to live communally.

Let’s consider two common ways of sharing living space: the beehive model and the ‘free to be you and me’ model. People who embrace the beehive model hold that living together is like forming a beehive. Each person has specific tasks that contribute to the successful operation of the entire household, and the commitment to that success trumps the individual desires of the people involved. Typically, people living in this sort of arrangement agree about what the living situation is supposed to look like, and use that agreement to guide the activities and priorities of each person who is a part of the group.

On the other hand, people who subscribe to the ‘free to be you and me’ model have a view that part of the living space belongs primarily to one person, and another part belongs primarily to another person, while communal areas in the house are set neutrally in order to facilitate communication among the individuals in the household. Negotiation within this more individualistic model involves deciding how each person can meet his or her needs while living together.

One source of complaints among people who live with others involves a clash between these models.

Let me relate a story about a married couple facing this sort of clash. The wife subscribes to the beehive model. When she and her husband are working together to meet the needs of the larger household, she feels safe and loved. However, when her husband creates a space in the house that is entirely his own, she feels lonely and abandoned. Meanwhile, the husband holds a ‘free to be you and me’ perspective in which he feels trapped and extinguished by the demands of the beehive view. He feels as though there is no space for him to be himself in his own home, and, consequently, is feeling pushed out of the house and the marriage.

This dynamic easily can lead to blaming: he is irresponsible for not cooperating and she is controlling for not allowing him space. I am hoping, instead, to bring awareness to this interaction. The beauty of recognizing energy patterns is the opportunity to use that information to make conscious choices about how to relate to those patterns. This situation calls for compassionate negotiation, informed by an awareness of the dynamic at play. The featured couple has decided to reset their home through a series of house healings designed to promote safety for her with space for him.

In our own life, it is helpful to notice of how much space we need, and how much we desire to create with others. The more we recognize our own tendencies, the easier it is for us either to find people with compatible leanings, or to negotiate our needs with the people we find.

Which relational dynamics help you to feel at home?

Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

On Top of the Hill

Ever notice how some houses take on a mythic character in a neighborhood? Especially as children, we characterize houses—and often the people who live in them—as creepy, foreboding, magical or just plain different. These observations, readily recognized by children—which include an element of the community agreement-- are apparent at an energy level, too.

As houses change hands, often their role in the community will remain the same. In this way, people tend to choose to live in houses whose function in the community matches the people’s concept of their own role in the neighborhood. Because of this law of attraction between the role of the house, and the type of people who feel comfortable in it, oftentimes houses will attract people who are amazingly similar to the ones who just left. Interestingly, though, sometimes the match between the energy of the house and its new owners is at a different level and not immediately obvious.

Consider an older Boulder neighborhood full of quiet, brick houses and mature trees. While I was reading the energy of one of these homes, I continued to see images from World War II, full of Nazi-style zeal and control. I confirmed that the original owners of this house had arrived from Germany. This house contained bottles of liqueur in the walls, and other hidden treasures in the attic. It was a house out of another time and place. Because of its strong, commanding character, set by the initial owners, this house assumed the role of overseer in the neighborhood. It held a level of scrutiny that acted to maintain a strict code of conduct within the neighborhood.

The current owners of the house had recently moved in, and were in the process of remodeling the house—in more ways than one. I saw the current owners’ energies flooding out to the neighborhood in an attempt to encourage camaraderie and team spirit—as well as a willingness to lead by example in lending a helping hand. The new owners of the house clearly value a strong community bond, based on supporting one another through all of the experiences of life.

So where is the match? This family, too, has strong values and ideals, a sense of working together for the greater good, a little perfectionism, and strong leadership skills. Only a strong family could have taken on the challenge of living in this house, especially considering its role in the neighborhood. This house has maintained its position of setting the tone of the local community. However, with the new owners, that tone has changed. The scrutiny that once dominated the subdivision has been replaced by a vision of neighbors who are willing to uplift one another in their community interactions.

It may be fun to notice the energy of the houses in your neighborhood. Are any of them scary, or fun, or eccentric? How do you and your abode fit into the neighborhood schema?

In what ways are you setting the tone in your community?

Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

How are you feeling?

An Emotional Detox

I had an acupuncturist once “prescribe” a blend of Chinese herbs for me to make into a tea.  I was supposed to drink it a few times a day after boiling it on the stove for 10 minutes at a time.  As she read of the ingredients, I remember thinking “Oh, that shouldn’t be that bad.  Sounds kinda like a chai.”  Boy, was I wrong.

The tea was made of ginger, star anise, licorice, and a few other spices I don’t remember… but it was NOT chai. It was far from chai.  It tasted like someone decided to boil a pot of licorice jelly beans down into a sludge and remove the sugar.  Gross.  What’s worse is – it made me angry.  I’m not talkin’ a small amount of anger, either.  I wasn’t just mad because I was drinking sugar-free jelly bean sludge. I was infuriated.  For a week, whenever I took a sip of this healing remedy, I would sit on the couch – tea cup in hand – and glare at the wall in front of me.  I was paralyzed by my anger. I didn’t want to stand up. I didn’t want to be touched. I couldn’t think about doing anything except sitting there, staring, and feeling angry.

Apparently, that tea was supposed to be cleansing my liver.

Apparently, what my liver needed to cleanse was anger.

I couldn’t release my anger through that tea, though.  It wasn’t working for me.  It was too much – too intense (in taste and results).  Not to mention, it really wasn’t practical to sit and stare – fuming at nothing – for 2 hours every day.  I gave up on that detox and decided to focus on healing my liver-anger solely through energy work for a while

That was 3 years ago.

Last month, I decided to get brave.  I started a new liver detox program – a gentler, less disgusting one this time – and made it a priority to pay attention to my emotions throughout the cleanse.  For 25 days, I took liver-cleansing pills and I checked in with my body every hour to see how I was feeling.  Because I’m a total nerd, I tracked each emotion in a spreadsheet: highlighting any feeling that was overpowering & thought, by the end of the detox, I’d have enough data to make some personal scientific discovery about myself & my emotions!  The discovery, though, didn’t come from the 400 hours’ worth of emotions I tracked.  It came from the app I downloaded to remind me to check back in with myself every hour on the hour.

It was a simple concept, really.  This app would ding every hour between 8am and 10pm every day.  I set the app to display a message every time it dinged:  “How are you feeling?”  Below the question, it had a button that said “Ok” that I’d press to dismiss the message after I tuned into whatever emotion I was feeling at the time.  Every hour went like this:

  • Ding!
  • “How are you feeling?”
  • *close eyes, tune in, receive information from body on current emotion*
  • *type emotion into spreadsheet*
  • “Ok”

The magic in this exercise, for me, was in that “Ok” button. That button didn’t care about how I felt. It didn’t judge me or fall into drama with me. It just said “Ok.”

  • “How are you feeling?”
  • “Angry.”
  • “Ok.”
  • “How are you feeling?”
  • “Ecstatic!”
  • “Ok.”
  • “How are you feeling?”
  • “Scared…”
  • “Ok.”

It was so simple – so neutral – and it inspired me to start thinking differently about my emotions.  Through this experiment, I reached a new level of appreciation for myself.  I started to live the belief that whatever I was feeling, in any moment, was perfectly “Ok.”

Even now that my liver detox experiment is over, I still use this as a quick, 30-second meditation.  I close my eyes, tune in, ask my body how it’s feeling, get a response, and say “Ok.”  No expectation. No judgment.  Just perfectly, neutrally “Ok.”

This week, I challenge you to check in with yourself at least once per day and do the same.  Ask yourself how you’re feeling, get an answer, and validate that whatever emotion it is… that it’s perfectly “Ok.”

Blog written with love by Christina Dunlap: a Boulder Psychic Institute teacher and professional psychic. Check her out in the ‘Professional Readers’ section of our website.

Carefree woman, smiling with arms up in the air!

Gratitude: The Gateway to Living in Joy

“Gratefulness is the key to a happy life…because if we are not grateful, then no matter how much we have we will not be happy — because we will always want to have something else or something more.” — Brother David Steindl-Rast

We are on a quest this month to find that sweet spot of inner contentedness and joy, that feeling state of inner happiness. We know this feeling of deep peace and well-being does not originate in the doing world of activities and schedules but instead is birthed in the interior world of gratefulness. We know this, yet being grateful for all that we have and rejoicing in the way things are right here, right now is a difficult concept to grasp.

