My Cat is Mad at Me: A Story About Embracing Uncomfortable Emotions

What if we all had permission to feel what’s really coming up for us, no matter how trivial or ridiculous? What would happen if we stopped trying to fix emotions or, worse, trying to fix the people having the uncomfortable emotions?

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The Wisdom of Nurturing Your Inner Child

What is it that brings you that childlike sense of joy and wonder? What’s that deep thing that’s your “Heck yeah!”? What would happen if you gave yourself more of that?

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The Game of Real Life

In ‘The Game of LIFE,’ did you ever notice that, although you might have a few different choices here and there, every player’s objective is pretty much the same? That’s all fine and good. But is that really a good analogy for real life?

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Can You Really Trust Your Gut?

No doubt you’ve been told many times to follow your gut feeling. “Trust your gut!,” they all say. What does this mean, exactly?

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Mental Clarity: A Psychic Perspective

Mental fog? Dazed and confused? Trouble thinking clearly? Just can’t “see” straight? From a psychic perspective, there is an explanation for this.

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Sign that reads "CHANGE AHEAD" with the sky in the background.

5 Nuggets of Wisdom to Help You Navigate Transitions

Lessons from a tough time, how I was able to make that whole transition easier, and how you can make your life transitions smoother too.

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Two humans facing each other. One looks down and out of the way. The other has their hand on the chest of the first - reassuring them.

On Current Events and Past Trauma: A Psychic’s Perspective on Empathic Burnout

In these dense times, it can feel very easy to become overwhelmed and get a case of empathic burnout. Just know that you have a choice in what you take on.

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Person holding coffee cup that says "The Adventure Begins."

The Difference Between Easy and Ease

Your choices lead you down a path. You can either take the easy way… or you can experience ease. Which would you choose?

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Man with his hand on his chin wondering: "What happened to my healing?"

The After-Healing Challenge

There’s a funny spiritual phenomenon that can happen after an energy healing that can leave people wondering… Did the healing work? Did I do something wrong?

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Thumbs up facing a mirror where the reflection is a thumbs down.

Healing Self Worth

A lack of self worth occurs when the outside perception of you wins. Suddenly, everyone else’s perception of you is now your reality, and you believe it.

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