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The Boulder Psychic Institute is a spiritual sanctuary for individuals seeking truth, freedom, and peace in this lifetime. We believe in limitless space, timeless endurance, never-ending acceptance, everlasting patience, and continuous comprehension.

We are inclusive of all faith traditions, beliefs, and philosophies. We practice ‘seeing’ the world around us with psychic freedom, which means looking within and acknowledging yourself as a human being, and in turn, ‘seeing’ others in the same light; creating miracles with each ‘hello’ we give to ourselves and to others. We view such exploration as the natural healing process for not only the autonomous individual, but also the society, the planet, and the Divine.

Give the gift of clarity and healing!

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  • $10 Psychic Readings Performed by Undergraduate Students (In Boulder or Over the Phone)
  • $15 Christ Force Healings
  • $15 Trance Medium Healings (In Person or Over the Phone)
  • $30 Pet Readings (Over the Phone)
  • $30 Psychic Readings Performed by Graduate Students (In Boulder or Over the Phone)
  • $60 House Healings (In Boulder or Over the Phone)

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Our beloved student, Lauren Peterson, created this wonderful video entitled, ‘Anyone Can Be Psychic,’ for her Masters Professional Project at CU. Check it out!