We’ve been taught to run after, strive, crave, work hard and want that which we do not have. We use phrases such as, “If only…”, “When I get that raise….”, “When things settle down” to describe our current state of unease. We will be better – different – happier – once so and so does this or such and such happens.

By imagining that “someday” is the answer, by not being OK with who we are in the present moment, we are coming from a state of lack. We are looking, seeking, running after something we don’t have. And this state of non-havingness does not bring us joy, fulfillment or happiness.

On the other hand, if we allowed ourselves to be grateful for our current circumstances, whatever they may be, we would touch into the energy of contentment and inner tranquility. What we feel, we will be. If our days are full of thoughts and feelings of gratitude, we will magnetize all the material things that represent these feeling states to us. Like attracts like – that’s the miracle.

So how do we remain in an almost constant state of appreciation, gratitude, wholeness and purpose, especially when we want something different?

That’s a deep question, but the answer lies in gratitude. As we sweep the floor, being thankful for our home. As we drive to work, being thankful for our paycheck. As we say hello to our neighbor, being thankful for friendships. Yes, we can desire a bigger home, a better job, a different neighbor. But by being grateful for what we do have, we send a powerful message to the Universe. As we surround ourselves with thankful thoughts, words of contentment and peace, we reside in the energy of gratitude.

This state of conscious appreciation allows you to be happy with the life you are leading today. Yes, you can still want more, but by being Ok with what you have now, you are in the vibration of abundance, not lack.

You’ve changed the frequency with which you want – that’s the key. That is the sweet spot of inner contentedness and joy and is the essence of living in joy.


Written by Della Temple, a Boulder Psychic Institute graduate who writes, teaches, and heals. She is the author of:

Tame Your Inner Critic: Find Peace & Contentment to Live Your Life on Purpose

Walking in Grace with Grief: Meditations for Healing After Loss
Explore her work at

Animal Communication

I like to compare animal communication to (human) cross-cultural communication. When we visit a new culture, we encounter beliefs and interactions that are foreign to us. The same is true as we get to know the nonhuman cultures of the world (including those found in our backyards). There’s a tendency to either overly-anthropomorphize nonhuman animals or to consider them to be overly-other. It’s tricky to find the right balance between similarities and differences (as it is with human cultures as well). Some of the parallels between nonhuman animal communication and human cross-cultural communication are:

  • new worldviews
  • different priorities
  • various forms of social organization
  • alternate norms
  • distinct languages/concepts

However, animal communication goes a step further than cross-cultural communication because nonhuman animals have different physical and perceptual capabilities. For instance, most people are familiar with dogs’ acute senses of smell and hearing. Additionally, it is easy to know why cats have been associated with various mystical traditions for eons— their keen psychic awareness is evident! However, other species possess less well-known abilities.

If we limit our exploration to the sensitivities of the feet of nonhuman animals, we find remarkable feats. For instance, elephants to “hear” with their feet by picking up the seismic sound waves that travel across the surface of the earth (rather than through the air); this ability allows elephants to communicate with each other across large distances of at least 20 miles. Meanwhile, butterflies use the taste sensors on their feet to determine which leaves will be edible for their caterpillar offspring in order to know where to lay their eggs. And, although it is common knowledge that geckos can run up the walls of homes, few of us stop to appreciate the tiny hairs on their feet that enable them to stick to surfaces. We could discuss the remarkable abilities of nonhuman animals all day (and only just begin)!

The larger point, though, is that, while animal communication allows us to see similarities, it also encourages us to be both present with and learn from that which is unfamiliar. Some say that communication and understanding are only possible among those with relevantly similar experiences. However, through clairvoyance and compassion, we can cultivate an ability to recognize new experiences, as well as to appreciate their impacts— which stretches our awareness beyond our limited physical, sensory bounds.

For instance, I have lived with many companion rabbits. One easy difference between rabbits and dogs and cats is that rabbits are prey animals, while dogs and cats (and humans) are predators. Rabbits require a great deal of reassurance. It is not uncommon for rabbits who harbor many fears to have an aggressive demeanor— which can be part of their cuteness, although they do not intend it that way, and are upset by that interpretation. However, as we begin to see the world from a rabbit perspective, it is not surprising that my rabbits did not enjoy going to the park (which is so open that it leaves them feeling vulnerable).

Talking with animals— and simply being present with them— is one gateway to the wonders of the world.

Interested in learning to communicate with animals? You can find more information about upcoming Animal Communication classes and programs here

Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

Clear Intentions

Commonly, people caution, “Be careful what you ask for, you may get it.” While I do not advocate fear, it is true that the universe responds to our inquiries. The practice of mindfulness—creating through conscious intention—is powerful, and powerfully illustrated in the following story.

As an outdoors enthusiast, my client’s connection to nature provides her with vital rejuvenation. She resides in a small cabin adjacent to a bubbling creek in Eldorado Canyon, just south of Boulder. She lives a physically active, spiritually contemplative lifestyle in which she values personal growth and insight.

When I ask her how she would like to set the intention in her home, she replies that she wants to invite the vibration of nature into her living space, allowing the natural qualities of abundance and healing to fill her cabin. She is opening to grace and divinity in all of its expressions. She hopes to create the same solace within her home that she knows during times of communion with the natural world.

Within a week of her house healing, her cabin floods, and becomes home to several snakes. In this way, her place receives the cleansing healing of the water combined with an abundance of reptilian roommates. She succeeds in her quest to fill her home with the vibration of nature, even if this particular expression of her intention does not match her picture of having grace and divinity in her life.

While this event creates a mess, my client recalls her experience fondly. When her cabin flooded, her next-door neighbors offered to rent her the stand-alone apartment on their property. She moved into a larger, newer place on higher ground in which she forged a lasting friendship with the couple who rented her the apartment. She remains surrounded by the glory of the natural environment, but has a clearer boundary regarding which elements of nature are best enjoyed outside of her front door.

This tale offers us at least three insights. Firstly, our wishes are accommodated. Secondly, through that accommodation, we learn to refine our wishes to better suit us. Most importantly, though, this story illustrates that we are supported both in attaining our wishes, and in our journey to refine them. We need not hold our desires against ourselves, and we need not feel guilty as we shift our relationship to them. The flooding of my client’s home provides validation of the power with which she creates. Her discomfort in the situation signals the need for her to refine her intention. And, the ease of her move into a better living situation is the manifestation of further support to direct her toward her own fulfillment.

The events of our lives demonstrate our movement through various creations. As we proceed, we can choose to validate the process in gratitude for the support that we receive, or we can resist the twists and turns as we fight our growth at every corner. Either way, I recommend a healthy dose of amusement.

Intend, experience, reflect, and intend again…

Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

A Ghost Story of a Different Sort

As a house healer, people ask to hear stories about the spirits I encounter. Below is just such a story. However, this story illustrates the humanity of spirit.

I visited a house in which one of the roommates had passed over unexpectedly. Because the death was sudden, no one had had the opportunity to say good-bye. Consequently, the roommate who had passed wanted to tie up loose ends before completing his transition. In particular, it was important to him that the surviving roommates know how deeply he cared for them-- he was truly grateful to have been their friend.

In the meantime, the surviving roommates were processing their shock and grief. As they attempted to accept their friend’s crossing, they were in the paradoxical situation of being confronted with him at an energy level. Although they cared for their friend, his continued presence was unnerving to them. Emotionally, it was difficult for them to mourn their friend while his spirit remained in the house. From a practical perspective, they were having a hard time renting out his room before he had completely left it.

The house healing provided a great opportunity for everyone to find closure in this situation. They were all given an opportunity to say their good-byes. The recently departed roommate was able to express his gratitude to the surviving roommates. And the surviving roommates got a chance to communicate those things that had been left unfinished. Completing the closure process allowed the roommate who had passed to complete this part of his transition, leaving the house. It also allowed the surviving roommates the space that they needed to mourn his passing and begin handling the practical details of their own transition.

Most importantly, the presence of their friend in the house as spirit validated the reality of spirit, at the same time in which it opened the door for the very human process of saying good-bye.

The end of one’s physical expression is not the end of love.

Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

Woman wearing a white dress and large-brimmed hat. Sky and clouds in the background.

Clean and Clear

Psychics use visualization tools (e.g., clairvoyance / “clear seeing”) to increase awareness of the many influences that shape our senses of self, as well as our behaviors. As we recognize these influences, though, we realize that not everything that shapes our lives aligns with our truth. Eek! No one wants to try to make decisions based on incongruent information; or, worse, no one wants to be swayed into a decision that does not align with his/her true sense of self. As we become aware of these internal contradictions, we simultaneously become interested in releasing the patterns and beliefs that inform us but do not represent or serve us. How do we release energy? How do we clear our energetic fields so that we can live from our truth, and not from the flotsam and jetsam that we have acquired?

Simple answers pervade our culture: Drop excess baggage. Be yourself! Let it go! However, this undertaking can be more involved than it appears initially. (After all, typically, only through extensive self-reflection and awareness does one even realize that one should approach the subject of “I” with some caution, humility, and reserve.) So, knowing that there is something to release in the first place is great accomplishment! Releasing it is even further cause for celebration!

Information flows according to the questions we ask. When we ask, “Is this thought/feeling/behavior that I’m experiencing actually aligned with my truth?” we will often have a sense of whether it properly belongs to us. Ironically— or maybe gratefully—many of the habits with which we struggle have nothing to do with us in truth, except that we have not released them. So, the first steps to releasing something involve stepping back from identifying with our patterns, observing ourselves, recognizing the thoughts/feelings/behaviors that emerge regularly, and reflecting on them.

You may be wondering: how do these influences infiltrate my space in the first place? Great question! After all, many things in the world remain distinct from our inner workings, including thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; they remain outside of us, and we observe them. Why, then, would something that is not ours infiltrate these intimate aspects of us (e.g., our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors)? Well, we have a closer relationship to those informational patterns that are not us, but appear in our thoughts/feelings/behaviors.

The easiest example relates to family patterns. Perhaps we grow up being taught and programmed to have a certain response to something; we come to believe that this is the right response. For instance, if my family has set eating times and traditions, I might pattern my routine around those eating times and traditions well into adulthood, regardless of whether they fit best with my current nutritional and schedule-based needs. (And, I may hold that these times and traditions are the best times and traditions for no reason other than the fact that they arose from my family. Influences can run deep, which is part of the reason that making changes can be difficult.)

The short answer, then, is that we allow outside influences to inform our decisions because we do not recognize that we are doing this. And, we don’t realize that we are being influenced because we have overridden ourselves in these ways. As a child, while our bodies are developing, we need the information of others to be safe. However, as we grow, we can embody more of ourselves and our truth—and part of that process includes being accountable for the energies that run through our lives, including our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Clearing energy, then, is the process of being present with our thoughts/feelings/behaviors, integrating the information they provide, and releasing the charge associated with it. Consider the thought, “Eating at these times is the best way to feed a body,” coupled with the behavior of eating at specific times, and the feeling of confidence. If we sit with that constellation, we may realize that we grew up with that patterning, and never made an informed decision about whether it is useful in present time. Looking at the patterning does necessitate a change. Perhaps after reviewing this behavior, I determine that I like it. At that point, it becomes a conscious choice rather than an unconscious family pattern. However, I may not like it. Perhaps my friends have stopped eating with me because they find my rigidity to be off-putting. In this case, I can decide to make new choices.

When I slow down, and evaluate myself, I open my curiosity about why I hold particular thoughts/feelings/behaviors. The curiosity itself enables the charge that surrounds the thoughts/feelings/behavior to loosen its grip, which, in turn, allows me to recognize other possibilities. Each time we are activated, we have a chance to either be controlled by the charge (and remain unconscious), or to release the charge (and bring awareness to the situation). This practice of presence alone can lead to the release of entrenched patterns, and the charge that often accompanies them.

At the end of the day, introducing awareness to aspects of life that have been governed by unconscious patterning increases freedom, clarity, and joy!

Get curious about your life!

Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

How to Build Trust in a Relationship Once It Has Been Broken

Whether you have lost someone’s trust or whether someone has lost yours, it will take time and consistency to rebuild the trust.

If you are the one who broke someone’s trust, it is important for you to look at your part in breaking the trust and the reasons behind it. If you do not do this, you are likely to repeat similar mistakes. Next, apologize to the person and explain that you realized why you did that (and share the reason if it feels appropriate) and tell them you are working to regain their trust. Finally—and this will be a process—you will have to work consistently to prove to them you are trustworthy—you are going to have to show up and be impeccable in doing what you say you’re going to do. And then you’re going to have to do it again and again and again.

This is a wonderful journey, however, not just for them but also for you because, in regaining their trust, you are practicing becoming a more trustworthy individual, not just for them, but for yourself, and this will only make your life better in the long run.

If someone broke your trust, look at where they are providing you with a learning opportunity as your energetic mirror. Are there ways that you break promises to yourself? Or let yourself down in your goals towards your betterment as an individual? Are there similar ways you let others down? Next, sit down with that person and talk about how you felt and what needs to happen for you to regain trust in that person. Their reaction to this conversation will be a good clue as to whether they will work to regain your trust or not. If you feel that they are sorry and are truly going to try to make amends and gain your trust back, you can think about moving forward with them.

Keep in mind, however, that some people may give lip service but not follow through on their actions in becoming more trustworthy. Over time, you will have to decide whether you truly want this person in your life. If someone is not loyal to themselves or strong in themselves, they can not truly be loyal or trustworthy to you, much less anyone else, and this is no reflection on your worth as a person.

Written by Naomi Hoshino Horii. Naomi is a healer, intuitive, and teacher. She has spoken at places including Harvard, University of Chicago, the Tattered Cover, the Dairy Center of the Arts, and the Broomfield Enlightenment Journeys Series. She is a recipient of fellowships from the Colorado Council on the Arts and the Rocky Mountain Women’s Institute and the Anheuser-Busch Award for Fiction. She is working on an upcoming show about healing. Subscribe to her daily spiritual advice column at:


In Harry Potter, there’s this charm called a “patronus.”  It’s used to protect against one of the creepiest beings known in the wizarding world:  dementors. A fully formed patronus charm usually takes the shape of an animal, and that animal charm drives away the dementors, helping its wizard-friend to safety.  Specifically, patronuses will be the form of an animal whose qualities are most deeply aligned with that of the person casting the charm.

Naturally, being the huge Potter-head that I am, I jumped on the chance to learn what my patronus would be!  So I took the quiz.  My result:  an Irish Wolfhound. The Irish Wolfhound is a relatively old dog-breed.  They were originally bred for war.  They’re huge, powerful, and intimidating.  Surprisingly, though, they’re not fighters.  These dogs are gentle giants who can be shy, playful, and are known for their easygoing, reliable, calm nature.  As I read these descriptors, my heart started to ache with validation.

I grew up in a bit of a warzone – or, at least, it felt like that.  I learned to always be prepared for a fight: that there was an argument I’d have to win or a battle I’d have to defend myself from lurking around every corner.  I’ve spent years working to release that “battle-ready” mindset.

In my heart, I knew:  I may have been raised preparing for war, but I’m not a “fighter.”  So when I was reading about the Irish Wolfhounds, their gentleness, and their playfulness, I started to tear up because I felt like I was reading about a part of myself that I deeply hoped to one day embody fully.

Today, I see Irish Wolfhounds as not only my patronus but my inspiration as well. Every time I see one, I’m reminded of powerful gentleness – and I know that these vibrations are a deep part of me too.  With encouragement from my patronus quiz result, I find more gentleness in myself every day.  I gain more permission for ease, calm, and releasing the “battle-ready” attitude.  As this practice deepens, I’m finding that embracing my inner Irish Wolfhound has already started to shift the world around me.  There’s less creep – fewer things to be scared about or fight against – and I haven’t seen a single dementor.

Blog written with love by Christina Dunlap: a Boulder Psychic Institute teacher and professional psychic. Check her out in the ‘Professional Readers’ section of our website.


The journey of personal growth can involve many steps— even, climbing mountains— to access clarity regarding one’s truth, values, desires, aims, and intentions! In the process, we challenge all that we have learned from family, teachers, society, and media to discover and define ourselves. To know what makes our hearts sing and our spirits soar is a wonderful accomplishment— and no small feat! Once we anchor this knowledge into our bodies and lives, celebration is in order! Clarity and self-awareness are truly invaluable!

However, the journey does not stop there. The next step is to introduce our truths to the world. We are called to make our insights and talents manifest. Often, though, our visions exceed ourselves. To fully manifest our dreams, we will need to cooperate with others who have intersecting desires and, likewise, wish to manifest their dreams. In the world, we learn to cooperate.

Some learnings bubble up through contemplation, introspection, and insight, while other learnings emerge in the process of relating to others. Although there is much that we can do to advance ourselves individually, the “next step” always involves advancing together. Once our visions are clear, we are ready to cooperate. While personal growth is necessary to enter into genuine cooperation, we must move beyond ourselves to collaborate with others effectively.

In this way, cooperation involves humility. In a group venture, I am an irreplaceable piece of the puzzle! And, the other puzzle pieces are equally needed for the picture to be complete. Once we see the significant role that others play not only in the overall scheme of the world’s unfolding, but in our own development, we realize that we need them to be fully themselves as much as we need to be fully ourselves. But, if we wish to complete the puzzle, showing up with a clear intention to participate in good faith is not enough.

Cooperation requires a balance of two dispositions: appreciation of the diverse talents of the individuals in the group, and recognition of the shared aim(s) of the collaboration. Each person brings different skills (as well as concerns) to the group, while an agreed-upon focus unites the venture. The group must congeal around a common aim to which each member aspires.

What does cooperation look like?

Consider a musical group. The talents of each of the players is distinct. While the expression of a drummer may be to drum, his/her beat is enhanced by the outpourings of other musicians. The aim of the guitarist is not to drum, and yet the guitar playing is complemented by joining the drummer. Each person brings talents, practice, drive, and enthusiasm to the group, and each role is crucial to the advancement of the musical arrangement, but each contribution is unique— and may not be understood by the other participants. The example becomes more complex when we acknowledge that a successful concert tour involves not only the musicians, but the producers, sound engineers, staging help, venues, ticketing outlets, marketers, fans, transportation personnel and vehicles, and so on. Each person doing his/her part in alignment with the shared vision is essential to the event’s creation and success.

Enjoy your collaborations, and…

Rock on!

Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

Invest in Yourself

You know how money is a means of exchange? Somebody gives you a donut, you give them a few bucks? Well, it’s a tool for energetic exchange as well.  I’ve known that for a while and have done a deep-energy-clearing on my own money space at least three times before.  So I know how the energy of money works — the flow, the ins and outs. I get it. But, for some reason, it never occurred to me that prioritizing one financial goal over others would be a giant energetic shout-out to the universe that that’s the goal I want the most.

“Why is that such a big deal?” you might be wondering. Well, my default, go-to, always number one priority when it came to money in the past was to save up for emergencies. My emergency fund was the account I’d contribute to first. It was the account I’d contribute to the most (in frequency and quantity).  By doing this, I realized today, I was feeding my fear that “something is going to go wrong and I’m going to be left out to dry, totally unprepared.”

So you know what happened?  Something did go wrong.  Something always went wrong.  My fears were reinforced because I fed them so diligently with my money. I was so focused on easing my fear that I never gave the Universe a chance to prove me wrong, and I never realized that I was literally investing in emergencies.


By flooding my emergency fund full of any spare change I had, I was energetically ignoring the things I actually wanted (like a vacation or home renovations).  I don’t want to do that anymore.  I want to shift my investments and reallocate all that energy into things I want — rather than things I’m afraid will happen.  I want to invest in myself and my life more than my fears.  I want to invest in goodness, adventure, and healing.  So today, I  reallocated 80% of my emergency fund to save up for a home, my spare change went in a vacation savings jar on my dresser, and I came up with a new mantra to tell myself whenever that emergency fear starts to creep up again:

Today, I choose to invest in me.  

Want to join me?  Set the intention that, in the next few days, you’re going to do something with your money that is supportive to you.  Once you do, celebrate!  Tweet it out, and let me know how your life starts to shift.

Blog written with love by Christina Dunlap: a Boulder Psychic Institute teacher and professional psychic. Check her out in the ‘Professional Readers’ section of our website.

Using Animal Communication For the Greater Good

There are many ways that an animal communicator can be of assistance in the world. Many offer pet readings to provide guidance and insight for humans. Others call themselves Pet Psychics and specialize in finding lost pets or in contacting animals who have crossed over. Some sign up at psychic fairs and identify totem animals for people.  In my animal communication practice, I have discovered that my true calling is to use my skills every day to help and heal the animals I encounter to make their world a better place.

As an active volunteer for an animal welfare organization in Chicago, I attend a lot of adoption events and I am typically assigned a cute little puppy. My role is to talk to people about the puppy, answer their questions about temperament, potential size, and breed (thank goodness for Wikipedia!). Also, I observe how the pup interacts with children, reacts around external stimulus like cars, motorcycles or bicycles and behavior around other nearby animals. A big part of my job is to get a “read” on the interested families and gauge whether or not they would be a good match for the puppies. The tools I learned at BPI in Self Healing 101, 102, 103, Enlightenment, and the Professional Animal Communication Certification Program make that the easiest part of the day!

At an adoption event in June, I wanted to test my skills as an Animals Communicator.  I got a cute eight-week old Blue Heeler/Lab Mix pup. I took him for a short walk away from his littermates and got his attention with a treat. I sent him a telepathic image of “Sit” on command. Then asked him to “Sit.” The outcome wasn’t perfect the first time so I tried again. I showed him the image of “Sit” and then gave him the verbal “Sit” command while gently pushing his back end down. After our celebration, I asked him again to “Sit.” He dropped his backside down without hesitation.

Next I used my reading screen to clairvoyantly “see” the puppy.  I asked him to tell me what had been happening. He showed me some psychic images of the kennel where he was born, playing with his littermates and the sadness he felt about being taken from his mother.  I told him that he was there to find his forever family, and that he was safe.   I asked what the ideal family situation looked like from his perspective.  He communicated that he would like a Mom, Dad, three little kids, a fenced in yard, lots of toys around and a little boy with whom to play fetch. In the family the puppy wants to join, everyone was smiling, happy and has very kind eyes.  I decided to help this puppy set a conscious intention to ask the universe to deliver a family that would meet his desires. I also wanted to make sure the puppy was happy, and conveyed his sweetness to others. I asked for the universe’s blessing on the entire situation.

We walked to our assigned location and settled in.  I did a couple of practice “Sits” that he executed perfectly so I could use that to impress potential families. We were surrounded by four of his equally adorable litter mates but all the families who came by only had eyes for him.  Within an hour and a half, three families wanted this puppy.  One was exactly what we mocked up, so I used my gauge to determine the percentage that this was the right family. The reading was 100%! I told the adoption counselors that this family seemed particularly connected to the pup and the children were all very gentle.  As it turns out, one of the other two interested families had to go home and get their dog for a meet and greet and the other had some issues with the landlord.   So the pup hit the jackpot with his family of choice!  He was not only the first one adopted from his litter, but he was also among the first adopted that day. As I watched him walk away with his forever family, I realized that using my animal communication tools is the best and most powerful thing that I can do to help homeless pets.

Leslie Kolber is an Animal Communicator living in suburban Chicago. To schedule a pet reading or for more information about being an Animal Communicator, send her an email at

Healing on a Changing Planet

Have you ever felt as though things were changing so quickly and radically that you wouldn’t be able to keep up with the growth? Right now, many people on the planet are experiencing this level of transformative healing.

Consider the story of a client who wants to sell her house. When I arrive, I discover half-packed boxes and randomly-placed furniture scattered throughout the living space. Furthermore, my client has injured her shoulder. Obviously, I have entered a transition zone.

When I look at the energy of the house, it spins like a centrifuge, separating and releasing the old ways that no longer serve my client or the house. While spirit can let go of energy instantaneously, the body releases in time and space, and can get tired.

The owner of the house is re-vamping herself and her life, at both a physical and a spiritual level. Because so much energy is releasing so quickly, her relationship to the physical things in her life is in extreme flux. She is in a death and rebirth cycle.

If this sounds familiar to you, it may be useful to return to the image of the centrifuge. It is a great form of release and a great way to re-own your space since most on-lookers will not put their energy into that kind of current. Notice that during a centrifuge-style release process, there are two phenomenologically distinct places to have one’s awareness—in the center, watching the process, and in the spinning motion, being the effect of the process. In this case, my client spins as she packs. Her injury, though, provides her with permission to step out of the spin and trust that she will land safely and transformed when she is ready.

A friend of mine, who is particularly good at allowing growth into her life, recently compared this style of change to riding a tilt-a-whirl at an amusement park. She said that the ride is the most fun when it spins rapidly and uncontrollably. She muses that perhaps the same attitude is advantageous in life. Instead of trying to stop the spin, it may be wise to enjoy the ride. I would add that it might also be fun to remember that we can step off of the ride into the calm center whenever we need to regain our balance (regardless of what is happening around us).

Some people never experience this level of change because it requires a deep trust to be able to let go to the extent necessary to allow the spirit to heal in such a radical fashion. So, if things feel as though they are collapsing around you, congratulate yourself for having the courage to trust in transformation—and if you can find your center, you may enjoy stepping out of the spin, giving your body some time to process, and letting yourself land safely and transformed in your own time.

Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

Creating Community

Have you ever wondered, “How did I end up here?” Sometimes the steps that facilitate our growth—and later are seen to be our greatest blessings—are uncomfortable; they present us with new challenges to negotiate in our lives. Consider the following story.

One of my clients was living in a Native American community in South Dakota in which she felt understood and accepted. She was embraced by people who, mostly, share her personal and lifestyle values. She resonated with her environment physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It was her home.

However, she decided to expand her opportunities, and chose to accept a career transfer to Arkansas. She settled into a suburban neighborhood in which she was the only single woman, and the only career woman. She was cast into a culture in which she felt like a fish out of water, and wondered whether she had made the right move. She began to feel as though she had taken a step away from that which is most important to her, namely a community in which she feels she belongs.

Her challenge has become how to create a living situation that meets her needs in a culture that is new and different. She does not experience the natural ease of interacting with the people or the social activities in Arkansas that she did in South Dakota.

In South Dakota, though, the community so neatly matched her personality that she was unaware of her unique predilections. The gift of moving to a place in which she feels awkward is her development of an increased awareness of her own disposition and expression. Arkansas is providing her with the opportunity to clarify what it was that worked so well for her in South Dakota. She is becoming more conscious of her needs and how to meet them. Additionally, she is becoming conscious of needs that had remained under the surface in South Dakota, but are more permissible in Arkansas. In general, she is developing an expanded sense of self, as well as a larger degree of autonomy in caring for herself.

Throughout this process, she has gained a greater appreciation of the needs of others that are distinct from her own. Since her move, she has developed new strategies for relating to her co-workers, re-connected with various family members, and found peace with the ending of a former romantic relationship.

While her life had seemed more comfortable in South Dakota, it had contained a set of assumptions about the world that were becoming stifling. By changing her context, my client has begun to question her former assumptions so as to be able consciously to create a life that more completely aligns with her authentic self-expression.

Many of us seek to find the location in which we feel the most comfortable. However, while a certain level of comfort creates an environment in which we feel safe enough to grow, it is not the comfort itself that supports and spurs our growth.

Stepping outside the box offers new growth!

Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

A Life of Joy

Joy is not in things; it is in us ~ Richard Wagner

A life of joy – isn’t that what we all strive for? But joy isn’t something you buy or own; it’s a force – a feeling – generated deep inside and radiating out into the world. It’s not always expressed as outward bliss and ecstasy, but rather as the quiet inner tranquility and peace that comes from living a life on purpose.

Just saying the words “life purpose” may bring some emotions to the surface. These emotions are attached to the shoulds of life, as in “I should know what my purpose is. Life is short, and unless I seriously think about why I am alive, I will have wasted my time here on earth.” On the other hand, you may be thinking, “My family tells me that I should become a doctor, a lawyer, or at least a productive member of society. But all I want to do is have fun and play.”

Somewhere along the line, you may have been taught that life is serious business, full of angst and inner strife. I think by now you realize that these expectations are other peoples’ thoughts and feelings about who you should be and what you should do. Of course, your family and friends have your best interests at heart, but they do not know your true purpose; they are just projecting to you their hopes and fears. You have tools now to recognize this energy for what it is. You do not need to accept the expectations of others. You can tune into, and draw strength from, your inner wisdom.

Life purpose can be many things – it can be your occupation or your vocation. It can be your home life or your community life. Your life purpose may be something so familiar that you fail to recognize it.


Written by Della Temple, a BPI graduate who writes, teaches, and heals. She is the author of:

  • Tame Your Inner Critic: Find Peace & Contentment to Live Your Life on Purpose
  • Walking in Grace with Grief: Meditations for Healing After Loss

Explore her work at

An old home, empty, with doors and windows open to the outside where lush greenery awaits!

Living in the Past

I was hired to assist in the sale of a grand, colonial-style home in rural Vermont. During the house healing, I saw several images from an earlier era, including the image of a woman churning butter. As it turns out, while my clients had lived in this house, they had cared for cows and, indeed, had made their own butter. In Vermont, they had chosen to live a rustic, farming lifestyle. Although, they loved the idea of having a small farm, they were not enamored with the actuality of it. They knew that they wanted and needed to let go of their vision of increased self-sufficiency, and, yet, their house would not sell. An aspect of their lifestyle in Vermont remained compelling to them.

This couple had successfully re-created a scene from a past life for which they had been nostalgic. It was a life from a simpler time that had been quite satisfying. We can use our past life experiences to provide us with information about our present life situations. However, often what worked for us in one context does not continue to work for us once our context has shifted. Hence, a living strategy that was enjoyable in a past life may not serve us in this life. In other words, although my clients were once again churning butter, that lifestyle did not provide the same level of satisfaction in this lifetime as it had before.

In order to sell their home, this couple had to release their attachment to that former lifestyle. They had associated their rustic lifestyle with the satisfaction that they had felt in that past life.  When they began yearning for satisfaction in this life, they re-connected with that former lifestyle in an attempt to regain the satisfaction. However, it was not the lifestyle that they desired, but rather the ability to create a satisfying way of life in their current context. They could not sell their house until they recognized that their happiness in this lifetime would not arise from revisiting the past, but would develop as they engage with themselves in the context of this life’s journey. They were being asked to grow in a new direction.

The gift of the awareness of that past life is the remembrance of the satisfaction that life offers. Each of us continually explores our unfolding dreams and desires. We are forever changing, and what suits us is forever changing as well. Part of the simplicity of ‘now’ is releasing our attachment to what no longer is (as well as what has not yet occurred). In this story, since the sale of their Vermont house, my clients have happily chosen to live in an elegant home in the southwest that better supports who they are now.

If you find yourself drawn to something that you think that you should enjoy, but do not actually enjoy, consider the possibility that what you desire is the recovery of a lost aspect of yourself.

Create the life that now best suits you!

Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

Embracing Routine

“I didn’t ask for this.” “Why does everything take so long?” “What’s the point of life?” These are statements common to those in resistance to the care required by the physical body in time and space. Although it does not always feel like it, we did request the opportunity to learn by living on Earth. The physical form, though, can be frustrating because it operates differently than spirit. While there are many differences, let us focus on the idea that physical bodies love routine, while spiritual expressions love spontaneity.

The human being’s experience of navigating the physical needs of body care and the spiritual needs of creative expression are analogous to a parent’s experience of caring for a child. There are three common relational models at play in the relationship between body and spirit (as well as between parents and children): cooperation, dominance/submission, and abandonment. Most people wish to develop cooperative relationships generally. However, when things go awry, people may resort to domination or submission, or simply abandon that which seems overwhelming (including care for a child and/or the body). Notice that the need for routine and the desire for spontaneity can pull in opposite directions, and we must choose a relational model to best balance them.

Consider the illustration of the parent tending to the needs of the child. The parent requires uninterrupted time to organize an independent life, while the child requires (many) assurances of safety. In this instance, cooperation does not entail treating both of these requirements equally; rather, cooperation between a parent and child is established by privileging the survival needs of the child. When the child’s needs are met, the parent is free to pursue more personal aims. For instance, if the parent creates a comforting routine for the child, the child can better handle the parent’s nights out. In this way, prioritizing the child’s care facilitates the parent’s ability to act independently and establishes a harmonious relationship.

Likewise, when a spiritual being elects to experience a physical body, s/he assumes responsibility to care for his/her body. Bodies function best on regular schedules: sleeping, eating, exercising, expressing, grooming. All body care works best when it occurs regularly! When these routines are implemented, the person cultivates a strong body and clear mind to explore more creative ventures. Again, by tending to the body first, the person frees up time and energy to pursue his/her dreams.

Body and/or child care routines, though, can feel stifling to one’s spiritual self. We are afraid that if we spend time on body care (and/or child care), that we won’t have time to develop what we wish to create. The opposite is true: if we do not spend time on body care (and/or child care), we will not have time for what we wish to create.

What does it look like if a child's basic needs go unsatisfied? When a child is uncertain (or hungry), s/he is likely to cry and seek his/her parent’s attention; the parent will have difficulty accomplishing anything apart from calming the child. And, the child is likely to feel less secure as a result of the incident, which can increase the demands of the child for parental attention (as well as the parent’s probability of becoming frustrated).

Similarly, if the body is not tended to, bodily needs will call out. Not only is the body likely to become exhausted, but also, when the body is not satisfied, a person has more difficulty being present, focusing, and accessing sensory information, including memory. Without the body’s support, the embodied spirit will struggle to build his/her dreams. Resisting caring for the body imperils one’s ability to meet both physical needs and spiritual desires. What seems stifling— i.e., taking the time to address the present needs— is actually liberating.

The trick is to find a way to let the body feel safe enough to allow one’s spirit to pursue his/her dreams. Luckily, it feels good to take care of our bodies, just like it feels good to take care of our children. When the body is cared for, we do not desire to override it. We are able to bring our full awareness to our sensory input, making informed decisions in our lives that fuel both our physical needs and our spiritual dreams. Body and spirit can work peacefully and cooperatively.

Try implementing a routine that pleases your body…


Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

Old Shoes: A Story about Letting Go

Have you ever had a favorite pair of shoes? You wore them around everywhere, even after they were completely worn to bits. And I’m talkin’ holes in the sides, you can feel the rocks through the worn-down soles. Yet you still wore them.

I had a pair of shoes like that: a pair of light brown pointy-toed flats. They were my favorites. They went with every outfit! And I wore them everywhere: to work, on strolls downtown, on trail-walks, and even on one particularly squishy-mud hike in Hawaii. I knew they were getting old. I knew they needed to be replaced months ago. But I couldn’t find a pair of new shoes that I liked better. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure I wanted to find a new pair. Until last month.

I was walking on a pebbley-section of trail in Lafayette, CO when I noticed a pebble made its way into my shoe. I kicked it out. A few steps later, another pebble got trapped in my shoe. I kicked that one out. Again and again, my shoe caught a pebble, and I kicked out the pebble. About 20 minutes into this trail-walk, I started to get annoyed – not annoyed at the pebbles, though, and not at my favorite pair of shoes; I was annoyed at myself. Nope, annoyed is the wrong word. I was mad. I was mad at myself for keeping a pair of shoes that so obviously needed to be retired – that didn’t support me anymore. I berated myself for ignoring the truth and choosing to believe some fantasy that these shoes would be ok or that a new pair of shoes would just fall in my lap. I knew it was time to let these shoes go.

The next time a pebble popped into my shoe, I stopped. And I took a breath.

In that breath, I realized my anger wasn’t really about the pebbles. It wasn’t really about the shoes. It was about my job. The parallels between my job and my shoes were astounding. I knew the job wasn’t supportive anymore. I knew I needed to leave. I knew I had outgrown the role and I’d let the position wear me down. But I had loved the job once. I wanted it to get better, I wanted it to be my favorite again, so I clung onto a fantasy that it would be fine. But it just wasn’t. I knew it wasn’t. Emotionally, I couldn’t handle continuing to be angry at myself for staying there – holding onto fantasy.

So I left my job.

I bought a new pair of shoes.

And I’m learning to walk a path that’s supportive for me.

Do you have a worn-out pair of shoes? Is the pair of shoes actually shoes? Or is it your job, a friendship/relationship, a caffeine habit, or an old way of thinking? What are you holding onto that’s no longer supporting you? You don’t have to send an answer to me, but I challenge you to be honest with yourself this week and to take a supportive step forward.

Blog written with love by Christina Dunlap: a Boulder Psychic Institute teacher and professional psychic. Check her out in the ‘Professional Readers’ section of our website.


Surprisingly, a palpable, unspoken emptiness lingers in the home of two self-aware, successful and creative women. The emptiness can be characterized as a ‘not enough’ or a ‘maybe someday’ quality that makes their life experiences, including their achievements, secondary to their striving. In their attempt to satiate the emptiness through their ongoing activity—and as a reflection of their incredible creativity—these women have filled this house, as well as a second mountain home, with things that are a reflection of past events.

Their overflowing creativity has produced acquisitions that are, now, a hindrance to them, representing more of a burden than a joy. At this point, instead of celebrating their prolific ability to create, they hold their creations against themselves. They suspect that their creativity is the cause of their feelings of emptiness, and, hence, have begun to wrap their creativity in a blanket of shame.

However, an outpouring of creative energy is an expression of life in action; it is hardly shameful. Instead, the emptiness is a by-product of these women’s lack of recognition and appreciation of all of their creative output. They have so embraced the journey that they have yet to integrate the many, varied destinations through which they have traveled to arrive at their present location.

In itself, the ability to appreciate their accomplishments, as well as their acquisitions, will not fill their void. However, it is a first step toward the development of the larger ability to recognize how our experiences, whether we deem them to be good or bad, contribute to the enrichment of our life. Our experiences are the many colors we splash across our canvas; they unleash our vibrancy.

My clients have not stepped back to see a wide-angle view of the colorful lives they have created. While a mere glimpse of the canvas in present time would overwhelm the emptiness, they fear that if they cease their striving, they will realize that their creative gifts have been for naught—that the emptiness is bigger than their experiences, and beyond their abilities. Of course, like many fears, this one has no basis in truth. However, it fuels the striving that prevents their confrontation of the looming sense of emptiness.

Constant striving has deprived these women of the joy of completion. It is the recognition of completion that allows the integration of an experience, and hence, the ability to release it. In other words, when these women are willing to risk facing the void, and letting go of their striving, they will be rewarded for their courage with a vision of the beauty of their creations in present time. And that vision will allow them the clarity that they are seeking to know how to release the overflow and excess that is no longer serving them.

It is from this place of seeing ourselves clearly in present time that we can make choices about our next right step, as well as how our homes can best care for us.

Create, complete, acknowledge, celebrate, rest, and create again…


Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

Upgrading Your Life

Taking steps in the direction of our dreams can begin a process that resembles embarking on a home remodeling project.  First, we have the desire to improve or accomplish something. Our dream generates enthusiasm, playfulness, creativity and action. Our vision compels us to set out on the great adventure of making that dream a physical reality, with only our ideals to inspire our course.

Once we set the process of change into motion by acting on our intention to express or manifest this new aspect of ourselves, we stir up dust. Our personal relationships begin to reflect the changes to which we are opening. We let go of the old, and allow room for our new creation. The journey is akin to tearing down the drywall in order to replace the plumbing. As we venture through our personal upgrade, we may run into snags that leave us feeling over-extended, over-time, and over-budget. We can feel discouraged when we find ourselves in the midst of a construction site, having destroyed that which does not support us, but not yet seeing the improvements that inspired us into motion in the first place.

This is the moment when faith propels our success. This is the time to look at that picture that we initially envisioned. It is not the time to stop renovating. We must recall the specifics of our dream, as well as why it matters to us to express our heart’s desires. Renewed commitment at this juncture carries us to the fulfillment of our intention. Once our dream has been attained, we set a new standard that moves us beyond our previous situation.

In the end, choosing to manifest our dreams improves our quality of life as it inspires us to live fully. And it prepares us for our next remodel…

Dream on!


Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at


Most of us have noticed that our mood and disposition improve around some people, and plummet around others. We tend to say that some people have “good energy,” while others do not. However, whether we feel uplifted or drained by particular interactions depends largely on our ability to manage our interactions.

As children, we connect energetically to our parents in order to feel safe by accessing their wisdom. Because our primary relationship expresses this common configuration, we can come to conflate feeling safe, relating, and connecting to one another. Simply put, we may decide as infants that the way to relate to one another is to connect energetically, and that this connection is the basis of our physical safety. For adults, however, feeling safe, relating and connecting can be independent activities.

When we connect to others, we mix some of our energy with that of the person with whom we are connecting. This mixing creates a bond. While it can be fun for limited periods of time, ultimately, having one’s own energy in one’s body feels the most refreshing.

As we grow, we learn to find safety in our ability to access and express our own information. Once we feel safe in the world, we can choose whether, when and how we relate to others. If we decide to develop relationships, we recognize that connecting is but one way to interact with another.

While becoming more conscious about how we interact with others, we develop several ways to relate. This process of relating consciously enables us to tease apart the association between feeling safe, connecting, and relating. In turn, this awareness allows us to increase our options for responding to any given situation, which expands our ability to manage our interactions with increased grace and ease.

We can notice where and when we feel trapped while interacting with someone who adversely affects our disposition. Are we connecting to that person, when, perhaps, we would rather choose a different way of relating? I recommend that we each develop a repertoire of interaction strategies, which begins with awareness and ends with peace.

Open space to express yourself in your interactions!


Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

Woman's hand delicately holding an intricate silver key

Allowing Change

One of my clients lives in a beautiful, Boulder estate at the base of the foothills. Her property adjoins land that is owned by the city and, hence, will never be developed. Thus, her house is surrounded by breathtaking mountain scenery and wildlife. She has spent the last twenty years on this property married, divorced, raising two children, as well as creating a beautiful home and home life. Since her divorce, she has budgeted to maintain the homestead; finances have been a constant concern.

For the majority of the past two decades, she has assumed this estate to be her family’s legacy, and her station to be that of securing it for future generations. In that mindset, it has seemed irrelevant to her that her marriage is dissolved, her children are now living near their respective colleges, and her dog and iguana have crossed the rainbow bridge. She has been tied to the belief that it is her obligation to hold onto her house for the benefit of others, regardless of her needs or situation. This charge has left her feeling overwhelmed and overburdened.

The struggle in her life has been an indication that a change is in order. She has fulfilled the part of her original intention that involves providing a comforting and stable home for her family while her children were growing up. Many of the other aspects of that original intention—including that of creating a family legacy—made sense twenty years ago in the context of a marriage, young children, and financial stability. Now, those plans do not suit anyone’s needs.

Presently, my client is a single woman with grown children who is faced with the challenge of creating a comforting and stable home for herself. She had feared that to release any aspect of her original intention would be to admit failure. However, once she recognized that much of her original plan was outmoded, she began to see the world with new eyes. Instead of sacrificing herself to maintain the house, she could let go of her attachment to the original intention, and allow the wealth of the house to care for her.

Since she has seen her choices more clearly, she has decided to sell her house; and has been giddy ever since. By cashing in on the care with which she has cultivated both her house and its grounds, her financial concerns will be alleviated and her time rewarded. Her willingness to open up her options illustrates the freedom that springs forth when we allow ourselves permission to change.

This planet gives us ample opportunities for transformation and movement. It is a wonderful place to learn how to respond to challenges and struggle with grace. Often our answers sit squarely in front of us, but we remain unable to see them until we shift the paradigm through which we view the world. Perhaps the possibilities that seem to be outside of your universe are the solutions that you have been seeking.

Try on a new perspective, and see what happens!


Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

What about Anger?

A very wise teacher once told me, “The degree to which you open to some of the deeper emotions such as anger and loss, is the same degree to which you will experience joy and bliss. You can’t expand in just direction. It doesn’t work that way.”

Most of us have a hard time expressing some of these deeper emotions such as anger. Living in joy means cultivating our awareness of what we’re feeling from moment to moment. Accepting every emotion as it is. The deeper we can look at the not-so-nice feelings the more insight we can gain about our true desires.

So, living a life full of joy and inner tranquility does not mean that we push our deeper emotions like anger aside. It means that we learn to meet them with patience and compassion. As we sit with and patiently experience the emotion, we uncover the want, our unmet desire. We might expose the feeling of abandonment, and our unfulfilled desire to be accepted. Or we might discover feelings of jealousy and hurt buried deep inside the capsule we call anger.

Then we can say to ourselves, “Oh – anger, I see you. I am not afraid of you. I can sit with you and be uncomfortable without a need to fix the situation.” And right there – in that moment of realization – the anger begins to dissipate. It loses some of its power.


Written by Della Temple, a BPI graduate who writes, teaches, and heals. She is the author of:

  • Tame Your Inner Critic: Find Peace & Contentment to Live Your Life on Purpose
  • Walking in Grace with Grief: Meditations for Healing After Loss

Explore her work at

Healing Houses for Healers

We are all healers with our own unique talents, insights and specialties. So, why do people who do not identify themselves as healers find those who do identify as healers to be strange or “out-there”? Recently, I have worked with several healers, helping them to clear their homes and offices.

One may suppose that healers, by definition, would live in houses that radiate divine love, making their living space a sanctuary. (And some healers do maintain an energetically clean living environment.) However, the characteristic that seems most common to those who practice healing arts is that of being engaged with the process of life, which entails the ability to release and create anew. Most healers are like the mythical phoenix, continually burning through those aspects of their lives that no longer serve them as they rise from the ashes each day more radiant. The gift that these healers provide is that of purification and renewal.

As healers release fear, shame, pain et cetera from any of their personal spaces, these energies can accumulate in their homes and offices. Likewise, the energies that the healers enable their clients to release can build up as well. The challenge, then, for healing arts practitioners becomes one of keeping each space clean, not only one’s personal space and one’s relationship to the world, but also the home and office spaces as well.

Hence, the first difference between a self-identified healer’s house and someone else’s house is the rapidity of release and transformation occurring in the space, as well as, perhaps, the presence of clients who are engaged in a process of release and renewal as well. However, there is a related, less obvious, difference that I would like to mention.

Spaces that are the same size physically may or may not be the same size energetically. For instance, a space set at control is much smaller than a space set at permission. Transformation involves releasing those energies that are constricting one’s space in order to make room for a more expansive vibration. Healers have a lot of space, and people with a lot of space not only have plenty of space for light, but plenty of space period. They are able to create an environment in which people can release-- and they tend to have plenty of space in that environment to store all that is being released. It is this abundance of space that most distinguishes healers, and can result in them having a reputation as strange, unusual, or eccentric. After all, someone with less space could not even imagine doing some of the things that someone with abundant space does regularly.

So, if you notice that your home or office space is filling up with fear and pain, take heart. It is most likely that you are releasing those energies in order to make space for you to live your dreams. And, you may want to consider creating that same expansive vibration in your home.

Renew and open your space today!


Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

Transcending Time

Are you drawn to houses from a specific era? This story illustrates why some time periods may be more attractive to us than others.

My client recently moved from her dream home in the mountains to a suburban home outside of Denver in order to experience a greater sense of community. She chose a house that had been built in the 1950’s, and that held the energy of surface friendliness, combined with structure and rules. This era and energy are familiar to my client; she grew up in a house that was built the same year as the one that she had just purchased. My client (unconsciously) felt that she had to choose between the isolation and freedom that she experienced in the mountains, and the community and rules of her childhood. Of course, she is seeking to establish a new combination: community and freedom!

The energetic-level agreement in my client’s neighborhood is to keep the 50s-style atmosphere alive. Her neighbors have been over to introduce themselves and to welcome her to the neighborhood. Indeed, community spirit lives in this neighborhood! However, the ‘shoulds’ and ‘have tos’ are thick as well. This environment offers a sense of comfort and stability that comes at the price of personal expression.

My client, wanting to fit into her new neighborhood, successfully matches the norms. She is so steeped in the protocol of the time period held by the house and the neighborhood that she unwittingly arranges her home to please others, rather than organizing it to suit her needs.

I am reminded of the movie “Pleasantville” in which two contemporary teens from a single-parent household wish to return to the more structured times of the 1950s. Once they get their wish, they uncover the many drawbacks of that era, and inadvertently—just by being themselves—begin to bring new ideas and attitudes to the time, forever changing it.

Having tasted the freedom of living in the mountains, my client quickly realizes the trap into which she has fallen. As we shift the energy in the house to reflect her present-time vibration, she begins to question, for example, whether she really wants to devote her second bedroom to a guest bedroom that will be used only occasionally. Maybe she would rather use that room as a creative space, and let her guests sleep downstairs.

This house is her opportunity to heal the feeling or belief that she cannot have community and friendship while maintaining her freedom. As she expresses herself within her new house and her new neighborhood, she simultaneously escapes the confines of her childhood. And, as happens in “Pleasantville”, she provides the people in the community with permission to act more truly as well. What a gift!

Notice what kinds of houses and neighborhoods call your name. After providing this house healing, I recognize that I, too, spent 25 years in a home that is built the same year as is my childhood house.


Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

Spirited House Healings

Late one night, I received a call from a young couple who were frightened to be in their home, and were trying to avoid sleeping there. When I arrived, they told me about a shadowy, dark being who had been appearing to the woman of the house. She felt threatened by this figure, and feared that he intended to harm her. Ironically, she had been hoping to see a ghost for years; but, now that one was visiting her, all she wanted was to be left in peace. How could she convince this being to leave her alone?

As it turns out, this being had known her in a past life. They had been engaged to one another under an agreement of arranged marriage. My client had not upheld her end of the agreement, and this spirit during that lifetime, had grown old and died alone. He had spent that time wallowing in his hearthache, despair, blame and victimhood-- holding my client accountable for his pain. Now he had returned to offer and seek forgiveness in order to make amends.

However, when my client encountered this being, all of her buried emotions rose to the surface. She felt trapped and suffocated, as though her life was not hers to live as she pleased. He reminded her of a time when she was chastised by others for following her dreams. She had assumed that the past was gone, and was not eager to have it sneak up on her in the 21st century. But its reappearance gave her the opportunity to face the situation and to release its hold on her. It freed her from living an ongoing rebellion against an event that she no longer remembered.

Needless to say, she was more than willing to forgive her former fiancé’s anger, as well as to accept his forgiveness of her decision. Most importantly, she was able to forgive herself for following her heart against the current of the times, whenever those times are.

Letting go of the past requires more than putting time between yourself and an event, it requires forgiving yourself. We can hold pockets of unforgiveness and regret even for decisions that we would make again. My client had decided to follow her own path, honoring the opening of her heart and freedom of her spirit. Yet, she regretted the pain and heartache that her former fiancé experienced in conjunction with her decision. She regretted that she could not choose his response, or the response of her family, to her decision. She did not regret her decision, and yet she needed to forgive its unpopularity. This reunion allowed her to release any of the doubts or regrets that had been burdening her. In forgiving and being forgiven, she not only let go of the past, she healed it.

Perhaps you are aware of a situation in your life that you can forgive, preventing the need for a shadowy figure to remind you to love yourself.

Feel your forgotten feelings and free yourself!


Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

Making Your "No" Stick

If you are to prune any activities from your busy overly scheduled life, you need to learn the art of saying “no.” And yes, saying no is an art! It’s all about coming from your own heart, not leaking your energy out to others in shoulds and must-do’s.

For most of us, this is still a difficult assignment. Practicing in front of a mirror might make it easier. Say to yourself, “You know I’d love to help out with this project, but I just can’t. I’m way overbooked.” Or, “Gee, I’m so sorry, but I can’t take that on right now.” Period … end of sentence. You do not need to justify why you can’t, you just need to say no. Leave no doubt, no room for maneuvering. You want to be clear in your no while coming from a place of compassion and honesty.

Removing the energy blocks from your voice and throat will help too. As you say “no,” imagine the words flowing out of your throat in crystal-clear color, surrounded by warmth, honesty, and clarity. Saying no with clarity and gentleness allows you to stand in your own power.

Practice saying no. Write about your experiences. Validate your clarity, your strength, and the compassion you hold for yourself. Make your no stick. Make it permanent. Make it definitive. Come from your heart and mean it. No going back.

A well-known proverb says, “All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.” Pruning your list of activities will result in new growth. New ways of being. New opportunities to be more of who you were meant to be. Weeding out the activities and shoulds that are not in alignment with your essence will allow you room to breathe. To think. To listen. To be present in the now.

So practice saying no. Practice standing in your own power and not leaking it to someone else. Know that as you prune back to the essentials—to the activities that are in alignment with your internal wisdom—you will blossom. Make room in your life for you.

As with any difficult assignment, validate your progress. Make a list of all those shoulds that you are ready to let go of. Write them all down. Look at this list as you plan your calendar for the next few weeks. Rejoice in your ability to set your own agenda.


Written by Della Temple, a BPI graduate who writes, teaches, and heals. She is the author of:

  • Tame Your Inner Critic: Find Peace & Contentment to Live Your Life on Purpose
  • Walking in Grace with Grief: Meditations for Healing After Loss

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Human life is riddled with situations that challenge our relationship to living. In each moment, we choose how to interact with those situations. Our options are simple. We either open to new possibilities and thereby grow, or decide that nothing new exists and begin to whither. I suspect that—depending on the circumstances—we have each tried both strategies. Let us explore this choice of whether to open to life or to attempt to protect ourselves from it.

Our individual spiritual and experiential universe, like the physical universe, is either expanding or contracting; in time and space, the option to maintain stasis does not exist. Expanding requires us to cultivate a willingness to move beyond what we perceive to be safe and comfortable, for which we are rewarded with additional breathing room. Contracting offers us the appeal of feeling as though we have aspects of our life under control, until we discover that anything without enough space to move gets stuck. If one’s life is to grow and blossom, it will require room to do so.

Most people value personal growth. But, we are susceptible to exhaustion, fear, and limitation, any of which can lead us to succumb to shutting down. If we choose to attempt to protect ourselves from life, our options diminish accordingly; the universe will support our choice to close down by removing the perceived threat presented by growth opportunities. However, if we decide to engage with life, thereby daring to dream of something better, life opens in response to that decision with all that it has to offer.

In spirit, each of us has chosen to develop our humanity by allowing life experiences, and our responses to them, to inform and shape us. While we live for the opportunity to develop in this way, embracing our humanity can be both exhilarating and humbling. It involves recognizing our strengths as well as vulnerabilities, taking responsibility for our current position in life, becoming aware of what we know and do not know, and opening (or closing) to the learning that experience offers us.

Opening to life is like accepting an invitation to learn a beautiful and sophisticated dance. Just as the learning of any dance can call forth one’s awkwardness, choreographing one’s unique dance with life can highlight aspects of one’s self and life that appear out of step. Engaging with life at ever-deepening levels involves facing and cultivating areas that are not currently satisfying; it allows us to direct our movement through that which has become stagnant. When we can dance with heartbreak, we clear space to fall in love. Likewise, we must traverse rejection to embrace our unique self-expression. By opening to the dance of life, we learn to create anew; we risk heartbreak and rejection, and we gain love and recognition. To avoid the dance is to miss the wonder of living.

I wish each of us the courage to laugh at our missteps as we open to dancing in ever-expanding venues.

Written by Heidi Szycher, a staff member at the Boulder Psychic Institute. Check out her personal site at

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